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  1. I’ve long suspected the NHL comp is hard-coded with advantages no matter what you do to adjust league and club reputations and finances. I ran into the exact same issues when trying to setup a new WHA in my database years ago. It ultimately defeated the entire point of that league mod so I scrapped it. But thanks for taking the time to definitively “prove” this. It at least helps editors and mod-ers to know not to waste too much time trying to solve this via the editor.
  2. This happened at a much lower threshold before v1.5. Something like 45 or 48 when I was testing one big NCAA. Now I have an 80 team NCAA and the preview works fine. But there still must be some kind of limit in the code where too many clubs causes that screen to crash,..and your ambitious project has obviously found it lol
  3. I have nothing new to add here just that in my experimentation in my database doing some custom league setups - this becomes a bug that absolutely kills leagues with promotion and relegation. The relegated teams will get knocked to semi-pro, get sent to a second league that still has all pro teams and then can't sign anybody because their status is destroyed. So when a team gets relegated - they have no chance even the next season in the new lower league they are in. Thanks for checking with Riz on this one, ECK. It definitely should be a priority.
  4. To be clear: I check and in the game with all the -18 PA's, the players who did get generated who have a -18 PA do have a PA that falls in that 110-160 range. So I don't think the issue is that the -18 isn't generating the proper PA range, it is that the game is not valuing that PA setting at the appropriate level upon initilization.
  5. So as a test I took the latest subscribed Pivot roster...here are the default database ratings for the Niagara IceDogs (just picked a random junior team): Agostinelli: 64/-13 Beraldo: 96/-6 Betts: 94/-6 Bruder: 70/-5 Butler: 76/-13 Campbell: 50/-4 Cato: 80/-14 Canton: 90/-14 Cook: 80/-5 De Simone: 70/-5 Doherty: 74/-5 Enright: 80/-14 Hinz: 74/-5 Howard: 90/-6 MacLean: 64/-4 Murphy: 74/-5 Peters: 64/-5 Rosenzweig: 60/-5 Sims: 64/-5 Snow: 64/-5 Struthers: 50/-13 Theriault: 60/-4 Tynan: 74/-13 Uberti: 64/-13 I started a game with just the NHL selected, no extra players, no added players. The bolded players are the ones that show up in the game. This makes sense - the game is basically acknowledging "hey you selected only the NHL, we aren't going to populate every single player in this league that isn't selected as playable". So it eliminated the low rated -4/-5 potential guys which aren't likely to ever make an impact as an NHL prospect or anything close to that. But all the -6/-13/-14 guys do show up...most of them aren't likely to be NHL level prospects either but it gives the team/league/prospect pool a sense of realism. I then modified the DB and made every single IceDogs player the same but changed PA to -18. This is 110-160 and is a higher level of PA/prospect rating than any of these players have by default (the best shown above being -14). Same settings (NHL only, no added players) and the game generated a completely BLANK roster for the IceDogs. Only the following bolded players were generated even though they all have higher PA settings. It does not make sense that LESS players are being generated when they all have higher settings. Agostinelli: 64/-18 Beraldo: 96/-18 Betts: 94/-18 Bruder: 70/-18 Butler: 76/-18 Campbell: 50/-18 Cato: 80/-118 Canton: 90/-18 Cook: 80/-18 De Simone: 70/-18 Doherty: 74/-18 Enright: 80/-18 Hinz: 74/-18 Howard: 90/-18 MacLean: 64/-18 Murphy: 74/-18 Peters: 64/-18 Rosenzweig: 60/-18 Sims: 64/-18 Snow: 64/-18 Struthers: 50/-18 Theriault: 60/-18 Tynan: 74/-18 Uberti: 64/-18 If I select the OHL as a playable league, they all show up in both databases - but the crux is a lot of people play with JUST the NHL and expect a certain level of player in other leagues to still be in the game, And guys with a -18 potential (and other high level new PA settings) should certainly always show up even if just the NHL is selected, especially if much lower -5/-6/-13/-14 PA's do always show up. As it stands, any database that uses these new PA ranges is going to create a game situation where a ton of top prospects are not generated in the game unless you select all playable leagues or add players from all those countries. Just for comparison I did a third attempt where every player on the team is edited in the DB to have a PA of 110. This is the low-end result of a -18 PA setting. Agostinelli: 64/110 Beraldo: 96/110 Betts: 94/110 Bruder: 70/110 Butler: 76/110 Campbell: 