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  1. Fmh 2013

    Guess we'll have to wait till Christmas!
  2. Fmh 2013

    Hi Just wanted to know more about the new Football manager Handheld 2013 for the iOS which will be releasing this christmas! What all new features do we expect? I just can't wait for the new version to be out Can you give us an overview as to what are new features and features which will be improved in the new version? Thanks.
  3. Transfer difficulty level

    Well not exactly unrealistic..but ya i could name some i always see Man utd buy Seydou Doumbia for 4 millions! So if i'm able to afford his wages you could well say i could grab him for 5 Millions..and yes one more thing don't you think far too good players turn out as free agents?! I signed Fernando Llorente for free in my 3rd season..now thats unrealistic! If i manage to sign such good players early on for nuts which in turn helps me to boost my position in the league table helping me getting a larger amount of transfer funds, where's the fun?
  4. I think overall the games very enjoyable but theres one thing i wanna discuss..i think the difficulty level of the game is too easy..here im not talking about anything related to gameplay or tactics but what im talking about is transfers. The game level should be toughened so that you can't make big transfers easily as in real life..what a basic player would actually want is never ending intensity and interest. Players lose interest when they've easily managed to build up their teams..once that is done the game hardly has any charm..you know what i mean Like for instance how many of you last 30 seasons? I get bored already when im at the 4th 5th season.