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  1. The stars do not show up for the positions/role on one of the players any time you compare players. Below are two fullbacks and one has no stars.
  2. So I reached the third round of the FA Trophy. Board's expectation was to reach the second round. It is now showing that I failed at doing this.
  3. The top team by crossing success in my League, the Vanarama North, would be last in every other league but one. Meaning the worst teams by crossing success percentage would fall under one division Vanarama North 1st - 19% 22nd - 11% Vanarama South 1st - 33% 21st - 22% Vanarama National 1st - 30% 23rd - 24% League Two 1st - 30% 24th - 23% League One 1st - 29% 24th - 15% Championship 1st - 30% 24th - 22% Premier League 1st - 31% 20th - 24% So as you can see, crossing is terrible in only one league...the one I am in. I have look
  4. Well I gave it a try, moving the MC's from what I had to a CM(a)/CM(s) rolls...along with changing the Striker off of Poacher to DLF (and CF some games)...at first I thought it was the answer with a 3-1 win away. But then I played three straight home matches and the results were: 0-2 Loss to 17th place team (only 8 shot attempts, 4 on target) 0-1 Loss to 22nd place team (10 shot attempts, 5 on target) maybe this game I was just unlucky 0-3 Loss to 24th place team (11 shot attempts, only 2 on target) I have almost everyone on "rarely" for shots from deep So a a few more shots but no resul
  5. Thank you. I will give some of these a try I have played with the Striker as a DLF before and not too much happens any differenty than now. Same with one of the Midfielders as a CM(A). However, I will revisit those again to see if I can find the right mix. Any thoughts on why players just run to the corner with the ball despite having a numerical advantage on the break?
  6. Believe me, I tried that. It did nothing. I tried everything. I even had a 3v1 and my player with the ball just carried the ball to the corner and did nothing until a defender came over to him and took the ball away. I just played another game...lost 4-0 at home versus a team much lower than me. Registered three shots...none on goal. I even had the ball in the 18-yard box only for my players to pass the ball back out instead of going to the clear path on goal. I know I am not Real Madrid, Man United, or Barcelona, but certainly someone out there reading this could help me out? I am n
  7. 4-1-2-2-1 DLs DCd DCd DRs DMCs (on DM) MC (DLPs) MC (BWMd) AML (APa) AMR (Wa) ST (Poach-a) Sometimes my Striker is a DLP and somtimes the AML and AMR are on Support as well. Any of those settings and nothing changes Passing is on default. Crossing is on Float Rigid Philosophy and Standard Strategy I play as Walsall in League One. It is now 2016. What else do you need? I watch all the games on full.
  8. Can no one help me from my last post??? I just played another game where my opponent only had 10-men for the last 81-minutes. I only registered 6 shots the entire game, 5 of those from outside the 18-yard box. I attempted one through ball into the box the entire game. I had a 61-39 possesion advantage. 85% pass completion. Yet my team did nothing. They pass and stand still. Pass again and stand still again. My fullbacks get the ball and stand there until they are closed down upon and lose the ball. No one moves. I won this game 3-1 and I hated it. It was boring. In fact my team is
  9. This is a bit of a continuation from my earlier post where I cannot seem to generate any offense and my defenders constantly pass backwards to our goalkeeper. In an ttempt to follow some of the advice on so many threads and stickies here, I tried to move my wingers to drop back and help out to see if they would become a better passing option by changing thier mentality, however they still hang out to far up the pitch (and they are not on run from deep as 'often'). I am so frustrated watching my team pass the ball in the middle of the pitch only to blast it back to the goalkeeper. I counted
  10. I'll try and take a look at my team again to see where I can make some adjustements. I have read so many threads on here that it can be overwhelming. And although I watch a lot of football I really don't know the tactics of the game very well to know how to create a tactic that really flows. Also I find it hard to understand how moving a slider a couple ticks up or down can make the world of difference or if I can even see it made a difference by watching the games in full. Thanks for your response
  11. I hope someone out there can help me. I am struggling putting together any sort of offensive attack. Once I get the ball into the opponents zone my AML/AMR's end up passing the ball back to my fullbacks who then pass to my midfielders who pass it back and forth for a while instead of trying to move it forward or even running through the gaps in the defense. Then they pass it to the DMC who passes it back out to a FB who passes it back to my goalie! I see this happen over and over. We get the ball to about 25-yards in front of the goal and then pass it backwards until eventually it is back
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