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  1. I know, but it should say in the bio "In July 2012 Cornelius moved to Cardiff City", so then I get the stats from there.
  2. How am I cheating? The new season in real life has began and clearly I wanted to play with the new squad in the Prem, since the new game hasn't been released yet. If it's cheating for making real life transfers, then sorry that disappoints you.
  3. Let's take for example when I moved Andres Cornelius to Cardiff. I moved him to the club (as well as the other signings) to before you take over as manager. So he's already at the club. He doesn't have a bio involving his time with the club. The last thing it says is "he has spent his entire career at ____". This is really annoying and to be honest it should be fixed. It's a pain being in 2017, wanting to quickly see his stats with me in that bio yet I can't because of such a basic game error. It's like this for every player I moved, and it shouldn't just have a bio if I make him join after i'm manager. Nothing major, just a massive inconvenience. One that I hope is fixed for next year, because I know i'll be doing the same thing when transfers come around, and I don't want to see the error again.
  4. The entire negotiations system is terrible. Contract talks don't just end when the agent has had enough. I'm sorry, 1 patience or 20, it's so unrealistic and a pain. Contract talks are delicate and when signing a player can be done over a period of days, maybe even weeks. It's such a pain that suddenly when the agent has a little hissy fit and doesn't seem to understand I simply won't accept his demands, that all transfer talks are now done. Nope, that's unrealistic. Same with the problems in the OP. Even worse? When I try and sign a player, offer around 40M, they don't want to sell, then suddenly I find out just from browsing that he's now on the transfer list and they want less than half of what I offered. This has happened to me twice or three times, and it's not on. It's beyond unrealistic. The assistant doesn't even bother to tell you that...I don't know, a player you just spent days trying to negotiate for is now on the transfer list and can be easily bought. It's common sense, c'mon. It's why I always save before doing negotiations. They're so unrealistic, especially with the lower patience agents, that I just quit and keep going for the lowest deal, or guarantee I get the guy if BS like not accepting my offer then accepting 1000s less happens. The game plays fair, and so will I. If it doesn't, well, thanks for the save option!
  5. I'll get it pretty early on, but then stop playing for a few months when I encounter the same game breaking errors found in the atrocious ME which they simple can't be bothered to fix.
  6. Like for example Messi can may only have around 15 goals in 30 appearances yet he will always have an average rating above 8. Yet I could have a player who has 37 goals in around 41 appearances yet he gets an average of 7.50. I'm just curious as to how the AI can consistently keep getting high ratings, despite not necessarily having the stats to match. It can happen from all positions, and I've never found myself having a player end the season with a rating higher than the 7s. Is it really as simple as basic stats like passing accuracy, interceptions, etc? I would think that for a striker you wouldn't be able to get into the 8s without constant goalscoring and assists. Like i'm baffled as to how my striker who had close to 40 goals in just as many appearances is midway through the 7s whereas Messi is so highly rated despite not scoring in over half his games.
  7. Nice write up. I would think I fall into Player A, because I absolutely love everything outside of the matches. It's so in depth, and as someone who is so used to FIFA and PES, it is so refreshing seeing a game with such detail. However, I would actually enjoy the match days if the gameplay itself was alright. But it's not. It's terrible. The ME is absolutely awful, and it reveals every single little mistake with a player. When you see the little dots, okay fair enough, you think a good goal may have been scored. Then you go in the ME and realise that either your keeper stood still/scuff the shot, your defender either didn't tackle/stood still, and your players don't mark their man/go for the ball. It's absolutely ridiculous. I started my career with Cardiff, and I have to say, I was fine with the engine. Premier League, one place out of Europe, decent results. However, I then improved my squad, and finished in the Champions League places. Right now i'm more or less one of the best teams in the league, and it absolutely annoys me seeing how basic and idiotic they play. It's even worse when i'm a team like United. It's gotten to the point where I can't play the game no more, because it has just so much BS it is ridiculous. I shouldn't be seeing top players like RVP constantly blasting shots over the bar, and my team constantly getting 34 shots and less than a quarter on target. Players never play properly, they never follow your tactics as they should, and there's no way to stop them. For example: Nani keeps shooting from long range, yet I can't tell him to stop. Gamebreaking error as I then constantly keep seeing the same old generic shots again and again. Another, I have my tactics set as wide. I play with a target man, have my width as wide, my passing as wide, and tell my player to run at the defence. As in, down the wing. I shouldn't be seeing players like Griezzman or Valencia cut inside. I don't care if they would in real life. It's my game, my tactics, my players. They should do what I want. Valencia would never go inside anyway. So that's it. I don't criticize the game because I don't like match days, I criticize the game because the actual match gameplay is a complete pile of BS riddled with game breaking errors and honestly tactics mean **** all when I see the same player mistakes all the time. What use is tactics as one of the best clubs in the world if despite having a very good set up the AI always use the drill cross tactic and my players will always concede from it? It's BS. The excuse of "you're just a bad player" is not fair. Anyone who isn't deluded and idiotic would be able to tell you this game has some fatal flaws, and they ruin the game. I want to play it, invest time in it, but why should I if both my players and my AI opponent keep making the same mistakes and games NEVER have a fair outcome. It's ridiculous, it's not fun, and I want it fixed for next year.
