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  1. That may be partly intentional, since FMH draws heavily from the classic CM 00/01 version of CM3.
  2. I'm hoping for a decent overhaul of the evogen system. As it stands the database gets very messy once you're 15+ years in. Players end up with totally unrealistic playing positions (natural DM R, Accomplished AM R, no ability at all at M R and can't even retrain to that position or a goalie who is awkward in every outfield position, for example). Also, the way that PA can be passed around leaves your database littered with technically gifted donkeys and potential footballing geniuses who have next to no technical ability. Hopefully you have something new and improved up your sleeves. Failing
  3. You can, but ony if you choose Brazil as the primary league.
  4. I'd love more options for disciplining players, particularly the option to fine them. When a player gets sent off a few minutes into an important match for throwing a strop at the ref I'd like to be able to fine him a few weeks wages, rather than simply criticise him in a very general manner. The old CM3 system where you could select a punishment and a reason would be nice.
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