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  1. 13th with 48.62%, 4th in passes completed and 5th tied with 2 other teams in pass completion ratio
  2. Only 22 goals conceded 18 matches without conceding goals
  3. Mr Hough!!!! We want this tactic! It's the best!! I'm looking for it but can not find.
  4. Where I can find a link to Mr-Houghs-4-1-2-3-for-10.3-Final.-Everton-Oct-2009.tac?
  5. Good tactic for the first matches But as he goes the season I happened to not win games. I give up this game this year until FM13
  6. What to do to get that result or that form of attack?
  7. Furious training v2. I'm tired of trying tactics and it did not work any
  8. But I do not win. Every time I play against Madrid with them I can not. I've tried thousands of tactics and everyone is doing well miss my. I thought the possibility that I bought a game different from others.
  9. Against big teams is not working. I lost the Supercup of Spain against R. Madrid and just lost in league against Madrid 5-1 also. Any suggestions? Or I do not work?
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