50/110 Cato: 80/110 Canton: 90/110 Cook: 80/110 De Simone: 70/110 Doherty: 74/110 Enright: 80/110 Hinz: 74/110 Howard: 90/110 MacLean: 64/110 Murphy: 74/110 Peters: 64/110 Rosenzweig: 60/110 Sims: 64/110 Snow: 64/110 Struthers: 50/110 Theriault: 60/110 Tynan: 74/110 Uberti: 64/110 It basically goes back to the level of population of the original DB although there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to why some guys show up in some attempts and not in others. It doesn't seem to be strictly CA/PA based. And here is an attempt with every guy rated a -7, which creates the same 110 PA bbaseline as -18 but a lesser cap of 140. So it's a lesser rating that -18 in every way: Agostinelli: 64/-7 Beraldo: 96/-7 Betts: 94/-7 Bruder: 70/-7 Butler: 76/-7 Campbell: 50/-7 Cato: 80/-7 Canton: 90/-7 Cook: 80/-7 De Simone: 70/-7 Doherty: 74/-7 Enright: 80/-7 Hinz: 74/-7 Howard: 90/-7 MacLean: 64/-7 Murphy: 74/-7 Peters: 64/-7 Rosenzweig: 60/-7 Sims: 64/-7 Snow: 64/-7 Struthers: 50/-7 Theriault: 60/-7 Tynan: 74/-7 Uberti: 64/-7 Yup - the game recognizes every single player with a -7 rating is a potential prospect so it generates them. If that's the case, why does it not for a higher PA like -18?
  6. Noticed this today as I was infilling the new OHL draft crop. Players in the DB set with the new player potential values are not populated in-game unless that league is selected or extra players from that nation are added. Here's an example: OHL prospect is created in the DB: CA: 65, PA: -18 That means his game-generated PA will be between 110 and 160. If I just select the NHL and don't select the OHL, the game does not populate with him. If I switch him to be: CA: 65, PA: -13 That means his game-generated PA will be between 60 and 130. So, a worse prospect, same ability - if I just select the NHL and don't select the OHL, the game does generate him. So - you may say well maybe this was a rare case where his PA created in-game for the -13 version actually was higher and so it created him. Not true, went into the saved games and the -18 version had a PA of 154 and the -13 version had a PA of 92. Then I checked - there were like twelve new prospects added with a -18 PA and NONE were in the actual created game. There is a way around this by simply selecting the OHL or additional Canadian players but that misses the point - young players with a PA of -18 are legit NHL prospects and if the game is smart enough to generate a baseline of players in other leagues, even if not selected - it needs to be tweaked to recognize the new PA values. My guess is there is some sort of algorithm where if you only select the NHL to play - the game limits player population by ignoring players with very low abilities...so guys with a -4 etc do not get generated in a simple NHL-based setup. I feel like the new PA's have not been addressed though and the game is choosing to ignore them unless you tell it to fully-populate that league or nation at startup - even though players of the same or lower ability and reputation using the standard PA's (-13, -6, -7 etc) are being created.
  7. This has always been an issue as far as I am aware. NHL teams are constantly sending 19 year-old major junior players under contract to their AHL affiliates. And I've got USHL minimum contract age at 16 and the games fills rosters with 14 year olds.
  8. Eck - Do transfer rules apply even to leagues that aren't playable or aren't selected?
  9. Can we get the playoff tree screen to scale or be customized or made smaller? I added a preliminary "play-in" round to the NHL playoffs and the extra round completely screws up the playoff tree screen. I think anything with more than 4 rounds is going to cause this issue. See attached screencap. - BK
  10. I created a new skin a while back and while it looks great, the game does not read the customized .col file that is paired with the graphics unless I unload and reload the custom skin every single time the game is started. BKmodern Skin For example...if the default skin is set and I switch to my BKmodern skin, the BKmodern.col file (which sets numerous color variables in the game such as background, header base and attributes) loads fine. But then when I quit EHM and fire it back up - BKmodern remains the skin but the color file being read is the default one. So I have to go to Preferences, load the default or another skin and accept that and then go back in to Preferences and reload the BKmodern skin for it to read the BKmodern.col file. This seems like an easy fix if you can just have the game read the correct .col file upon startup that coresponds to the skin choice. - BK
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