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  1. Those players shouldn't get pay rises, as their contracts won't start until after promotion was won
  2. Promotion pay rises will take place on the same day that you get placed into the higher division. Any player whose contract, either joining the club or contract renewal, was signed after the team won promotion, shouldn't be given a promotion pay rise for that promotion
  3. Most teams in the Skrill Premier are professional, with the rest of the teams in the league and the North / South being semi-professional.
  4. If you have any examples of unrealistic negotiations with players can you provide them in the bugs forum so they can be looked into further
  5. just my thought on the ideas 1. nope, your in game decisions willl hspa estats 2. nothing to do with the manager 3. nothing to do with the manager 4. never going to happen, certain think called liscencing 5. managers don't give refs feedback in real live, only ref interaction should be through media question 6. yep, agree the pe match interview is pointless and repetitive in its current state 7. not sure if licenses would allow, if you want this you can download stadium packs off fan sites 8. coaches already ave differnt skills, no caoch in real life just teaches one position 9. pospotments would be good, maybe a request to relay pitch in boardroom demands may work 10. another one for boardroom demands maybe, manager would have to ask the chairman to do so 11. how the hell would that work? 12. yet again can downalod them off fan sites if you want 13. yep these need adding, specialy for goalkeepers with 7 day loan rule 14. the trial system could do with improvment in general 15. why? 16. you can do that... 17. if you find the bugs report them in bugs forum, never seen either myself 18. The game loads in pretty quickly in my 9 year career game, better than past versions 19. no 20. board room requests already in place which is simlar idea 21. no ,too much of a gimic imo
  6. I like the idea but wonder if it's capable to put in as surley pitch qwould have to be reduced in size to fit it in things I would like ot see: 1. sent off players leave pitch area and don't stand by dug out 2. Subbed off players normaly sit on bench after being taken off instead of going in between benches, though if anniyed by being taken off can go down the tunnel *followed by media after match about it) 3. Dug outs on correct size of the pitch (Fulham and Luton stand out as 2 were managers and subs have to cross pitch to dug out) 4.more contoral over resrve team without managing it, picking the line up and telling assistant to play player X for X minutes to test fitness and aid recovery from injury, a key thing when returning from ling term injuries 5. After you win a trophey or get prmoted more media, seams like any other match when you win promotion and not like its something speical as it should do. 1,2 and 3 are cosemetic though I assume wouldn't take much to incluce while 4 and 5 I think are good ideas for game
  7. also my main suggestion hire Dave C to come in and tell SI every idea he has, the man has so many good ideas
  8. hey mate if you have any things you fell should be looked at for next year drop me an E mail at addy in profile or post in Luton thread in data forum I'm always open for sensible suggestions to improve data
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