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  1. Nice would be interesting, since Balotelli almost certainly will be as overrated as usual.
  2. Has anyone mentioned the absolute need to be able to filter out retiring players from the player search yet? Make it happen, SI, it's a no brainer. Other than that, my suggestions are: -Take the squad on an international break holiday to eg. Dubai or somewhere. -Please for God's sake bring back the old tactic screen, the new one looks awful ...and that's all I can think of at the moment.
  3. That's wrong. The league is called Tippeligaen only for sponsorship purposes. The official name is Eliteserien. The statal TV channel NRK is bound by rules against commersialisation and so aren't allowed to use the "Tippeligaen" moniker. They use the Eliteserien name.
  4. I give you a thousand thumbs up for dedication and presentation. This is beautiful!
  5. -Ability to instruct players to target a certain opponent, both by playing rough and/or winding him up. This happens in real life, of course. -Players should be able to be instructed to exploit certain areas in the opposition half in terms of where they make runs or send the ball. BUT! After playing Cities: Skylines to death over the last month though, the time is surely nigh for FM to make some graphical aspects of the game moddable: Include a stadium building tool and give people the opportunity to design more true to life models of the authentic stadia that the teams in the game uses. I am absolutely sure this would create huge buzz and interest. One of the most gratifying aspects to Cities:Skylines is precisely that the ability to mod the game tickles the creative imagination of so many people, and it will give the game a much bigger lifespan as a result. It's a natural next step for Football Manager too. I would absolutely love designing Åråsen stadion in excruciating detail and share it for fellow gamers to use, and so would so many others, too. Just do it, SI!
  6. Arsenal was taken over in my game as well, one stingy chairman replaced by another of the same ilk. Does this happen to everyone?
  7. Yep, that's what I use him as, he's been very consistent for me. I'm in September 2019 myself, took over Arsenal after the second season. No luck in the league so far, Chelsea are dominating, but won the Champions League in my first season, plus one FA Cup and the World Club Championships. The board has been remarkably patient, I expected being sacked after finishing 6th but somehow survived.
  8. I'm new to this thread, just wanted to ask, is the Paulista championship full of really weak teams and a few very strong ones? You're racking up some insane scores there. Also, which formation do you use?
  9. Ah, that might be it. Thanks so much.
  10. I can't find the appropriate button anywhere. Please help, fellow addicts!
  11. I can't understand this: I'm currently 14th with Liverpool after 10 matches in my second season. Admittedly I won the FA cup in the first season, but finished 6th in the league, and yet the board and fans seem happy with the situation. IRL I would be under a ton of pressure after such poor performances.
  12. My first transfer window went thus: In Nigel de Jong £5,5M Ashley Williams £3,8M Ignazio Abate £5,25M Simone Zaza £7M Evgenij Konoplyanka £12,25M Victor Valdes Free Out Fabio Borini £9,5M Lucas Leiva £11,75M (!) Glen Johnson £5M Kolo Touré free Dejan Lovren £12M We're doing OK at the moment, 3rd in the table after 20 games with a goal difference of 37-17 (I've read a lot of people saying there's an absurd amount of goals, this just hasn't happened in my game). Martin Skrtel (!) has been my top performer so far, AVR of 7,4. Of the signings, Simone Zaza and Ignazio Abate have both impressed. Zaza has 14 goals in 23 games so far and is keeping Balotelli (he doesn't score) out of the team. Nigel de Jong has been less than impressive, and Konoplyanka has been a big disappointment. Ashley Williams though has been sturdy and reliable. I wanted to sell everyone who have been crap IRL, so Lovren had to go Lambert & Lallana have barely featured, the former because he's ***** and the latter because of injury. Sturridge hasn't been great, just 5 goals in 16 appearances. I play a one striker system, so he's currently benched. Markovic seems to be overpowered in the game though when you look at how rubbish he has been IRL. He's done very well for me so far.
  13. Surprised to read that so many are reporting high scores. Playing with Liverpool, I have a GD of 26-13 after 17 games (and true to form, Balotelli can't score a goal to save his life in my game either).
  14. The graphical improvements in the match day experience look very good indeed. I'm loving the effect of the improved ball physics, and the motion captures movements look excellent when the match video is played at fairly quick speed (at average speed it looks ridiculous, but who really has time or patience to play at average speed?). The game looks very promising. My first impression is that this is a good step forward from last year's game, which itself was very enjoyable. The touchline shouts are an excellent addition and one I've longed for. Also, the tactical option of pressing extremely heavily seems to reflect well on teams that play this way in real life. The option to push high up and refuse the GK from starting from the back also is brilliant, a very good addition. One gripe however is the new tactics screen, it's cumbersome to alter roles easily. This is something you should really be able to do very easily and quickly. As of now it doesn't feel intuitive. The UI in itself probably takes some time getting used to, it looks good at least and seems cleaner than before. I will say however it took me a lot of time to find the jobs tab, this was hidden under the staff menu somewhere, which doesn't seem right to me. It should come up when I click on my own profile. The new scouting system I really, really like. On first impressions this is the biggest addition to the game. Also disappointed there's no possibility of renegotiating transfers. Eg Divorck Origi's situation, he has been purchased by Liverpool but spends the season on loan at Lille. Here I'd like the possibility of renegotiating a done deal, so as to if need be bring him to the club immediately if the situation requires it. For a beta, I have to say I'm very impressed so far, even if I've only played a couple of hours. I'm looking forward to exploring further - this year's game seems to have big, big potential. Well done SI.
  15. That's right, it's in the club's statutes that they must play 4-3-3 (which is hilarious to me). A 40,000 capacity stadium in Bodø...haha! Well done!