  8. So what are your pet hates?

    Shame every problem I have with this average game is gamebreaking, but here goes: Players always shooting from long range. Doesn't happen in real life, fix it. Players not playing like their real life counterparts. Van Persie shouldn't keep blasting 1 on 1s into row Z, Iniesta shouldn't keep passing straight to the opponent, fix it. Teams never play like their real life set ups eg Barcelona, fix it. My team always get complacent after scoring which always leads to them being incapable of defending corners, fix it. Contract negotiations are too basic. In real life they can be drawn out over months. They shouldn't get hissy and close off ALL negotiations because they aren't happy, fix it. Where's my button to say to an agent "i'm sorry, i'm not paying that much, stop asking for that and lower your ambitions", fix it. Make things simpler. My assistant says Hazard has too much space? Well give me a bloody option under it which says something like "Assign ___ to mark ___". Basic things, fix it. The media are unrealistic. Getting a draw against Chelsea away shouldn't be seen as a disappointment. Actually make it realistic, yeah? Once again, simpler things. Fellaini keeps passing straight to the opponent? Where's my button to tell him to get his act together? Nani keeps shooting? Where's my button saying stop shooting from long range? Basic, basic things. So many problems riddle this game. The game is brilliant until you get into the match where you see it's such a poorly made game. Take away the actual gameplay and it's easily a 9/10, add in the gameplay and at best this game is worthy of a 6. Sort your rubbish out for the next game please.
  9. Before a match, say against a relegation candidate, I would say I expect a win, and then suddenly I get tons of not paying attention and going to turn off. What? How can that make sense? I beat Lille in the Champions League, and passionately said I was delighted with the win. Why then do 90% of the squad go in the red and I get so many going to turn off and seem to lose focus? I just don't get how. I applauded a good win, which it was. How else am I meant to react?
  10. I don't know what it is with this game, but too many times I find my players becoming complacent during pretty routine set pieces. I can count numerous times where I've scored a goal, only for then 5 minutes later, in the very next highlight, to then concede. That has happened way too many times, and over the course of a season I would easily say around half a Premier League season full of matches this would happen. Then we come on to the constant bottling of 2 goals leads. It's really not on. Let's take two examples, the first with me. I'm Man United, and I face Norwich. 3-1 up, all is fine, but then as usual, Nemanja Vidic no doubt decides to stand still and allow a cheap Norwich goal to happen. Then from then on it becomes the typical FM game where defenders decide to not do their job and go out of position constantly. Yeah, guess what happened, I drew 3-3. It's just not on. A penalty conceded by Ferdinand. Yeah, okay, because a player like Rio Ferdinand with all his experience will obviously make the mistake to risk a penalty in the closing stages of the game when there is not enough pressure worthy of doing it, right? No. It wouldn't happen. Players don't react as they should based on their stats and age. Another example, United vs Wigan. 2-0 down, Van Persie gets a penalty, and then from then on their defence is just completely gone. It says they play 5 at the back on the notification thing yet I can constantly break through their defence with the cheap tactic of run down wing and drill the ball in. I win 4-2. It just isn't realistic in the slightest. I've seen better defending from a primary school team, not gonna lie. I try and try with this game, but no matter what happens, I just keep wanting to turn it off. It's such a shame, because the best parts of the game are without a doubt the managing aspect, but the gameplay itself is just so terrible and overrated I just can't actually play it. I try and play fair, but i'm sorry, when I constantly keep seeing my world class players making basic after basic mistake, you can see why I would be ever so tempted to just press quit and restart. I'll admit to doing it many times, and although I regret it, what else am I to do? Let the game be unfair with the constant BS which you just cannot stop? I'm not a sore loser, I just want a fair game, and I just don't get that.
