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  1. It seems that Carlos Fierro isn't in the database this year. I know that he hasn't perhaps lived up to his early promise, but he's still better than a lot of the players that have made the cut and a bit of a fan favourite. Any chance of him being added in a future update?
  2. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inch and everything seems slightly stretched out of shape. This is with "Stretch Screen" on, without I just end up with a fairly small letterbox in the middle of my screen. Is there any chance of a native skin for the S2? I know it's slightly different aspect ratio from a lot of android tablets. Also, the scrolling is rather fast and makes it difficult to scroll through the squad. I'm not sure if this is related to the screen stretching at all. On the plus side, the matches seem a lot faster on the enhanced engine, which is a big positive for me, since it means I can actually use it for lengthy careers
  3. If he still has the stats to play as a DLM it really doesn't matter much. It's just his preferred role and playing him as the role you want him to play shouldn't cause any problems.
  4. Unfortunately, because your three devices are tied into different app stores, you will need to buy it separately for each device. You can get it from Amazon for your kindle, but you will need to go to the Google Play store for your S5 and the Apple app store for your iPad. If I were you, though, I'd just buy it for one of your devices. Provided the iPad is a recent model I'd probably buy it on that, since it will run the new match engine better than the other two devices.
  5. The problem is, this is a game for phones. It's pretty difficult to ensure that there's nothing running in the background that could impair performance. While restarting my phone does improve things a bit, the performance is still a long way from what it would need to be for me to actually use the enhanced engine for a career. Marc has often responded to people calling for full FM or FM Classic on phones by pointing out that phones, by their very nature, can't dedicate all their resources to running a game, so even if they were comparable in power to modern PCs, they wouldn't be able to handle the same level of complexity. To expect people to disable apps and services on their phone to get a playable experience seems a little at odds with the intended function of a mobile phone.
  6. My concern is that, while the code may not have changed, something else must be causing this bug to be so prevalent this year, whereas it was virtually unheard of in previous versions. There is no way on Earth that the current situation existed in FMH 2013 or 2014. I remember one or two players with stamina issues, but it was incredibly rare and was always players that were extremely injury prone. This year all you have to do is play a couple of seasons and then search the database with the filter set to 5 stamina max and you will find multiple examples in every career. I think the main worry that I've seen among other users is that you don't seem to think this is as big an issue as it actually is and that you appear to be under the impression that it's still a rare occurrence.
  7. My best guess would be that he has a bad relationship with another player and that this is being obscured by his friendship with Neymar. If it was training, being treated unfairly, wanting to move clubs it should replace the "happy to stay at the club" message.
  8. If your phone defaults to the new engine then it should be capable of running it. Sadly, since it's not a top end iOS device, it will be rather slow, even if it is supposed to be able to run it. Hopefully this will be improved on in the next update, since I find the enhanced engine unplayably slow.
  9. It seems to be far mor prevalent in FMH 2015 than in previous versions: I only recall seeing stamina dropping like this in a very small number of cases, almost always associated with numerous injuries. Also, young players don't seem to develop their physical stats much in FMH2015 - in previous versions there was natural growth in physical stats until the early 20s.
  10. It's definitely happening to AI managed players, too: This is three years in to a career and, frankly, it's ruining the game. I've had four of my own players rendered useless by this bug (thankfully no-one key yet) and when I search for new players, many of the best are unusable because of their stamina.
  11. I'd prefer SI to just fix it so that the loading error doesn't happen, rather than restrict the length of a career further
  12. I've had the same happen to Jefferson at Sporting on Android, original engine, so it's definitely not just an iOS or enhanced engine problem. Lots of other reports of similar things happening on both platforms.
  13. How long does it take you to get through a season? If I did that on my android I'd be lucky to get through a single career by the time FMH 2016 comes out.
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