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  1. Years ago i was Rushden & Diamonds in League One first game of the season I won 7-0! Can’t recall who against, then my brother and sister scramble home from school fighting through the door my brother runs straight to the PC and hits the power button trying to get to it first and I lose the game 😩 in friendlies I have had games ranging from 11-0 - 17-0 with big teams against amateur teams but that is probably my biggest in a competitive match
  2. Good luck with Bolton @Chewy2006 you are only an injury or 2 from crisis! Hopefully you can get a bit of money to spend in Jan! I have taken a step back from my Norwich save the crosses not beating first man 99% of the time just got to me! Started up as Gainsborough in the Northen Premier Premier Division and am currently doing really well with them so continuing that save for now with Norwich on the back burner although I’m sure I’ll be back to the save at some point
  3. Continued my Norwich save last night and played through a few more games drew 2-2 with Forest which was a very poor result but just couldn’t break them down or get a cross past 1st man! Aston Oxborough dropped a cross straight to the feet of Grabban for their equaliser! Next up was Aston Villa who we proceeded to smash 5-1!! Playing some great football that I hope to see more of from now on. Record stands at P14 W7 D6 L1 agreed a deal for Jack Whatmough to join in January and Jack Clarke and have an offer accepted for Kalvin Phillips who will replace Steiperman who got injured after 2 games and is moaning about 1st team football after only recently regaining fitness! I am also looking to move out Michael McGovern and bring in Rob Green for 2nd choice keeper
  4. If Bogle won’t come I doubt you will be able to get Max Aarons from Norwich mate! But I would try as he is one of the best RB’s in the game
  5. Maybe Antonio Marin for AML/R? Depending on the dB your using and I signed Jayden Bogle from Derby for Norwich for £2.2m structured deal with £850k up front
  6. Sigurd Gronli for one of your MC positions would be a quality signing and for a young RB with lots of potential you could do worse than Frederick Norrestrand (Brøndby u19) can be picked up on a free from July 1st but won’t sign until Jan Good luck with Sheffield Wednesday I have too much of an emotional attachment so can never seem to manage us 😩 WAWAW
  7. Really struggled to get into FM this year but reading this thread and seeing how people have done well in the championship, I have decided to start with Norwich 7 games into the season and we are doing really well sitting 3rd 1 point off the top 2 with a record of P7 W4 D3 L0 although we were dire against Swindon at home in the league cup getting FM’d against 10 men in the 94th minute to lose 1-0 I am looking to build an English core and build the team around Jamal Lewis, Max Aarons, Todd Cantwell and Emi Buendia. Scouted Jayden Boyle who my scout says is available for £1.1-£2.3m so I will look to bring him in in Jan as Ivo Pinto is injured and down the pecking order and has a £900k bid accepted on him will post transfers later and update further
  8. Rekeem Harper looks a good Mezzala will be loads more cheaper options though I would have thought
  9. Yea I will keep watching games mate my strikers who I started with are good for this level and I have signed some good MC’s I might try and slow my tempo to let support players get up with play and set one of my strikers to move into channels to hopefully pull a defender or 2 out of position to make a bit of space for my other striker and AM thank you for the help @Experienced Defender I will carry on watching matches and try and see how my team plays and what I can improve, I just have little time to play these days and tactics are more complex than they used to be so I have been left behind a bit by the tactical side of the game
  10. True mate but it just seems my AM gets the ball on the 18 yard line and there are 6-8 players crowding out and no options to pass to then we lose the ball. But as you say I’m winning the friendlies mostly I will just have to keep watching games and try and tweak things in game and see how I go on
  11. This is what I am asking mate I am playing lower league teams in friendlies at the min I am asking for advice on how to unlock the defences more as we have plenty of shots and shots on target
  12. I don’t get as much time as I used to on FM these days as work 2 children to an ex and a new baby take up 99% of my time! And on fm19 I haven’t really gotten into a save and when I do get chance to play for an hour or so I just end up loading up a new game but have decided to start with Buxton in the Northern Premier League Premier division and want to build a 4-1-2-1-2 diamond tactic. off the top of my head the roles I have set are as follows GK-Def DL FB-Auto DC CBD DC CBD DR FB-Auto DM DMD/DLP D MC CM-s MC- MEZ-s AM- AM-s/SS-A ST TM-a ST- DLF-s I don’t have many TI’s shorter passing and GK set to roll it out being all I can remember at the min I am doing ok in friendlies and dominate shots having on average around 15-20 per game but only 2/3 goals max! We seem to play the ball about a lot in front of a packed defence can anyone help me as I would really like to make this save last me longer than a couple of days before loading a new save up
  13. Cheers for that @Jogo Bonito I had a quick look at the Wednesday squad last night and provided I can keep the bulk of the squad together I should do well in League 1! I was a bit gutted that Wednesday have been taken over in the game too by a Greek consortium who seem very tight with money! With the expiring contracts I have £60k p/w to play with in wages but feel 2/3 players will be more than adequate covering for expiring loans if I can keep the 10 unhappy players beyond the summer!! Very nice work with Colchester and 2 very good signings there! Are you still in league 1? I will keep an eye on their results this season as I hopefully steam the league 😂
  14. @Jogo Bonito Can you upload games to the steam workshop? I’m not sure how to uoload onto the download sites either or would it be possible maybe to email the file or send on here in a message?
  15. @Jogo Bonito Do you have the save with Sheffield Wednesday relegated? I’m a Wednesday fan and would like the challenge of rebuilding them
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