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  1. I understand there will be a bad run of from from time to time...usually longer for a bad team and shorter for good ones. I don't expect to win every game but I don't think things should go from acting somewhat fluid to completely different without making any change in instructions to the same players. This thread has always been about trying to understand why and how tactics work. How can I understand it if the way the game is played changes without me making any of the changes? I guess a better way of asking this is if I change my tactics now and win four games in a row was it because it's a good run of form or because of the tacitic change? And then if I lose four games in a row after that was it because changing tactics really wasn't a good idea and I only won the previous four games because the teams I played against were out-of-form? I guess for me I will never really know.
  2. Sorry to revive this thread but after a short term turnaround by switching to a vanilla 442 as recomended, once again everything has gone back to the way it was before. Zero movement despite changing the issues that people had brought up here. After starting 6-2-2 under the new 442 simple tactic, I have now gone six games without a win including drawing to the last place club 2-2 and being outshot 17-4. The six five games have been the following: D 2-2 (outshot 15-7) L 0-1 (1 shot on target, 7 in total) D 2-2 (outshot 17-4) L 0-1 (2 shots on target, 10 in total)...only one shot at the end of the first half...AT HOME L 0-3 (5 shots...1 in the second half)...AT HOME L 0-2 (6 shots...2 in the second half and they came off of set pieces)...AT HOME So six games, four losses by shutouts...three in a row at home...this is a joke. I have looked at my team attirbutes and compared to the rest of the league I am better than most of them. I posted screenshots of players earlier in hopes someone, anyone, would post what they saw as their best roles. From my notes the following is happening using the 442: - Strikers and ML/MR line up on the 18-yard box again while the ball is controlled by my midfielders. I have screenshots of this and will post if anyone really needs to see it. - Midfielders do the circle of death while holding the ball. I have checked attributes and they are smart enough to make pass to an open fullback or centreback - despite run with ball ticked to often, players often hold the ball once they receive it instead of moving up the field with it. (They do not have Hold Ball Up ticked) - Fullbacks constantly getting burned with the longball even when they are on defensive as well as defensive mentaility. This is my example of when I said a tactic will work in the short term but eventually it falls apart. Familiarity in on fluid in every category. I am not going to make the statement that the computer "cracked" my tacitcs but I would love to know how a tactics works so well and then, with the same players, it doesn't work at all??? I was trying to be very conservative on shouts which worked tremendously. So I am not giving the players confliciting instructions. I dont know what else to do. I have tried what was suggested here on my thread...I have read all the links people have sent me numerous times...what I instruct my players to doesn't seem to matter. They will either play well or not but to me it has nothing to do with what I am asking them to do because I have swtiched nothing in terms of instructions. So how does it go from only two losses in ten matches, to six games, no wins, and four shutouts? I am at a loss.
  3. I have read Cleon's thread numerous times (as I mentioned above). I have watched every game on full. To interpret what is happening and how it equates to what the settings and player attributes are seems to be the real issue. Since my last posts I have switched to a very vanilla 442 and it has seemed to help in the very short term (three matches)...we'll see how it goes moving moving a little further on into the season. I know those screenshots of some of my players are not great quality but if anyone can read them and can give me their idea of the role they would play those players it will help me understand if I am reading it all right or not
  4. One more player... Henry - I have used him as a CM and DR. Played mostly as a CM (AP at times). Had zero assists and zero goals in 38 matches. Rated a 6.77 for the season.
  5. Here are some key players I have...let me know your thoughts on these if you could please. I've been using them as follows: Odhiambo - AMR or AMC (Winger or AM)...he has high creativity but doesn't "create" much in terms of offense Cordero - at DL...he ends up getting the ball a lot from the keeper and tends to have the most passes in a game Caldwell - as a lone striker I have used him as DLF and TM. There hasnt been too much of a difference in performance. My team is not great at crosses so they dont seem to get it to him much that way. Mayor - I play him at AMR as a Winger (when Odhiambo is at AMC or injured). Appeared in 40 matches (30 starts). 7 goals, 7 assists. Doesn't seem to have the pace to beat defenders while dribbling. Doesnt seem to hit many crosses despite a decent Crossing rating. Any thoughts and feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.
