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  1. After selecting "Open" the following message in the picture is displayed. I am not even given the opportunity to open the "Tactics" folder and select the .fmf tactic file which is in it. Please note that if I try "Manage Tactics..." from the drop down. Select "Load" and "Open" I get the same message. I am completely stumped. I tried downloading different tactics and dropping them into the "Tactics" directory. Appreciate your help on this...been playing FM as long as my profile (2012) suggests...in fact I used to spend a lot of time editing your db, heavily modding FM (play pictu
  2. In this picture I've navigated to the Tactics screen, clicked the V and select "Load" and selected Tactics from the Directory. It does not let me click into the folder, all I can do is select "Open".
  3. Here's that new directory which appears after the version 21.3 update.
  4. Here's my game set up for context purposes. Don't worry about game speed, I find it great on FM21 Touch on iPad.
  5. Here is the three (3) tactics I had downloaded from FM Scout or Sortitoutsi. They worked on the previous version for me. They have been used extensively by other FM 21 PC, Touch and Mobile players. These files were previously located in the "tactics" directory. In version 21.3 I dropped them into the same directory.
  6. Here is the new directory which appeared after downloading version 21.3. Prior to the update there was no such directory. I did however have a "tactics" directory, where these files were placed previously and which would import into the previous version.
  7. These tactics I have downloaded from various FM fan websites (FM Scout, Sortotoutsi etc.). I've tried 3 so far. They were imported into my iPad via iTunes. May I take screenshots and share with you? The new 21.3 update created directories I've not seen before into the iPad (tactics, tactical style, etc).
  8. Just downloaded and installed update 21.3.0. I had previously imported a few tactic files. File type is .fmf. They could load and appeared in the previous version. I have confirmed they are in the correct folder in the new version. I've deleted them and reinstalled them. I've closed the app and started new games. No matter what I try I get this response when I try to load the tactic: "This file could not be imported". Same response occurs when I try to manage tactics.
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