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  1. I see what your both saying. My issue isn't really with the transfer fee, I find - at least for the players I'm going for - they are fairly reasonable so long as there is no bidding war. But the amount of money the players want to sign a contract with my club is what I have an issue with. Oh, and strangely enough, Nick Turner who was asking for 88k ended up signing with me for just over 50k (maximum for my club) anyway. I'm happy he had a change of heart lol...
  2. I've been noticing that with every play I try to get through a transfer, the player asks for a huge increase in wages. For example, I tried to get Nick Turner. The team accepted my 80k offer, however Turner (who is making 13k) wants 88k? He is happy to stay with his old team, and I figured that may have something to do with it. But according to my scouting report, he'd be extremely happy to play for my team. I'm 1st in Skill premier league and his current team is in Skrill South and are in 6th place... So why does he want a 75k increase to play for my team? This is just one example, I find a lot of players are asking for unreasonably huge raises to play on my team.
  3. Okay, so I will set the players roles, and they are changed. I press "Confirm" to be taken back to the Club options menu but when I go to check on the roles they revert back to their defaults...
  4. I use them regularly, but find they are only really effective when either scouting your own region or youth.
  5. How about more specific player interactions. What I mean is, when giving positive or negative feedback, have a third drop-down with different things to comment on. Things like attitude, loyalty, training, performance.
  6. Big fan of the game, but I have two questions: 1. Does it matter how many time you "Apply" for available jobs? This involves all leagues. What I mean is, are you any more likely to get the job by choosing the apply button multiple times, or once? 2. My second question is, when applying for national teams, do you have to be the same nationality as the team? This might seem like a stupid question but I ask because not every nationality has an available national team - as far as I know. And I picked a nationality which doesn't have a team or any leagues... Well, the country does have a national team but only grey players and no option to apply for the manager of it.