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  1. I had this happening and what seems to have been the case is the teams that were offering had facilities levels that were lower than what I had set. When I went into the development list in the transfer center and lowered the minimum requirement I started getting offers accepted. I'm not certain about this but it's just my best guess--would be nice if the game would tell you that instead of just saying "the offer didn't match my valuation" or whatever. As for changing the default, go to Staff -> Responsibilities -> Offer to Clubs, and you can set the default requirements for develop
  2. Hello, this is a great tool and I'm fooling around with it. Kind of like the last post, the Defending Wide module seems to be missing as well when you're next doing an update. Thanks for posting this!
  3. Hello! Just two quick questions for anyone who knows... 1. Does the player interaction where you can praise/criticize training have any effect in terms of attribute training, or is it just another way to gin up morale before a match? I've seen a couple of guys' work rate go up after I yelled at/praised them a bunch and I'm wondering whether any of it is due to the player interactions, or it's just team/individual training 2. I've seen in other threads that for youth training is more important than matches so they can have a higher match load. Is it worth it to still schedule a friend
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