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  1. Tracking back

    Ok cheers guys
  2. Tracking back

    Hey, i am having trouble with wingers tracking back, i have set there mentality to be more defensive minded but it dosent seem to work... any help ?
  3. Creative Freedom

    ah right, Cheers guys!
  4. Creative Freedom

    Hey! Call me stupid, but what does Creative Freedom mean?
  5. killing the game off.

    Anybody tell me how i could kill the game off after going 2-0 or 3-0 up? i've lost count of how many times i've been leading 2-0 and end up losing 3-2, very VERY frustrating
  6. one on one's

    ah yeah good point, thanks!
  7. one on one's

    Why is it so imposible to score one on one's? is there a way around this without it resulting me to throwing my laptop out of my window?
  8. What was the score?! reading this thread's like a fairytale story haha!
  9. unsettled.

    no nothings come up about send home on personal leave, but il give the coaches a try. cheers boys!
  10. unsettled.

    i'm playing as Everton in my first season and Fellaini does seem to be settling into life on merseyside. i've thought about the possibility of loaning him out but i've decided not to due to him being a key member. what should i do?
  11. Schuster fired, Ramos hired.....

    Scolari has gone back to managing Brazil, Mouriniho back at Chelsea. Sir Alex still in my game and i'm half way through season 3!
  12. FA CUP drawings are not random

    I'm Everton in my third season, i've had liverpool in every domestic cup competition so far, most of the time it's the first cup game in my season.. annoying!!
  13. 7 red cards in 28 matches for 1 player

    beat that easy.. steven taylor - played 14 games, 13 yellow's, 5 reds. Pi** take.
  14. this is P***ing me off!!

    im everton and ive just spent 14m on steven taylor who i thought would be a leading reliable centre back. he's played 14 games had 11 yellow cards and 4 red cards. also he feels that i'm being too harsh being fined 2 weeks wages. please can someone tell me how the hell to stop him getting himself sent off?
  15. Is 3D really been a success?

    i didnt expect the 3D to be amazing...i prefer to use the new 2D version, but 3D can be usefull at times!