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  1. Slowly, but in the end I managed to win the Bundesliga with Freiburg Season 19/20 Season 20/21 Season 21/22 Season 22/23 Season 23/24
  2. Of course I have bought players: Camavinga and Foden among others. I have improved the defense and the goalkeeper. I caught the team in a very bad situation and the tactic worked perfectly. I don't think it's from the familiarity of the tactic. First season good, second season very good. 2nd to 3 points from the first and 1/8 of the final of the Champions League. And in the third season, the tactic begins to not work. 20-25 shots by 2 of the rival and they score 2 goals and I none. These are details that have happened to me with other tactics, not only with this
  3. None anymore, because I got pissed off. I conceded 19 goals in the second season and at the start of the third season, I have conceded 10 goals in 6 games. Why do this? It is not the first time this has happened to me this year and with various tactics
  4. The truth is that I don't know what to say. I have lost the League by myself but this tactic is incredible. He ganado en el Camp Nou, Bernabeu, Ettihad... Al PSG rn casa. 5-0 al Barcelona en casa, 3-0 al Madrid en casa... Resultados increíble, pero al final dos empates que me costaron la Liga. Only 19 goals conceded in the league. Again I have reached the final of the Copa del Rey, losing in extra time, in minute 120. Look that I have tried tactics since I played FM, without a doubt this is the best. Defensively it's amazing
  5. Cerber v4. I never really play with the same players, except in finals. I rotate all the games. 3 changes away and 4 at home. Roger also went to Newcastle in winter
  6. Incredible tactic. I started without a job and Levante signed me. Last with only 1 point in 8 games. I finished in 2nd position and winning the Copa del Rey
  7. 13th with 48.62%, 4th in passes completed and 5th tied with 2 other teams in pass completion ratio
  8. Only 22 goals conceded 18 matches without conceding goals
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