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  1. Posted this over at EHM TBL, archi suggested I post here: ----------------------------------------------------- Hey...I've been doing some tweaking of lower age group leagues/teams and I've noticed something bizarre...when I tell the game to start with generated juniors to fill out youth teams, the game does a good job of generated guys with the national/regional birth place reflective of that particular league or city. But when the game brings new classes in every year to these leagues/teams, it often creates muddled messes - so for example, a Nova Scotia (Halifax is the city) based Midget team got a new class of generated prospects and not only are a bunch of the Canadian players from British Columbia and Alberta, etc (not Nova Scotia or adjacent Eastern Canadian provinces) - but it will randomly fill in squads with bizarre foreign born prospects. See below. Since these leagues are not "playable" - the only real geographic identifier is the city (and thusly Province or State) that is used as the "Home City". I know that if you don't fill in "Home City", the game tends to randomly choose the birthplace of generated kids. But in this case, Halifax (with coordinates and everything) is filled in as the "Home City". ----------------------------------------------------- I guess the only thing I can think of is that in this particular league I setup, I have clubs from all the QMJHL area provinces...so a Nova Scotia club, a couple Quebec clubs, etc. With the goal that they all eventually funnel into the QMJHL draft. That still doesn't explain why kids from Western Canada or odd European countries are showing up but now I wonder if it confuses the game so have a league with multiple provinces at this level. I guess I'll try to do an individual league all for Nova Scotia and see if that "limits" the generated birthplaces to Nova Scotia. ----------------------------------------------------- I realize nobody probably has the answer to this but for future reference, I just created a "Quebec Bantam League" with only one team, a Montreal, Quebec based team and in 2020 the fake players generated were from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Israel, South Korea, Serbia and Romania. Meanwhile a "Nova Scotia League" with only one team, a Halifax based team, had 5 Canadians all from British Columbia.
  2. Ugh ok I figured it might be an issue with the db....thanks Riz!
  3. I uploaded to the ftp (it's at the start of the game when you keep simming you can see the effect in the sortable rookie stats). thanks Riz!
  4. In that same game, later on when you sort stats by rookies, same thing - a lot of veterans are showing up: Saad, Prince, Palmieri, Sheary, McCabe, etc, etc:
  5. Not officially supported of course but see link below. Second post has the downloads...in either save game or database format. Your Vegas dreams come true...kind of.
  6. The Top 10 Pre-Season Prospect List has a bug - not sure if it is just with 1.4 or not. It sometimes contains player well above the rookie threshold in games. See Slavin and Trouba in image 1. Trouba's history to show NHL games logged shown in image 2. Interestingly, the individual team top prospect lists do not seem to have this bug, see Jets list in image 3.
  7. I've narrowed the crashing down to the AHL in my database. When I have the AHL selected, with whatever combination of other options, it crashes when the game initializes. AHL worked fine prior to the update.
  8. I notice that CHL and Continental Cup teams are not editable in the pre-game editor (that I can see)...is there a way to "force" teams and seedings for those European club tournaments in the import.cfg, like you can for standard club leagues? Thanks
  9. The crux of the issue though is not that the NY Rangers CPU GM considers Chris Kreider a depth player. It is that the CPU GM's regularly let go of valuable assets for nothing in a manner that is highly unrealistic if you look at the track record of RFA's that are non-tendered in the original post I made. Kreider, whether he is depth or not, is an example of a young player with good stats and excellent current and potential abilities - he is an asset that costs literally nothing more than a qualifying offer to maintain control of for the organization. And he is far from the only example of this occurring. In real life, such assets are not just dumped for nothing, regardless of the situation that said player may find themselves in. It's not a case of saying "oh, the CPU GM doesn't see him fit to retain rights to with a qualifying offer" - its that CPU GM's regularly and completely squander talent in an unrealistic manner...and for those of us who play the game with real players, this is an issue which impacts our enjoyment of a game that we play to simulate realistic conditions. I know that some mechanics in a game with this depth are quite complicated. I am well-tuned to the fact that trade AI in simulations like this is always, always going to be a bit hit-or-miss...and that is perfectly ok. And I am not trying to insinuate this one issue destroys the value of an awesome game. But I also don't think you can just brush this aside as "CPU GM being different than you would be as GM"...this is an issue for many of us because it affects the realism of the game. The bottom line is teams in real life, conservative or not, do not freely throw terrific young NHL assets like Chris Kreider and Dmitri Orlov and Andrei Vasilevsky down the drain. I think what many of us would like to see is an adjustment in the treatment of RFA's by the CPU such that qualifying offers are more consistently offered for talents than in no way, shape, or form should be let go for nothing.
