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  1. I have the same issue: Marcus Haglind-Sangré asked to play in a position and role at contract renewal. I succeeded in the promise, and then he becomes unhappy. Strangely I've not received any notification of his unhappiness in my inbox, but it appears in the Dynamics now. Screengrabs attached
  2. When clicking on a player profile from the Squad Planner (in this case, the MLC in a 433DM formation), once I click back on the player's profile, the game freezes and eventually crashes Three crash dumps and system info all attached. I've uploaded the save game, filename is Örgryte IS.fm {%22response%22:%22ok%22,%22_rxid%22:%22b72b0000-9926-e60a-0000-000000000000%22}.dmp {%22response%22:%22ok%22,%22_rxid%22:%22b82b0000-9926-e60a-0000-000000000000%22}.dmp {%22response%22:%22ok%22,%22_rxid%22:%22c52b0000-9926-e60a-0000-000000000000%22}.dmp
  3. Title 8 is in the bag, the CONCACAF Champions League with Philadelphia Union. It took extra time and the distinct feeling I was being FM's - their one shot went in. I've never seen xG like it in this game But we did it! Marinelli making up for his tame early penalty with two beauties. Now it's a resignation and off to either Europe or South America. I got hunted by Juventus in my time at Philly so I'm hoping a big team will come in again. EDIT: they don't get much bigger!! Club International League Year Domestic Cup Year Continental Year Tournament Year 1 La Liga China FA Cup 2024 1 Champions League (Europe) 1 UEFA Euros (Europe) 2 Premier League TOTO KNVB Beker (Netherlands) 2026 2 Champions Leagues (Asia) 2024 2 AFC (Asian Cup Of Nations) 3 Bundesliga Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup 2027 3 Copa Libertadores 3 Copa America (South America) 4 Ligue 1 (France) Domestic Cup 4 4 NACL (North American Champions League) 2029 4 Gold Cup (North America) 5 Serie A Domestic Cup 5 5 ACL (Africa Champions League) 5 ACON (African Cup Of Nations) 2027 (Ivory Coast) 6 China Super League 2024 Domestic Cup 6 6 FIFA Club World Cup 6 FIFA World Cup 7 Major League Soccer 2027 Domestic Cup 7 8 Top league 3 Domestic Cup 8 9 Top league 4 Domestic Cup 9 10 Top league 5 Domestic Cup 10
  4. MLS is done! After my last minute, crazy tight win to win the China SL a with Sichuan Jiuniu, this was another crazy tight last minute one. MLS has a playoff system, and I won the shield on the final day. Then waltzed through the playoffs until the final. After absolutely dominating the game, with a mistake from my usually reliable captain Callum Connelly putting me 1-0 down, substitute Domen Črnigoj squared for recent waiver list pick-up Cade Cowell to equalise in the 90+2 minute. We then held out for a penalty shootout. Either way... On to the CONCACAF Champions League next season. The hardest thing will be holding onto this team, with European clubs sniffing after Lasse Davidson - my superstar - and a few of my other top players.
  5. Domestic Cup 3 (6/32 overall) is in the bag! The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup is mine: It's starting to speed up now. I have a good reputation and am ~4 months away from grabbing my Pro licence. Adaptability never seems to shift, which is weird. I've also recently started managing the USA, not much to report on that front yet, as it's a couple of years until any tournament of note. MLS is a weird league to manage in, but I've just about wrapped my head around its cacophony of unusual rules. Currently doing well in the MLS and have qualified for this season's playoffs. The cup win gives me continental qualification, so I've got at least another year of trying to get the MLS if I miss out this season. Here's the year-by-year: and my challenge progress:
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