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  1. Fantasy Champion Pretty lucky win though, finished 6th and only just made the play off rounds. Picking up Hammond early on cause I needed another starting goaltender ended up working out pretty well!
  2. Can't believe how much bad luck I've had with injuries to my fantasy team this year, near constantly had somebody on IR through the season. Currently got both my main goaltenders in Lundqvist and Bobrovsky missing, with Franzen also out.
  3. On a similar note I never posted about my over there. Yankee Stadium was great experience, even though it was freezing cold and wasn't the best game. MSG I didn't think was anything special for all the hype it gets, and for an arena that's gone under a refurbishment. Verizon Center was really good , although probably helped by fact there was decent amount of Detroit fans who helped create a bit of an atmosphere, an the 6-5 scoreline
  4. Those players shouldn't get pay rises, as their contracts won't start until after promotion was won
  5. Promotion pay rises will take place on the same day that you get placed into the higher division. Any player whose contract, either joining the club or contract renewal, was signed after the team won promotion, shouldn't be given a promotion pay rise for that promotion
  6. Going to the Rangers vs Islanders game at Yankee Stadium Also going to the rematch 2 nights later at MSG and Washington vs Detroit the next week
  7. Most teams in the Skrill Premier are professional, with the rest of the teams in the league and the North / South being semi-professional.
  8. That's a big steal for New Jersey I'd say, not given much up to get Schneider
  9. Lets see if I can avoid finishing bottom despite missing half the predictions 1. Pittsburgh Penguins vs 7. Ottawa Senators Winner & scoreline: Pittsburgh 4-2 Most goals: Sidney Crosby Most points: Evgeni Malkin Most PIMs: Chris Neil 4. Boston Bruins vs 6. New York Rangers Winner & scoreline: Boston 4-2 Most goals: David Krejci Most points: David Krejci Most PIMs: Derek Dorsett ---------------------------------------------- 1. Chicago Blackhawks vs 7. Detroit Red Wings Winner & scoreline: Detroit 4-2 Most goals: Henrik Zetterberg Most points: Henrik Zetterberg Most PIMs: Johnny Oduya 5. Los Angeles Kings vs 6. San Jose Sharks Winner & scoreline: San Jose 4-2 Most goals: Patrick Marleau Most points: Joe Thornton Most PIMs: Drew Doughty
  10. So nervous for tonights game, stakes even higher what with a first ever series with LA if we win
  11. Despite getting beat in overtime the last period of our game on Thursday was up there with the best I've seen, atmosphere looked amazing.
  12. I missed it due to the short time frame. Had to avoid here and social media all day to avoid Ducks score, solid enough performance and hope it sets the tone for the series. Oh and delay of game penalties for every time Detroit fans throw an octopus on the ice during the game please NHL
  13. I'm surprised we've re-signed him so early on in the season, no denying he's been outstanding so far though. Got a real dilemma coming up now Hiller is fit as to whose number one netminder.
  14. From Twitter it looks as if Thomas won't be reporting to Islanders (which means draft pick will never be traded). Just helps Islanders make the cap floor for the season, they can also "toll" his contract if he doesn't report which helps them reach floor next season as well