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  1. For me it is knowing the players who I should scout and purchase. Every save I try to make it different without always going for the same players but when I can afford them it is so hard to pass up. Anyone else have this issue??? Hopefully all this new team chemistry stuff in 18 will make this harder to do and a lot more satisfying than signing Carlos Fierro etc... when I can afford them.
  2. Once the main game is out and Claassen begins his yearly league updates (mostly in Africa) I will start my usual with Paris FC. I know I have said this once or twice here before but after discovering them in FM 13 I have always have had a save with them and due to this I love to follow their results and all in real life. My FM17 save of them is really hard as I am surviving by the skin of my teeth in Ligue 2 in my second second year after promotion to it.
  3. Looks like a fun database!!! I think I will give G 44 a shot! Are there any rules for any of the leagues?
  4. Claassen where do you find the information on the league rules and what not for a lot of the smaller and less known countries?
  5. I am going to try something but if its not working could I send you the file?
  6. Yeah plus I made sure there was enough teams I did a 16-20 team min to max but let me look again
  7. I am having an issue. I added what would be the Oberliga and after the 2016/17 season a few leagues end of with nothing. How do I fix that?
  8. Sounds good man!! You work is always quality and I can't wait. One question. Do yuo just update the versions from the previous year or do you start from nothing?
  9. Claassen I am very excited for this. Would you be willing to do a small nation like Taiwan someday?
  10. Miles just tweeted 8.25 so I assume that is 8 hours 25 minutes away from his tweet
  11. At work as well. If it comes out between now and 5PM EST I wouldn't be able to play it anyways. I am still waiting on that editor blog they promised haha
  12. This looks awesome. Are there any clubs from the Shetland Islands or Orkney in the fantasy pyramid???
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