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  1. You got any quotes or just daily mail speculation?
  2. Why no mario goetze? Crazy to go from 2014 hero to not making the squad unless he's injured?
  3. A more realistic option might simply be to load the same save and accomplish smaller tasks such as extending player contracts (something to do on the go) using a phone or tablet and leave playing matches (which requires more processing power) for on the laptop. Would think this could be possible especially considering the cloud save feature in recent versions.
  4. I like to listen to music or talk on Skype (if playing online) whilst playing FM. Don't think it's viable.
  5. Personally I aim for about 25, therefore cover for every position and then a couple spare in case of injury crisis
  6. By the look of his performances I'll have some of what he's having
  7. Do away goals definitely count in this competition?
  8. I literally only have a keeper on the bench for realism purposes haha
  9. I always prioritise media handling when looking for an assistant, seeing as thats the only thing they can really mess up for me.
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