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  1. I agree with this, I also think you shouldn't have to have incremental improvements when irl they might build an entirely new state of the art complex from scratch rather than iterate on what currently exists
  2. Dominic Fifield of The Guardian reported it at £80k, which makes sense to me. He has contacts in the club and is generally a well-connected journalist who doesn't use hyperbole like the tabloids do. It's 100% not £170k as Zaha recently signed a contract to make him Palace's best paid player on £130k [source]
  3. As I thought. It’s only a little annoying that in game Max Meyer is earning double what he’s earning irl.
  4. I do think FM would improve immensely with more dynamic changes like this. Seems weird that the media always ask about a winter break but then there’s never a chance of the game changing the rules to create one. It’s a bit of a shame that the only dynamic changes were a political statement around Brexit but SI haven’t seen the opportunities for further future changes to the game world imo
  5. I think there's a bug with mentoring units. I'm trying to create some but some players aren't appearing in the options for adding to the unit. They are all in the senior squad so they should be available.
  6. It's been widely reported to be £80k Also, Wan-Bissaka is an England U21 international but it states his nationality as Congolese
  7. Looks great, but can the presenters stop talking over each other? If one of you is speaking, the other one shouldn't be.
  8. Great thread! Such strange psychology in application of squad numbers. I love it but don't really understand why... My players always keep their squad number until they leave the club or a lower (position appropriate) number becomes available. I will never remove a squad number from a player until they leave the club or have annoyed me in some way. A few other weird rules I have: Goalkeepers are the only players who can have numbers 1, 13, or 21. If my first choice GK has a weird preferred number (my current GK wants 95) then 1 will remain vacant Wide players can only be allocated odd numbers. Except for RBs obviously I prefer 15 and 16 to be CMs, no idea why... As with every sane person, I prefer 1-11 to be my first choice 11, this gets ruined by preferred numbers, which I do always try to accomodate (I would like to know if there's a benefit to this though)
  9. Their ages are 17, 18, 19, and 23 and all through the academy
  10. I've had a broken promise having reassured a player that I sold a team leader to make space for youngsters to develop. In the three months since making that promise, I've brought four people from my U23s and given them regular game time in the first team. The team is also doing incredibly well. What is the 'give younger players the chance to develop' promise actually measured on? It seems very abstract
  11. I have a few formations and a control mentality that's working well (currently third with Everton after expectations of a top half finish). We're scoring lots of goals (66 in 27 games - third best in the league) but also conceding a lot (40 - 9th worst in the league and more than anyone in the top half) I've looked at my stats and it's hard to identify an issue when all the comparisons are with my (excellent) attacking stats. What I have noticed is that with clear cut chances, my team has converted 32 of 50 (64%) whereas the opposition has converted 27 of 40 (68%). In the past 20 games those % have been 60% for and 69% against. So I guess my stupid question is this: is this simply because I've come up against excellent goal scorers? My strikers have composure of 12 and 13 - is this likely to be a factor? Also, is there a way of identifying who has had these clear cut chances and who is converting them better?
  12. Yep. I’ve requested before to reject bids from all clubs with poor facilities. Would be a great addition
  13. A simple suggestion - the ability to have private conversations with other managers. Especially pertinent when the media are trying to create a rivalry, you could speak privately to the other manager and laugh it off, or you could create a genuinely hostile relationship. I don't really like the 'favoured personnel' element of my profile when I have little to no ability to shape those relationships.
  14. This as all been very helpful, thanks @westy8chimp, @kingjericho, @Liquid Cool, @Atarin. I've made a better 4-4-2 for games I'm more likely to win alongside a more attacking 4-1-4-1 for when I need more defensive structure. I have made the DM and DLP though and have pushed the AP and IW to attacking and haven't failed to score in 10 games. Defence is still relatively solid too. I've still got a TM(S) in there, just because Gestede is by far my best striker and that's his best role, but am starting to grab more goals from a more attacking midfield. There's loads of good advice here, which will definitely help in squad building when I get to the summer. At least it looks like I'll comfortably rescue Birmingham to midtable though.
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