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  1. Couple of things spring to mind: At the end of a game (particularly a cup or high status game), I want to see the players mingle at the final whistle rather than just shot off down the tunnel (sorry for the fluff) I also want a better Ast Manager report function. I want him to tell me the ratings for the team I have picked not his 1st and 2nd 11's. I also want a full scout report function avaliable for existing players. This would be particularly helpful for young players who the Ast Man describes as decent, then when I go to offer them a new contract, he reckons its not worthwhile. Also, the ability to have an 'Overview' view of the squad - i.e. have a general comment about the player (ala the existing overview - decent, good, world class etc). That way I can see ata glance what my Ast Man thinks and decide who to release and who to resign.
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