  10. Interesting, thanks for the input, your English is perfectly good! I need to go back to my save where I gutted the Rangers and Kreider DID get a qualifying offer from the CPU to see if, because I gutted the team, the CPU placed a higher role on him that allowed for the qualifying salary.
  11. Thanks for the tip on that. It still seems an issue that CPU GM's let valuable RFAs go to unrestricted free agency. That's really more my concern as far as realism goes.
  12. On June 30 of this save, the Caps had a cap total of $70.985 million and were only $416,000 under the cap with Orlov yet to be qualified. The CPU lets him go to UFA the next day. I took over on June 30 before this happens to see if as a human GM it lets me qualify Orlov at his $2 million salary and it does not - my board will only let me offer $1.689 million. So that's that...but it really is only letting me offer Orlov a new long-term contract, it's not letting me extend a qualifying offer. Considering the next day, Washington's cap total will go way down with UFA's leaving, this seems to be the flaw in my mind. The ability to make a 1-year qualifying offer prior to July 1st to retain RFA rights shouldn't have an impact on your current cap hit IMO. It's almost like qualifying offers (by their nature only a 1-year deal) need to be a separate type of contract negotiation...you can make it, retain RFA rights, and then continue to negotiate for an actual contract over the course of the summer.
  13. I did a "Kreider test" because he basically hits UFA every time. Played as the Rangers. Got the Rangers payroll real low and dealt away a ton of players (and then retired the day after the trade deadline). Kreider was still unsigned and unqualified at that point in time when I turned the reigns over to the CPU. Sure enough - Kreider was qualified when I stopped the game on June 30: On July 1st, he still hadn't signed with the Rangers but was now an RFA who you could only trade for his rights or approach with an offer sheet: Update: By the end of summer, Kreider had signed a new long term deal with a higher cap hit that his qualifying offer:
  14. Riz, I've posted this on HFBoards (Foppa) but I am finally getting around to uploading to the site. I have on game saved as "April Save" (using the TBL rosters on April 1st because I know you wanted to look at things about 3 months before the process happens and then another called "July Save" on July 1st, the first day of free agency in the off-season. The following are just a few of the key players and prospects who should be RFA and yet are not offered qualifying offers by their clubs and sent directly into the UFA pool. I know it may be getting a little picky - but frankly, in real life, team's do not tend to dump assets with value for nothing to this degree. A RFA holding out, sure...and I have seen that in EHM and that seems fine. But this mass dump of RFA's is a yearly occurrence, some years worse than others...2016 is not bad but 2017 gets really ugly for me when guys like Vasilevski, who is one of the top prospects in the game, almost always gets dumped. Even if you want to argue "well, in this save, so-and-so was further down the depth chart so the CPU deemed them expendable" - I don't really buy that in this large of a quantity. If you look at the free agents from 2015 - link below, the RFA's who were not tendered offers and dumped into unrestrited free agency are listed under each team as "UFAs - UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS...The following players were not tendered a qualifying offer and are therefore Unrestricted Free Agents not subject to a right to match or draft choice compensation.". You will see a collection of failed prospects and never-were's...ECHL players, fringy AHL players and a few older retreads who are marginal players. All the players listed below would surely have been Group 2 - The players listed below have been tendered a qualifying offer by their respective Clubs and are subject to draft-choice compensation and right to match. The draft choice compensation scale is based on compensation offered by the new Club http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2015/07/nhl_free_agent_list.html Some of the RFA's dumped in this save progression (and some will get re-signed by their original team as you move forward from July 1st but this doesn't alleviate the issue that they are making it into clear and unprotected free agency from what should be RFA status): - Chris Kreider - Alex Killorn - Jamie Oleksiak - Scott Mayfield - Dmitry Orlov - Andrew Shaw - Tyler Wotherspoon - Marcus Foligno - Riley Sheehan - Josh Manson - Marcus Kruger - J.T. Brown Thanks for having a look Riz!
  15. This is more of a general question but how in the world do I get the color of the title bar for teams to change? I edit the colors in FM Editor but no change in the game. For example, I want to switch Swansea back to white with black instead of the gold used for their anniversary season. Same with Chelsea...I'd like the title bar to show blue and white instead of the blue and pewter they used this season. Does changing the kit colors in the editor have anything to do with it, can this not be changed, or am I simply looking in the wrong spot? Cheers!
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