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  1. i didnt change mid game.. im not an idiot (: tactic screen off duty changed set pieces i come back later and its gone
  2. i have a problem with wilshere and ramsey they just seem to produce any tips on roles?
  3. well they just dont save themself... i open the set piece creator and i make a change.. it will work until i save and exit the game.. re enter and it will be on mixed without my instructions
  4. Mario Fernandez's cska Can't remember the name but atletico have a Mexican striker available pretty cheap
  5. why not make it 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMC use support 2 so they would still mark little bit assuming closing down more is activy and maybe defensive mentality than its act like a 4-2-2-1-1
  6. Yes I do.. But why shud it matter if he has the disturbed to fullbacks
  7. Pass to space retain posseion work ball into box also close down more drop deepr mentality is attacking in first tactic second is counter third is defensive both 3 tactics same results ):
  8. opened a save with arsenal and only with this poland gk i had this problem i use both roll it out pass it shorter and give to full backs! and still he shots it everytime!
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