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  1. Haven't seen this celebration before. So for context, Anthony Stokes scores a screamer from outside the box and celebrates, next thing the opposing player goes up to him to do the same, not sure if it was a bug or if he was mocking him but I found it really interesting
  2. As long as I can get close to that feeling, I will be happy even if not I will just enjoy learning the tactics system better.
  3. You guys are so awesome with the advise, thanks for the tips so far
  4. For several years of FM I usually plug-n-play and then tweak to my liking but for the first time I want to start making my own tactics. The thing is I want to emulate as much as I can to real life managers of what they use. So here is my question.. What would be the best resources to use to help me create these tactics emulating the real thing?? For example if I wanted to copy Blanc's tactics at PSG from a few years back, what would resources would I need to properly build it?
  5. I currently have around 115k players with around 50 leagues. I have the top 10 European leagues plus their lower divisions, then a few random nations for regens and localization, also USA, Mexico and Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, finally Ivory Coast, Nigeria, DR Congo and Ghana.
  6. Looks like a fun database!!! I think I will give G 44 a shot! Are there any rules for any of the leagues?
  7. Claassen where do you find the information on the league rules and what not for a lot of the smaller and less known countries?
  8. Sounds good man!! You work is always quality and I can't wait. One question. Do yuo just update the versions from the previous year or do you start from nothing?
  9. Claassen I am very excited for this. Would you be willing to do a small nation like Taiwan someday?
  10. Looks like my director called out Rangers here
  11. So obviously I know the game will run like cake but I am curious how good it will run processing and number of players/leagues wise. I am getting something with: AMD FX 6300 Processor 16g System memory NVIDIA GTA 750
  12. Hell Yeah man thanks!! Ill give it a go and let you know how things turn out!! Found this. Is it an issue?? http://i.gyazo.com/42ae0f31a110c6a94e2ea1a7a30e4536.png
  13. This might be a dumb question but can the clubs participate in Champions League and Europa League??
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