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  1. @MIR17 You're quick to point out ad hominem attacks and whataboutery directed at you, but it can't have gone unnoticed to you that your contribution began with a bizarre railing against Owen Jones' character, him being an ideologue, and his supposed views on economic policy as if it's somehow relevant to the thread. At what point in this so called 'discussion' are you actually going to share your views on Jones' decision to organise a protest against Donald Trump? Surely even a non-ideological person will have an opinion on the matter, so let's hear it, if only to get the thread back on topic. Me? I think Jones is entitled to organise whatever protest he likes against the US president irrespective of his supposed views on rent controls and Venezuela. I'd imagine plenty of people will support him in doing so and good for them. I don't agree with the logic of the 'where was the protest against [insert nation with questionable values]' argument that I've seen a number of times either. The USA is different. Of course it is. Our language is shared, a lot of our culture is shared, and our history is closely intertwined. And that's why they have been one of our closest allies over the last century. It's therefore understandable that many more people will naturally feel strongly about the need to express their disapproval of the actions of a leader like Trump, over say Xi Jinping or King Salman. People will also be conscious that such a protest from a close ally may also have more of an impact on any Americans watching the footage back home too. And no, I won't be going. I deplore Trump but I'm not, and probably never will be interested in joining in any protest. I just cannot imagine myself feeling this strongly about something to the point that I'd book a day off work and travel 180 miles down to a city that I have no familiarity with whatsoever just to stand around for hours on end. I'm grateful that there are always folk who are, however.
  2. The only reason I can imagine why it matters whether A50 is reversible or not is that it may affect the government's negotiating position. Although in reality the government wouldn't actually ever use this power, even in the event of a "no deal" scenario, would they?
  3. DJB_1990

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Managed to 100% Crash 1 at the weekend. Not going to even try getting all the relics though, way too difficult. Right now I'm nearing the end of Crash 2. There doesn't seem to be as many lives knocking about in this one so I've had a few game overs this time.
  4. DJB_1990

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Yeah, I probably lost more lives on Road to Nowhere and The High Road than the rest of the levels combined. Jumping forwards with such precision is really difficult, especially when having to bounce on those stupid turtles.
  5. DJB_1990

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Just got the coloured gem on Slippery Climb. I need a lie down. It's even harder now you need all the bonus level boxes as well.
  6. I've never seen any other voters in my local polling station on the three occasions I've used it. Fairly rural though.
  7. DJB_1990

    British General Election 2017 Campaigns Thread

    Not quite as terrible as a few of the others.
  8. Labour for me, as it always will be as long as we use the FPTP electoral system. I know full well that they have no chance of winning or even coming close, so there's no danger of Corbyn getting in. But with capable leadership, they're the only party capable of opposing this wretched gov't over the coming years, and Corbyn's successor will need all the seats they can get. I doubt that my vote will count for much anyway as it's a safe Labour seat.
  9. DJB_1990

    OTF Pokémon Thread - it's super effective!

    You no longer have to wear a hat! This is great!
  10. DJB_1990

    OTF Pokémon Thread - it's super effective!

    I went and bought a 3DS and Pokemon Y last week having not played any of the Pokemon games since it moved from GBA to the DS. Saw some of the stuff about the upcoming S/M games and fancied getting back into it. I've spent quite a bit of time playing, and enjoying it so far. 7 badges and just finished the Team Flare bit after that. Current party: Luxray - Lv. 50 Dragalge - Lv. 59 Gardevoir - Lv. 61 Lucario - Lv. 62 Tyranitar - Lv. 66 Charizard - Lv. 61 Compared to the old games though, it seems a lot easier to level up beyond where you should be with how Exp. Share works now. As a result the last few gyms have been a breeze, my party generally being 5-10 levels better off.
  11. DJB_1990

