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    Chris, 21, Castleford !

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    14th Season with Leicester !


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    Football and any other sport.

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  1. Also have this guy who is the greatest Regen I have ever had:
  2. Currently in my 14th season (4600 days) in charge.
  3. I've seen a few but never been taken over by one myself, would love it if it ever happens though.
  4. Probably been said before but realistic/better agents so that they don't ask for 3 trillion in fees.
  5. 6 - 0 to Chelsea, was when I had just been promoted.
  6. Never seen that happen before.
  7. Signing this guy for 100k
  8. Create my own for each position and they work pretty well.
  9. Definitely do another Leicester save, just something about them that I like.
  10. Same formation for each game, if I start getting dominated I just change the philosophy.
  11. I love the Swansea one. I made These earlier: