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  1. Hi - I have noticed that if the Steam Client is 'Online' then the in game editor works fine, however if I am 'offline' it is greyed out and not working. Playing on Windows 10.
  2. RE the update - Is the Chelsea transfer ban in there or are you waiting for the appeal(s) before applying?
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed previously, I could not find anything using the search feature. I have been playing more lower league management games in FM18 and have been trying to build teams with players located within the region, either by previous club or place of birth, for example, playing as Chippenham I was interested in signing players from the South West of England or South Wales. I used the existing 'place of birth', 'Last Club' and 'Favourites' search parameters to shortlist players and then scout, this was quite laborious so I thought a nice improvement would be t
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