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  1. How do u find ID numbers

    In FM: Click FM - preferences - Display & Sound - tick Show Unique Ids
  2. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    A few possible minor issues: As I believe some of the generation of newgens is based on local proximity (while the rest is based on the town itself) so if you only alter the towns where the clubs play you might see also Frisian newgens at Limburg Saturday clubs. Furthermore in the unlikely case you'll ever reach European football the distances mentioned in your news item will be wrong.
  3. Please Help...Editor doesn't come with download

    Where Can I find the Editor? If installed on offline systems it can be found in C: > Program Files > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > tools > editor > editor.exe On Vista and W7 It can also be accessed by right-clicking on FM2010 icon in games explorer If installed using steam the editor can be found: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Football Manager 2010\Tools\ If installed on Mac it can be found: /Users/*YOURUSERNAME*/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/football manager 2010/tools/
  4. [Release] Channel Island Database

    Also the tiny minor issue that the final is called Final Final ;-)
  5. If you go to the player's profile you should be able to click on the transfer amount and see the various details of the transfer fees.
  6. Club Value??

    Also if you're losing cash because you are repaying your debts the club value should stay the same as "one who repays his debts doesn't get poorer!"
  7. Just had a consortium take over my club. Chairman said he intended to bring in his own manager. After 2 matches he said I was allowed to stay on as manager (FM10 as well).
  8. Didn't know FM2007 could be bought by digital download. You sure you got a genuine version?
  9. A really cool new feature!

    Why should SI implement an option only wanted by a tiny minority?
  10. You also followed this? Only doable when you don't use the wizzard btw. How do I load my file into my game inside FM? When clicking 'New Game' inside FM, you will get a dialog box appear called Choose Database. Notice in this box it will have section saying Editor Data Files and a 'Change' tick button. Clicking this button will allow you to select which of your files to load into your game.
  11. Where Should I save files to? Whether you have created the files yourself or downloaded them they need to be placed in the following locations for them to be loaded into the game. PC – My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010/11 > editor data MAC – Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010/11 > editor data
  12. Then again, ordering a DVD from the usual suspects is way cheaper than ordering a digital download at the moment.
  13. It's not just being next to each other and exposed a lot. If languages are highly related to each other it should be easy to learn that other language no matter where the person is originated from. I think a person from Argentina being fluent in Spanish, should be able to learn Italian much more easy than someone from Slovenia even Slovenia is much closer but Slovenian is in an entirely different language group. (See also my Dutch / Afrikaans example as Holland isn't exactly located next to South Africa yet I am able to read Afrikaans without having too much difficulties)
  14. Like I posted in the general wish thread for FM: