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  1. A few possible minor issues: As I believe some of the generation of newgens is based on local proximity (while the rest is based on the town itself) so if you only alter the towns where the clubs play you might see also Frisian newgens at Limburg Saturday clubs. Furthermore in the unlikely case you'll ever reach European football the distances mentioned in your news item will be wrong.
  2. You also followed this? Only doable when you don't use the wizzard btw. How do I load my file into my game inside FM? When clicking 'New Game' inside FM, you will get a dialog box appear called Choose Database. Notice in this box it will have section saying Editor Data Files and a 'Change' tick button. Clicking this button will allow you to select which of your files to load into your game.
  3. Where Should I save files to? Whether you have created the files yourself or downloaded them they need to be placed in the following locations for them to be loaded into the game. PC – My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010/11 > editor data MAC – Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010/11 > editor data
  4. Minority / Immigrant Clubs There are quite a few minority / immigrants clubs around in the footballing world. Not always right away playable in FM but a they can be promoted to playable leagues or are playing in leagues that can be added to FM thanks to the editor these days. A few of those clubs are: Türkiyemspor Berlin (4th tier Germany, Turkish minority) SV Türkspor Bremen (5th tier Germany, Turkish minority) Berlin AK 07 (5th tier Germany, Turkish minority) FC RM Hamm Benfica (1st tier Luxembourg, Portuguese minority) Lusitanos (1st tier Andorra, Portuguese minority) FC Chabab (4th tier Holland, Moroccan minority) As so far they are in the database, they are represented with the current real life (mostly double nationality) players and staff. However when newgens start appearing the club will lose it's minority character as only very rarely a double nationality player pops up. So I propose that in the club info field in the database a field is implemented where you can insert the country where the players originate from. For generating newgens at clubs who do have the minority/immigrant trait set the following could be used: 25% of all newgens will be double nationality local/minority (born in the country of the club but out of immigrant parents and therefore double nationality) 25% of all newgens will be double nationality minority/local (born in country of origin but moved to the country of the club at young age and therefore gained double nationality) 25% of all newgens will be of the foreign nationality (born in the country of origin and only recently moved, should be listed that he's at least something like 365 days in the country of the club) 25% of all newgens will be of local nationality (born in the neighbourhood and therefore joining the club) One can imagine that if a minority/immigrant club climbs upon the league pyramid they start to attract more and more players of the country where the club is located due to the rise in local reputation. Therefore the percentages could be amended for a club playing in first tier to something like 30%/15%/10%/45% respectively.
  5. FM mirroring real life rules once again. A club can only enter the cups after being in existence for a few years, play on and you'll be invited to the cups next season or the one thereafter.
  6. I don't think it's possible at all that a B/II/Reserve team can play in the same division as the main team.
  7. Stadium Requirements There are quite some leagues in the world with stadium requirements and it would be nice (not to mention realistic) if FM incorporates this once again. A few versions ago this was already incorporated but abolished due to people complaining that they couldn't get promoted with club X. However this leads to the situation that players with small clubs end up with tiny stadiums in the Championship / EPL and crippling them financially and sportively. Therefore I propose the following compromise between the "non implementation of stadium requirements" / "not possible to get promoted" possibilities. If a club has money enough: - Automatically expand the current stadium / build a new stadium If a club doesn't have money for a new stadium and/or is not able to expand its current stadium, give the manager the option between the following 1): - Expand the stadium / build a new stadium anyway and take the financial consequences - Share the ground with another club nearby who's ground does meet the stadium requirements. When the club has accumulated enough money then build the new stadium/expand the current stadium. Alternatively, when the club gets relegated again, move back to the old stadium - Refrain from getting promoted. Note: 1) It might not be the ultimate realistic thing to give this decision to the manager but for game-enjoying purposes it is the best and anyone can decide what's best and/or most realistic for his playing style.
