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  1. Those players shouldn't get pay rises, as their contracts won't start until after promotion was won
  2. Promotion pay rises will take place on the same day that you get placed into the higher division. Any player whose contract, either joining the club or contract renewal, was signed after the team won promotion, shouldn't be given a promotion pay rise for that promotion
  3. Most teams in the Skrill Premier are professional, with the rest of the teams in the league and the North / South being semi-professional.
  4. If you have any examples of unrealistic negotiations with players can you provide them in the bugs forum so they can be looked into further
  5. Thats crazy, pitch will waterlog if this goes on for long :\
  6. Went to Derby - Hull as they did cheap tickets again, Hull deserved the win. Derby need to hope Theo Robinson injury doesn't keep him out for long as very short of options up front what with Davies and Tyson out, ended up sticking Shaun Barker up top last 20 minutes in a desperate attempt to get back into the match but couldn't get the ball in box at all as final ball kept letting Derby down.
  7. Went to this today as they did cheep tickets for students, Southampton were the better team technicaly but definantly wouldn't say they battered Derby. Southampton much better and getting the ball down and playing but gave possesion away quite often and didn't create many clear cut chances. Derby did well on the counter and Jamie Ward looked really dangerous and probably say created same amount of decent chances and draw was a fair result
  8. I reckon it could well be you were trying to get Saunders in for a while and the statement annonced today by Wrexham that their takeover looks like it will collapse has lead Saunders to ask to be allowed to move on
  9. Great finish, don't know why he didn't start over Milner or Walcott
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