  6. I guess I can try 442 again. I started with that in the beginning of the game but because it actualy had the least amount of actual movement up field I started to go to all the other tactic I have tried. I do know more now than I did before so maybe 442 is the best although I dont think my roster is built for it anymore (I have more AML/AMR's that ML/MR).
  7. Is "players set to making forward runs" the same as RFD? I also thought Cut Inside was only when that specific player had the ball. I do use the Pass to Feet shout more than an of the others but find that this usually ends with two or three players just passing back and forth until eventually losing the ball. I thought by setting the AML/AMR to Attack that these players would be further up the field when I get possession back and that they would be too far to get the ball up to. Or that they wouldn't come back to the ball when I have possession in the attacking zone. This is why I see them standing being marked easily. I have played a few games since my orginal post here and have tried to make some chnages in hopes of seeing something different. Nothing tangible yet. Despite reading so much on tactics on the boards, I fear I really dont have a real grasp on how it all works. I am going to try and cut and paste a few players attributes on here tomorrow and maybe you (or someone else) can give me how they would set up that specific player (and I will compare to what I have) just to see if I am on the right track or if I am way off.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. I will try and address some of the comments as a whole to paint a better picture and ask a few questions: First, Cleon to one of your last points. I have read your link on how you watch the games several times in hopes of picking up something I missed...I have watched all my games on Full, making notes, trying to make tweaks to the tactics I am playing...often not even being able to tell if what I changed actually did anything because they always play the same. For example, my DL/DR are often caaght up the field so the opposition pumps the ball over them into the corner and gain possession. So I switch the DL/DR to a more defensive mentality and have them on 'support' or 'defensive' but the same things always happen. Thier attibutes on Positioning are 14 and 12. I read the analysis tab to try and figure out any sort of pattern or area that needs to be fixed or improved but I dont think I know how to interpret it like anyone one these boards since I havent figured out why every tactic I create turns into rubbish. As far as a "tactic not working anymore", my prime example of this...again, keep in mind I am watching all games on Full and trying to make changes to huge errors in my team...After struggling at the start of one season I swtich my tactic to a simpler 4-4-2. It resulted in three wins from four games and lots of real scoring opportunities. Then I lost ten straight games scoring just five goals and being shutout six times. How can it work for four games and then go ten games with barely a sniff at any real offense? The familiarity of the tacitc was fluid. This happens a lot, where I wn three or four games and then go in the tank and lose 7 of 8. In reference to RFD...if I am playing a 4-1-2-2-1, what should the AML/AMR have their RFD setting if they are both on Support duty? I have tried both 'Often' and 'Sometimes' but I dont seem to see any real difference. It is usually my DC's that always pass back to my keeper. One had a Creativity of 3 and Passing of 4...so doesnt it make sense to have him have a shorter passing style and low creative freedom? Does this always mean he'll pass backwards? My DL/DR both have 10 for Creativity so shouldn't that be high enough not to always pass back to the keeper? My AML/AMR's are always on support with normal mentality...shouldn't this prevent them from being so far up the pitch? My AMR has Creativity of 15 and Passing of 13 but even he dribbles the ball to the 18-yard box only to pass it backwards instead of either taking it to the net or making a pass over to the Striker? I have used the stick formations that FM comes with and made changes from the default set-ups of those and I have also used the TC and that actually made things worse...I understand the part about creating a tactic that will fit the abilities of my players...I know not to have a player with a driblle of 4 to run with ball often... My main question after reading all the feedback is How Do You Create Movement? I have tried switching mentalities, roles, RFD, etc...all in an effort to see something different but nothing ever makes much of a difference. Generally the same thing happens in the attacking zone...one of my MC's gets the ball and the AML/ST/AMR line up horizontally across the 