  8. Listed in the PSL rules: also As found here: http://images.supersport.co.za/NSL%20Rules%20as%20amended%208%20November%202008final.pdf
  9. In follow up to my post about learning languages (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/24018-Wishlist-What-you-would-like-to-see-in-future-versions-of-the-game.-All-list-ideas-in-here.?p=6371665&viewfull=1#post6371665) Bilingual Cities In reality there are quite some cities around where not everyone speaks the same language yet in FM every newgen from that city will speak the same language. Therefore I propose the possibility in the editor of setting a second language for a city. The majority of Newgens from that city then still will have the first language as mother language however a minority will have the second language as mother language. In addition in bilingual cities it's quite common to (partly) understand the other language as well as one might have friends/family/colleagues speaking that other language. Most of the newgens should therefore have knowledge (or even be fluent) in the other language, logically the speakers of the second language should relatively have a better understanding of the main language then vice versa. Example: Newgens from that town will have a 65% chance that the main language is their mother language, 35% chance that the second language is their mother language. If we add the ability to speak another language in we could get: 65% speaks main fluent; of those 15% have some basic knowledge of second and 10% is truly bilingual and can speak both languages fluent. 35% speaks second fluent; of those 10% have some basic knowledge of main and 15% is truly bilingual and can speak both languages fluent. Final effect: 80% of the generated population speaks the main language fluent with another 10% having a basic knowledge of it. Only 10% start out with no knowledge of the main language. 45% of the generated population speaks the second language fluent with another 15% having a basic knowledge. In the case that a football club is located in a bilingual town players coming to that town should learn the main language and not the second language. (Maybe an exception for players with very high adaptation stats who could go on to learn a basic knowledge of the second language as well).
  10. Delete the xml (or dbc) file you made while playing with the England setup. Or just deselect it in the screen where you can decide which additional files should be loaded.
  11. The standard answer to that always has been and will be: The higher your wages the less likely you will be fired or poached as the compensation would be quite high. Personally I don't need any other purposes.
  12. Is that bug still not fixed? Promotion/Relegation playoffs between teams from a playable league and from a non-playable league are quite bugged in FM10 as well. Anyhow, you could do a relegation playoff in the first tier with 4 teams, 2 going down and a promotion playoff in the second tier with 4 teams, 2 going up. And yes, that's not quite the same.
  13. Stalling the offer means that you won't response now but give a response later on (in a week time if I'm correct)
  14. I recall messages (might be on the old forum) that Luan had reached 2200 with CM01/02 (and by reaching I mean playing, not holidaying)
  15. Learning Languages At this moment the only differentiation on how easy a language to learn is in the Language Difficulty stat as displayed in the editor. It's a good start but totally neglects the fact that some languages are easier to learn if one has knowledge of a related language. As a Dutchie for instance I have not much difficulty in reading Afrikaans as the Afrikaans language is very closely related to Dutch. There are of course more languages who are very closely related to other languages, Czech vs Slovak; Croatia vs Bosnian vs Serbian; Macedonian vs Bulgarian are a few other examples. It would make sense therefore that if a player (or manager, human or not) would get to learn a language quicker if they are fluent in a related language. This might be best incorporated into the game likewise to the transfer preferences as there is in now. Advantages can be given on a scale of 1-20 to languages in the same language family or languages who have influenced each other. Knowledge of all other, not listed, languages has no benefit and learning the new language will be at the default difficulty and therefore time period. As advantages are being given to some languages the standard duration for learning a language need to be upped a bit so that in the end it takes just as long on average to learn a language. Example For learning Italian being fluent in the following languages could give a bonus to learning Italian: Spanish 15 Romanian 13 Portuguese 11 French 9 Maltese 4 The first four languages all part of the same language family (Romance) a bit arbitrary sorted in a way the language is related to Italian. The last language has been heavily influenced by Italian and Malta is within the cover area of Italian radio/tv so it's not illogical to assume that when one speaks Maltese it gives a bonus to learning Italian.
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