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    Formerly known on this board as trigz quite a few years back. Incurable FM addict although considerably more restrained now than in my younger years. I have played every single edition of CM/FM. Imagine that, kids!

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    Oslo, Norway
  1. Has anyone mentioned the absolute need to be able to filter out retiring players from the player search yet? Make it happen, SI, it's a no brainer. Other than that, my suggestions are: -Take the squad on an international break holiday to eg. Dubai or somewhere. -Please for God's sake bring back the old tactic screen, the new one looks awful ...and that's all I can think of at the moment.
  2. That's wrong. The league is called Tippeligaen only for sponsorship purposes. The official name is Eliteserien. The statal TV channel NRK is bound by rules against commersialisation and so aren't allowed to use the "Tippeligaen" moniker. They use the Eliteserien name.
  3. I give you a thousand thumbs up for dedication and presentation. This is beautiful!