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  1. I've started a Swansea save and im 8th at Christmas in my first season. I play a 4-1-2-2-1. GK - SK DEF RB - WB ATT CB - CD DEF CB - BPD DEF LB - WB ATT DMC - DM DEF MRC - AVP ATT MLC - DLP SUPP AMR - IF ATT AML - IF SUPP ST - TRQ I also like to play a possession based game that's good on the counter and Nathan Dyer at AMR has proved to be a key player for me. Both the full backs (Rangel and Taylor) support the attacks well and the midfield trio work well together. I sometimes alter the roles depending on the opposition but my formation generally remains the same.
  2. Rodri on a season long loan at Sheffield Wednesday from Barcelona with the option to buy at the end.
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