18-yeard box standing still and being marked. When I play away I am much more successful than I am at home. In fact I don't think I have ever won more games than I have lost at Home in four seasons. Someone asked about a pkm...where do I find that on my system and how do I post one? And what is the best way to post my roster with attributes so you can see my players? My team isn't the worst the League so I shouldn't struggle as badly as I do to play something that resembles football. This isn't about wins vs. losses...its about knowing why I haven't figured out a workable tactic since CM01/02. Thank you for your continued feedback...I know I am probably asking some real dumb questions or sound like I am griping about things that might seem simple to fix for people on here but all I can say is that I continue to be at a loss on how it all works because it feels like a foreign language to me
  9. After just playing a game where I registered ZERO shots despite having possession for 47% I am desperate...I wrote in the "dumb questions" thread earlier this month and last explaining my plight that my teams don't do anything offensively. I got a little feedback but nothing solid so I am starting this thread in hopes someone out there will take some time helping me. As I wrote in those threads I have read the stickies, all the posts...it doesn't matter what I do I get the same results playing FM...which are the following: - players routinely pass back the keeper despite having other options (two games ago I counted 32 pass backs) - players will carry the ball to the edge of the 18-yard box only to pass it back to the CM who passes it to the DL or DR...and I end up getting no shots and lose the ball - players will get the ball and then stand still, turn their back to the goal, and then wait for the opponent to come tackle them and take the ball away...yes they have options to pass they just dont pass it. - I generate little to no offense. Players dont play throughballs despite having it set to often. - I hoof the ball even when "Pass to Feet" is on. - No one ever moves when I have the ball in the attacking area. They all stand still in a line (despite having different roles, mentalities, etc.) - I can't remember a game where I had more than 10 shot attempts - I have never scored more than fours goals in any game in SIX seasons (only scoring four goals in a game seven times in six seasons) - I lost to teams much lower than me in the standings, and often teams in lower leagues in Cup games. I have been in League One six seasons, sacked once, and survived the drop twice on the final day of the season by lucking out a win. I have tried a flat 4-4-2...when that didnt work...4-1-2-1-2 (diamond) that worked for a short time then all of a sudden didnt and I lost six straight and was sacked...then I tried 4-1-2-2-1 (with AML/AMR) no one ever moved the ball up and they just passed the ball around the park and back to the goalie...then I tried 4-2-3-1 (with 2 DM's)...this seem to work for about 5-to-6 games and then never after that. Lastly I tried 4-2-2-2 (with AML/AMR)...it worked for three games...then never after that. Those are all tactics I have tried over six seasons...I dont change them on a whim from game-to-game. To me it doesnt matter what I select or what I choose to do tactics wise because nothing ever works. So what do you need from me so that you can help me? Screenshots? Roster attribtutes? A bottle of whiskey? I am one step away from deleting the game like I have in the two previous FM versions I have purchased because the tactics never worked the way people write about on here...ever. I dont know what else to say, but help! Thanks for your time reading this
  10. Well I gave it a try, moving the MC's from what I had to a CM(a)/CM(s) rolls...along with changing the Striker off of Poacher to DLF (and CF some games)...at first I thought it was the answer with a 3-1 win away. But then I played three straight home matches and the results were: 0-2 Loss to 17th place team (only 8 shot attempts, 4 on target) 0-1 Loss to 22nd place team (10 shot attempts, 5 on target) maybe this game I was just unlucky 0-3 Loss to 24th place team (11 shot attempts, only 2 on target) I have almost everyone on "rarely" for shots from deep So a a few more shots but no results. And losses to crap teams at home. In fact I have lost four straight at home to crap teams. I am not going to say I have tried everything because that would be far from accurate but I can say I am stumped with how the tactics really work. Half of me thinks it doesn't matter what you do at the League One level because they are going to do whatever they want. I am fairly close to giving up. Thanks for the help though Romanista, at least for one game I got to enjoy something that resembled football.