    England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    The England defence have had to do practically nothing for the entire tournament and they still managed to concede 4 goals.
  12. Frigg Oslo FK | Season 2019 Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1: 1st Champions! Such a good season where we dominated the league, winning the title with impressive final points total. The defence performed just as well as the previous season, conceding only 21 goals however this time we significantly improved at the other end of the pitch turning those draws that killed us in 2018 into wins. After the season had concluded the board had to take a loan of £1.32m to improve the stadium to meet OBOS-ligaen requirements, hopefully this won't affect next season's budget too much. Cupen: 2nd Round Comfortably progressed through the first round, but Stromsgodset proved too strong in the second. Transfers: Summary I spent quite a lot on fees to boost the squad, mainly during the mid-season window to ensure we had enough quality to keep our excellent form going. I had to let Dragsnes go cheaply before the season started as he was unhappy and wanted to move to a bigger team. I didn't stand in his way because I have another excellent left winger in Lars Fuhre. Top performer: Lars Fuhre Fuhre performed brilliantly on the left wing, scoring 6 goals and assisting 10. Top goalscorer: Kim Roger Aksoy Signed this guy on loan from Sarpsborg and his ridiculous pace absolutely decimated defences at this level. He scored 14 goals in 17 appearances before he broke his leg in a Norway U19 game and I had to cancel his loan. Fortunately my decision to bolster the squad mid-season meant that this wasn't as big loss as it could have been, Torbjorn Agdestein arrived and scored 10 goals in 13 appearances. Aims: I'm not quite sure how big the jump to the OBOS-ligaen will be, so I guess at this stage avoiding relegation would be a sensible target to set for next season. | Season | Team | Division | Position | Cup | Top goalscorer | Attendance | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 2016 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 6th | 1st Round | Andre Bakke (13) | 286 | | 2017 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 10th | 2nd Round | Vetle Dragsnes (5) | 217 | | 2018 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 5th | 1st Round | Christian Tveit (8) | 234 | | 2019 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 1st | 2nd Round | Kim Roger Aksoy (14) | 256 |
  13. Frigg Oslo FK | Season 2018 Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1: 5th Much better than last season, and I consider us unfortunate to have not finished 3rd falling off at the end with 1 win and 5 draws from the final 6 games. Our defence was strong, but too often we didn't have enough firepower to make the difference hence the number of draws. Cupen: 1st Round Made a few changes to the team in the first round against lower league Drobak-Frogn, and were edged out 1-0. Not too bothered about this, it's difficult to field strong teams in the cup with a small squad. Transfers: Summary All incoming players were good players at this level. I raided Grorud who were surprisingly relegated last season but have some strong players on their books. Top performer: Havard Lysvoll Lysvoll, a new signing, was my best performer this season playing just behind the striker in a 4-4-1-1. His attributes are suited to this type of role and was consistently a handful for opponents. Top goalscorer: Christian Tveit Another new signing. He did OK, getting 8 goals, but I struggled to get anyone scoring regularly playing the lone striker role. Aims: Add more firepower in forward positions. The defence is good but we really need to be hitting the net a lot more frequently if we're going to challenge for the title. | Season | Team | Division | Position | Cup | Top goalscorer | Attendance | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2016 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 6th | 1st Round | Andre Bakke (13) | 286 | | 2017 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 10th | 2nd Round | Vetle Dragsnes (5) | 217 | | 2018 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 5th | 1st Round | Christian Tveit (8) | 234 |
  14. Frigg Oslo FK | Season 2017 Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1: 10th Disappointing. My aim to improve the team's defence with a more cautious system backfired and we were really quite toothless in attack and drew way too many games, including a 13 match winless streak with 9 draws. The football wasn't particularly bad, but we had a high number of games where we went 1-0 up but failed to kill it (hence playing out ten 1-1 draws). We were mid table for most of the season and I didn't realise how close we actually were to relegation until the final fixture arrived. Phew, could have been a disaster had results gone against us. Cupen: 2nd Round Beating Tippeligaen side Odd in this cup was the highlight of the season. We gave Haugesund, another Tippeligaen side a good game in the next round but they just did enough to win. Transfers: Summary What made this season more disappointing was that I'd improved the squad quite well in the close season. My attempt at a more conservative style of play obviously didn't get anywhere near the best out of them. Top performer: Mohammed Mahnin Mahnin was my main goal threat from midfield and achieved good ratings. Unfortunately he picked up a lengthy injury halfway into the season. Top goalscorer: Vetle Dragsnes Yep, my top goalscorer was my left midfielder with 5 goals. He is an astonishingly good player for this level though, but like Mahnin he spent half of the season out with injury. Aims: Improve tactically so we avoid going though that again. I really should be aiming for the top four or five places with the squad I have. | Season | Team | Division | Position | Cup | Top goalscorer | Attendance | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2016 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 6th | 1st Round | Andre Bakke (13) | 286 | | 2017 | Frigg Oslo | Oddsenligaen Avdeling 1 | 10th | 2nd Round | Vetle Dragsnes (5) | 217 |