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  1. I can't write english.sorry. I want to play FM2012 with all databases. All of the league.with all players.(even i want amateur teams' databases of malesia,singapore,ect...all,everything) (i want to play all lower devision.primier league,league2,league3..and all of amateur leagues.) I want perfect virtual reality. So i agonize. Which is the specifications of computer? Which computer is Cheap and good for play the perfect virtual reality? cpu:i5 or i7? Ram:1giga ram?3g ram? graphic card:I think it is ok to normal.. and..one of cheap important...but better tha important is Game speed. I want to play pleasant game speed. so i think, game speed>>>money(buying for new computer) My english very hell.. but give me answer friends..and S(sports)I(interactive) Thank you..thakyou very much everyone