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  1. everton again for me. whatever i do, that 4-4-1-1 always causes me so many problems. beat me 4-2 at the DW after i'd just thrashed sunderland 3-0. ridiculous
  2. heres a nice little trick involving unsettling players: if you are targeting a player from a low reputation league, declare interest and admire him to build a relationship with him. furthermore, it is possible to bid, then pull out. he will then become upset at having to stay at his lower league club and MAY transfer list himself by request, leaving him easy to be poached.
  3. thanks for replies guys. agreed re: the experienced players tutoring young players. in fact i usually sign jody craddock for just this reason- his experience rubs off on the youngsters. heres a few more tips i thought of (while in my driving theory test haha) - a wise manager tweaks his tactics and tailors them to the opponent. this doesnt mean massive, gaping changes but subtle tweaks. setting a scout to scout next opponent can highlight areas in which the other team is weak- for example, if they have the worst goalkeeper in the league you might want to adopt a shoot on sight policy. if they are very very slow, consider an offside trap. pacy forwards might necessitate a deep line. - player recommendation: Remy Vasseur. 21 year old french right back. he can be bought for 65k and expects less than 1k per week. he is a tremendous prospect, earning the fans player of the year for my atalanta save in his first season. bargain. - long shots are not a viable part of a possession tactic. should you want to retain possession, make sure your players dont shoot from 30 yards out! - the default centre half mentality isnt fully defensive! they are expected to contribute to some attacking phases...which i dont like. if you like defenders to defend, put their mentality and creative freedom down a few notches. - obvious point here- tempting as it is, dont bother looking for players who dont fit into your tactics. if you favour a 4-4-2 dont buy loads of DMs and AMs! - 9 times out of 10 players on the transfer list are also on the loan list too. if you want a player but dont have the funds, consider a loan. - asking a player's advice on who to sign and then taking it will increase his morale. this is useful if you have fallen out with your best player. - when offering a contract, dont lie. because the wages on backup might not be high enough it can be tempting to offer a player a role as a key player in order to afford him- but dont. players who are promised key player status and then given 2 games all season will not be happy. - on the contract screen there is a heading on the right showing how interested a player is in the role you are offering. this can be easily missed but if his interest is none, he wont accept so you might have to offer him higher. - countries which have a good quality of EU national players for cheap: Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland. - player recommendation: Marian Kelemen. minimum fee release clause of around 300k, 30 year old goalkeeper who has very good stats for lower prem. - signing too many players means you have to spend time getting them to blend. better to sign less than 5 players per window. - becoming friends with another manager via comments to the press means you are more likely to get a deal accepted. players will be more likely to join if you butter them up. - inversely, players can play badly if you place pressure on them by talking to the press.
  4. hi guys, this is my first post here but i used to post quite a lot on some of the other fm forums. With such a massive community, I'll be interested to see which kind of knowledge comes out of this. firstly here are a few of mine: - switching quickly to overly intricate tactics can confuse players and result in disjointed performances. It is wise to have one of your 3 tactics as a "simple" one such as a variation of a 4-4-2. - older players tend to experience a trade off between their mental and physical stats. Their experience means that they will have good knowledge of the game but their age means in most cases they will start to decline physically. it is wise to only have one or to older players and give them role where they can "sit" rather than run for 90 minutes. - the more eccentric a goalkeeper, the more likely he is to make a blunder but also to perform a match winning performance. players with low eccentricity will be more predictable. - probably a well known one, but if you declare interest in a player, their response will tell you whether or not they'll be interested in a move. - it is wise to have one attacking tactic and one defensive. this means that the defensive tactic can be used to shut up shop in the dying minutes. - when shoring up a narrow victory, making too many changes causes confusion and can actually lead to leaking goals. instead of changing formation, putting on 3 defenders and changing to "contain" it is wise to simply reduce individual position mentality i.e wingers -> wide midfielders, wing backs -> full backs and only drop to the mentality level below i.e standard -> counter. - width refers to how close to the touchline your wide men will be. even in narrow formations, a certain level of width must be used or else the midfield will be congested. - scouts aren't the be all and end all. be sure to check a players stats before relying blindly on a scout. - versatile players are excellent value for money. a defender such as zdenek grygera or fredrik stoor who can play across the back four represents practically 3 players in one and is useful to step in if injuries plague the squad. - player recommendation: Sam Hutchinson (chelsea res.) can be loaned in for around 100k first season. was forced to retire at a young age due to injury but hes back after a recovery and is on of fm's best kept secrets. exceptional talent at his favoured right back or centre back positions. will walk into lower prem teams. - player recommendation: steed malbranque. a free transfer, the former fulham, spurs and sunderland man is young enough at 31 to still play for a few seasons and while not amazing is a decent enough player. - morale is incredibly important and can make a bad team play like world beaters while they are enjoying their football. it is built up by team talks, interviews, press conferences and of course winning. - if a player as come from a totally different league such as the brazilian league he might struggle to settle into the english leagues and vice versa. - a quick and easy way to identify good players is via their value. players of a notably higher value than their team mates are usually of a higher quality and ripe for poaching. - furthermore, looking at the top scorers, assists and tackles in the league below before the end of the season shows any gems who might be suitable for your team. - it is important not to confuse "off the ball", and "positioning". off the ball is an attacking stat and refers to how well the player can split defensive lines and make attacking runs. positioning refers to how well the player can read the game and position himself accordingly. a goalkeeper with good positioning will rarely need to make a save just because he is in the right place at the right time.