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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll give some of those a try and will see what happens. I am playing FM16 though, so can't use either Mezzala or Carrilero roles. Despite reading plenty of stuff about shape, I've always found it to be somewhat of an enigma as I struggle to notice what effect changing it actually has, hence why I've left it on flexible, but will certainly give it a go if the other tweaks don't get it working to my liking.
  2. Hi, I'm mainly a lurker on these forums, but thought I needed to come out of the shadows for a bit in order to ask for some help with my 4-3-2-1 possession based tactic. I'm playing FM16 as Arsenal and currently in the 3rd season, having won the league in the first season using a 4-2-3-1, but got bored of that somewhat conventional formation and decided to try something a bit less common, settling on a 4-3-2-1 as below: DLFa AMa APs CMs DLPd BWMs WBs CDd CDd WBa GKd Mentality is standard, team shape flexible. TIs: shorter passing, play out of defence, dribble less. PIs: AMa - move into channels, CMs - close down much more, BWMs - hold position, WBs - close down much less, WBa - close down much less, GKd - roll ball out, distribute to centre backs/full backs depending on opposition formation. It's defensively fairly solid, but struggles for good chances and goals especially against defensive opponents who don't press high up the pitch. I used the formation for the whole of the second season, eventually finishing 3rd in the league, although we did win the Champions League where opponents were not so cautious against us. The general idea of the tactic is firstly to be solid defensively, the idea being to try to channel opponents' attacks down the wings so that they are forced to put in a low percentage cross, or if they do try to attack down the middle they should be outnumbered and we should be able to either win possession or force a long shot. Generally speaking, that approach works as we conceded the fewest goals in the league, but also scored way fewer than any of the other top teams. Offensively my intention is to patiently work the ball up the pitch to attack via three main avenues - the DLF dropping deep creating space for the AMa to attack, the DLF making a run behind the defence, or a cross/cut back from one of the wing backs to one of the DLF, AM or CMs making a run from deep. However, in practice it seems that we can usually work the ball up the pitch as I wanted, but we then seem to get stuck with the ball just outside their area, with nobody able to find any space or opportunity for any defence splitting passes. The end result is usually that the ball is put out wide to one of the wing backs who put in a cross to a crowded area, which is not meant to be my primary way of attacking, more as the last option if all else fails, but it seems all else does fail far too regularly. Doing that also rarely results in any particularly good chances. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I could make the tactic more effective against defences which sit deep? I have tried playing deeper/reducing mentality in an attempt to draw them out, however this seems to reduce our risk taking too much in the final 3rd, making it even harder to create good chances. I have also tried raising mentality to try and attack a bit quicker before the defence is able to set up properly, but this usually results in the ball going forward too quickly and the striker and attacking midfielders end up being rather isolated. If it helps further, my starting XI is Cech, Ricardo Rogriduez, Koscielny, Stones, Bellerin, Jorge Pereira, Julian Weigl, Lars Bender, Alexis Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud. Apologies for the slightly long post, but wanted to include as much detail as possible. Any advice gratefully received.
  3. I am a long-time lurker on the forums and very much enjoy threads like these as it tends to show where my tactical thinking is lacking and always find that I learn something new from them, so thanks to Jambo for creating this thread. Something about the average positions just caught my eye and I had to ask about it though - am I correct in thinking that the AMCL is the trequartista? If so I find it interesting that he has a higher average position than the shadow striker as I would have assumed the shadow striker would be continually trying to push up alongside the striker whereas the trequartista would be dropping deeper and roaming about looking for space behind them. It's hard to tell from the ingame screenshots whether this actually happened or not - the first one has them about level, and the second has the shadow striker right up next to the striker - was the second screenshot more reflective of what happened throughout the match? Perhaps the average positions are being skewed by the trequartista not closing down/tracking back as much as a shadow striker, although the defensive screenshot seems to imply the opposite as I think on that the trequartista is the one who has tracked all the way back and looks like the shadow striker is in fact the most advanced of all your players? Maybe it's just the screenshots coincidentally being taken at moments that don't necessarily reflect their usual positions, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on whether those two are doing what you want throughout the matches as these were two of the positions that you hadn't tweaked.
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