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  1. Try this worked for me and be careful with the skins you use some don´t work with the new patch 16.2

    Delete Cache

    Delete Preference

    Reverify Cache

    If that doesn't work, try force launching the game in Windowed mode as shown below:

    - Open Steam and access your Games Library

    - Right-click on Football Manager 2016 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options

    - Type this in the box: -small_screen -windowed

    - Click on OK, close the window and launch FM16 through Steam

    first of all thats not work on my game

    If i delete Football Manager 2016 in Documents, fm works

    After that when i wanna change the skin,screen will be black again

    Can we fix it ? I'll search everything.Im looking for something for 3 or 4 hours.

    And im sory about my wording FrazT

    And sory for bad english everyone also

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