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  1. Have you tried unticking the 'hide players not at club' filter? Oddly that fixes a similar problem for me.
  2. I'm managing man city but limiting myself to only signing english players to provide more of a challenge. Working so far as it's a struggle to win the league season after season.
  3. In your 'promises' section, hover over the "will play in preferred position and role" with your cursor and it'll tell you.
  4. And why don't SI make it possible to manage just u18 or u23 teams? We can already of course, but only along with the first team. It surely wouldn't be hard to implement and would far better reflect the real life trajectory of managerial careers.
  5. I feel like BWM's are more important than ever before in this year's game- not sure if its just psychological but the midfield always seems stronger when i'm playing with one. Currently managing Man City and Fernando has become a key player for me- although he picks up about 25 yellow cards a season so i take the above point. Still a price worth paying imo
  6. Hi all, I like the new social feed on this years game, it's a good addition. However I feel the opinions of the fans on results, signings, pretty much everything, could be improved. Their opinions are SO varied on absolutely any topic, which I feel is unrealistic. I understand in real life there will always be differing opinions but there is usually a general consensus from the fan base which I feel could be better reflected on the feed. Would be interested to hear your opinions!
  7. Hi guys, when i started my first save on fm17 i created my own profile and manager by uploading a photo. However when starting a new save I can't seem to keep the same appearance and have to upload a photo again. Is there any way I can keep the original profile? Cheers
  8. I'd focus on a strong defence over a strong attack. The one time I managed to go a season unbeaten I think I only conceded about 10 goals.
  9. I've definitely seen so called "big teams" have a season as poor as Chelsea are having at the moment. Usually see it at least once a save at some point or other.
  10. That's really great to hear mate, I'm glad I could be of help!
  11. So I've finally reached promotion to the premier league, and soon after have got my first youth player. Unsurprisingly he's not very good and will have no chance of breaking into the first team... nice to finally get someone coming through the academy though! Still, I'm struggling to understand why it took so long for a player to come through, I've managed a fairly poor team all the way through, and even now I've reached the top level I'm still odds on favourite for relegation, and certainly nowhere near the squad quality or reputation of a team such as Manchester City. It's no longer a problem for me now of course but I would be interested to hear others' experiences of the youth setup, especially with lower league teams.
  12. Hahaha quality
  13. Thanks for your reply. I've currently got 34 players (including loaned out) in my first team squad, I believe the limit is 40? I have used the reserves in the past to allow for more players. Yeah I guess my squad often is larger than average but considering I've had this save for 4/5 seasons now it does seem odd to never have had a youth player come through. My facilities have upgraded as I've gone along and subsequent promotions have allowed me to get them to the "superb" level.
  14. Hi guys Playing fmh15 and I've created a team, yet I'm now 4 seasons in and have never had a youth intake. However this hasn't affected the whole database and players are still being created each season. Anyone have an idea as to why this may be happening? Cheers