  11. Thank you. I will give some of these a try I have played with the Striker as a DLF before and not too much happens any differenty than now. Same with one of the Midfielders as a CM(A). However, I will revisit those again to see if I can find the right mix. Any thoughts on why players just run to the corner with the ball despite having a numerical advantage on the break?
  12. Believe me, I tried that. It did nothing. I tried everything. I even had a 3v1 and my player with the ball just carried the ball to the corner and did nothing until a defender came over to him and took the ball away. I just played another game...lost 4-0 at home versus a team much lower than me. Registered three shots...none on goal. I even had the ball in the 18-yard box only for my players to pass the ball back out instead of going to the clear path on goal. I know I am not Real Madrid, Man United, or Barcelona, but certainly someone out there reading this could help me out? I am not asking for your tactic but just tell me what's wrong with mine because obviously something is wrong.
  13. 4-1-2-2-1 DLs DCd DCd DRs DMCs (on DM) MC (DLPs) MC (BWMd) AML (APa) AMR (Wa) ST (Poach-a) Sometimes my Striker is a DLP and somtimes the AML and AMR are on Support as well. Any of those settings and nothing changes Passing is on default. Crossing is on Float Rigid Philosophy and Standard Strategy I play as Walsall in League One. It is now 2016. What else do you need? I watch all the games on full.
  14. Can no one help me from my last post??? I just played another game where my opponent only had 10-men for the last 81-minutes. I only registered 6 shots the entire game, 5 of those from outside the 18-yard box. I attempted one through ball into the box the entire game. I had a 61-39 possesion advantage. 85% pass completion. Yet my team did nothing. They pass and stand still. Pass again and stand still again. My fullbacks get the ball and stand there until they are closed down upon and lose the ball. No one moves. I won this game 3-1 and I hated it. It was boring. In fact my team is in 7th place and I would rather be in 15th if I could figure out why my team does nothing with the ball. I have read all the stickies and the posts on this message board...so much so I think my brain will explode. Can anyone help me? Please?
  15. This is a bit of a continuation from my earlier post where I cannot seem to generate any offense and my defenders constantly pass backwards to our goalkeeper. In an ttempt to follow some of the advice on so many threads and stickies here, I tried to move my wingers to drop back and help out to see if they would become a better passing option by changing thier mentality, however they still hang out to far up the pitch (and they are not on run from deep as 'often'). I am so frustrated watching my team pass the ball in the middle of the pitch only to blast it back to the goalkeeper. I counted 16 times one game. So here's my new questions and potentially where I have it all wrong: 1) I started using a defualt 4-4-2 tactic and made changes on it from there to try and suit it to my team. Would I be better off starting with the Tactics Creator? 2) Why, when my team is on a 2v1 and even a 3v1 break, does the player carrying the ball always run to the corner instead of just sliding over a simple pass to the open player who is runnining in front of the net for an easy tap in? I don't think you need high intellegence to realize than when you are on a 3v1 break that a simple pass over to the open man will result in a goal instead of carrying the ball into the corner just to lose it to the one defender who is back. 3) I recently played a game where I won 2-1 (shots were just 5-2). My opponent recieved two red cards in the match. While it was 11v9 for the last 15 minutes I failed to even attempt a shot on net. I had acres of space yet my team continued to boot the ball around and then kick it back to the goalie. I wasn't playing with high time-wasting. 4) In another game I lost 3-1, outshot 14-2. I had "pass to feet" clicked on and "play out of defense" yet my back line just tried hoofing it up deep the entire game just to lose possesion. I had just 32% possesion for the game. The opponent was many places under mine in the Table yet beat my like a drum. I am not savy enough to post screen shots so I know my descriptions as to what is happening is quite vague. All I can say is that in general my team doesn't go forward. It doesn't attack when there are attacking options. Maybe my team is pure rubbish and I am lucky to have won any game so far. However, based on the player ratings for the League I am in I should be doing a lot better. Maybe I am a crap manager.
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