  11. All the time defenders just stand still, goalkeepers let in easy shots, and players never think logically about things. I'm just tired of this game. When you aren't on the pitch the game is brilliant. Signing a player on FM is better than doing anything else, and the actual 'gameplay' is atrocious. It needs to be fixed. Whatever tactics, no matter how good or bad the players are, they don't follow basic things. Players should NEVER stand still. I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with tactics, I shouldn't be constantly conceding from headers, the game should just stop purposely making my defender stand still or completely miss-time the header allowing the opponent to score. It's ridiculous, it's fake, and it's gamebreaking. The keepers need complete reworking, they are simply god awful and appear to be afraid of attempting a save. Please, learn how to make the gameplay good, and stop with the BS. I see no point in even playing the game until it feels like a real match as opposed to a constant show of gamebreaking errors and an incapability to make a game properly.
  12. Get rid of my achievements from my previous save in the hall of fame. It's so annoying when it says i'm entered in the hall of fame then I already see my name there from my previous save. I'm sorry, but it's a completely different save, so it shouldn't even be there anyway. They don't even bring it up when starting a new game. I deleted the save before this new game, so once again, it shouldn't be there anyway.
  13. Transfer negotiations in real life can last days, even weeks. Now, I don't expect the game to go this far as such, but at the very least, I expect them to scrap this whole agent patience thing. It is so unrealistic. Before dealing with a contract, I always save the game, simply because I ain't losing out on a player just because after 2 negotiations in which they don't agree, they say 'sorry, I don't like this. I'm leaving'. That is not how things are done. Either scrap the idea, or improve it. An agent with 1 patience doesn't mean he will not deal with negotiations after like two attempts. Even the most impatient sods will try to negotiate properly. It's just too basic, and annoying. Thankfully you can save the game before dealing with negotiations. Ah, one last thing. When you have an extra in the contract eg bonus', wage rise etc, the fact you can't say 'sorry mate, i'm never going to do this, stop asking me' is wrong. I am not going to give him a 8k pay rise after one game, and I should be allowed to say this, and tell him to change it, so I don't have to deal with having to constantly keep rejecting it.
  14. 1. No matter what team you are, no matter who your opponent is, the AI will ALWAYS go down the wing, drill in a cross, and score. I'm fed up of it. I could be Barca, Cardiff, Accrington, whatever. I could be up against Bristol, Madrid or Crewe, and every flipping time, they just drill a cross in. There's no different style tactic. And it ALWAYS works. 8/10 times a ball is drilled in, I concede. Whatever team. It happens likewise on attack, where I can just set my tactic as exploit the flanks and suddenly my players can miraculously nearly score from every shot. 2. STOP SHOOTING FROM FAR OUT!!!! BIGGEST ERROR IN THE GAME. I say work ball into box, they say ' it YOLO'. How hard is it just to give me an instruction option to tell them to stop bloody shooting?! 3. Stupid, unrealistic inconsistencies. Players constantly missing really easy shots all the time, crossing terribly, BALL WATCHING ALL THE TIME. It's rediculous. I am not a better player than anyone in this game, yet these happen every game. It's nothing to do with form, because it happens all the time. Scores one goal, suddenly hits every shot in row Z, cant get a single shot on target despite having 18 finishing or whatever. The typical FM BS which hasn't been fixed. 4. GKs are awful. This needs to change. League 2 or the Prem, they always kick the ball to the opponent, always stand still, dive late, let a ball go through them, whatever. It's a pain in the ass. My keeper had an average of 15 in his keeping stats, yet he always kept letting in stupid things. Same for my league 2 team keeper, and my prem team keeper. It's stupid. Worst than keepers in PES.
  15. Seriously, sometimes I get really fed up with this game. I set my tactic: WORK ball into BOX. This doesn't mean shoot from any bloody place you want. I'm fed up of having like 22 shots and 4 on target or something. It's really annoying. Why do they never follow basic instructions? And why is there not an option during a team talk at HT or whatever to say to a player: STOP SHOOTING!!! I'M TRYING TO WORK THE BALL IN NOT GIVE IT AWAY!! Then other problems I have: The amount of long term injuries is seriously way too high. In every save I've made about 5 players get injured for between 2-5 months, and I cannot go a single international week without someone reporting injured from between 2 weeks to 2 months. Is it coded to make things like this happen so frequently? Scripted transfers. Danny to Man City, Cavani to Spurs, Tevez to Liverpool etc etc. So annoying. Players constantly missing really easy chances. My player has 15 finishing, he's 21, and he's having an average season. 16 games in he's got 6 goals and 10 assists. The thing is though, he has missed 3 OPEN GOALS. It's just ridiculous. I know they happen in real life, but i'm just sick of it. This links in partly with my first problem, because it's one of the reasons I have so many shots and not enough on target. There is no way i'm a better striker than him. Plain and simple. Yet why can I score these chances, yet he never can? This isn't just 'bad luck'. Bad AI? Maybe.