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  1. Anyone help me add the Highland and Junior Leagues in Scotland. Not looking to go any lower as my machine cant handle too many leagues.
  2. Are there guides on how to do this? Fancy setting up the Highland and Lowland Leagues in Scotland but not sure how to start.
  3. Are there guides on how to do this? Fancy setting up the Highland and Lowland Leagues in Scotland but not sure how to start.
  4. None of them work. I can load a save fine but I can not save it after it has been loaded. I have tried to save as option and will not save in any other folder. I have also tried renaming the save and adding .fm and this did not work.
  5. I have updated the files through steam twice and also updated graphics cards as well.
  6. Not getting any crash dumps. I have now tried "save as" at a different location (desktop) and got the same "The game could not be saved". I do not have a nvidia graphics card just radeon.
  7. I can't seem to save any game since the last update. I've excluded files for antivirus and reinstalled the game but it still does this.
  8. Maybe take the attribute masking off so people can see all the attributes mate.
  9. I only make it a few seasons then get bored when i start getting ridiculous transfer budgets. Gonna try for 10 in a row though.
  10. I think I am the only one so far thats gone through a season and still has him.
  11. Been looking forward to this for some time!!! Are you lot happy with the how the players turned out? Think this is the first save I've took my time at the start. Usually like to get things done quickly.....Anyyyyway... Been tinkering with tactics but decided to stick with a 4-2-3-1. Made it to the group stages in the Champions League but not sure if I will stick with it for Europe. Not usually one for 4-2-3-1 but it seems to be working so far. My signings were a lot better than expected. I got rid of Ciftci and Ambrose and I've tried to do the Celtic way of signing players with some potential. The two losses in my friendlies were me tinkering but friendlies are not that important. I really thought I would struggle with Astra but we managed to get through comfortably. Just received my Champions League group...Its freaky lol.
  12. Good thanks buddy. Finally found you on steam if your wondering who the weirdo was that added you lol. Hows life?
  13. Check Bust the net on youtube. Some great videos.
  14. Try having your striker with a role that will have him come deeper for example: CF(S), DLF(S), F9(S). That way your striker is creating holes and space for your inside forwards. At the moment he is occupying the space they will be coming into making it harder for passing options and may be very crowded.
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