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  1. Congrats! I wish I had your determination!
  2. By the look of his performances I'll have some of what he's having
  3. Do away goals definitely count in this competition?
  4. I literally only have a keeper on the bench for realism purposes haha
  5. I always prioritise media handling when looking for an assistant, seeing as thats the only thing they can really mess up for me.
  6. Yeah it is pretty ridiculous - you'd think if they were gonna make penalty success rate out of sync with reality then they'd make it easier to score - that way at least less people would complain! ;-)
  7. fm leaderboard

    @lemeuresnew Yeah would be nice to have a bit more information from SI on the subject haha
  8. fm leaderboard

    @lemeuresnew Got a journeyman save going at the moment. Maybe I just haven't played the amount of seasons required to amass many points. Sorry if I stated my opinion as fact!
  9. fm leaderboard

    @lemeuresnew they're playing a pretty incredible style of game to accumulate hundreds of millions of points while I'm hard pushed to get 50k!
  10. fm leaderboard

    It's a broken feature tbh, for some reason I've got way more points than some of my steam friends despite us having similarly successful careers. Obviously, winning major domestic and european trophies will boost your score but all the users with the crazy high scores are almost certainly exploiting or cheating the system somehow.
  11. Bad Habbits

    I always clear the entire team (+subs) before selecting my team before a game, even if I'll go on to choose the same team to the last match!
  12. It definitely happens, can't confirm on the latter though i'm afraid.
  13. I'm inclined to agree, I've also seen more people have a son than the previously quoted odds would suggest. I've also had a son myself, despite not playing the game a huge amount.
  14. Epic! Best of luck for the playoffs!
  15. Team selection problem

    Have you tried unticking the 'hide players not at club' filter? Oddly that fixes a similar problem for me.