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  1. U20's really isn't a thing. Seem to remember from the time that it's always Africans and South Americans that win or do well in it because it's not an age category that not just England but any of Europe takes seriously.
  2. Think there's been enough that Arry's said before his book, in it, and since, that anything he says needs to be backed up in some way If Fergie did it? Wouldn't care unless they were current players. People pulling out of their national teams all the time doesn't mean you should ignore what it says about what the mentality of those players would be like when they are playing. As an aside, I'd suspect club managers exaggerating injuries to be a hell of a lot more common than players requesting to be pulled out.
  3. How do you know it's in the past? If they're in contention for the current squad, the actual players in question are very relevant.
  4. Redknapp in bellend shocker. No issue with playing Lampard, just because I can't see who the hell the 'young player' is that's missing out by him playing. Other positions sure, but I'm pretty sure we know what James Milner (if he doesn't also play anyway) is by now.
  5. That would be a very valid point if the the reason given at the time was how bad the press is after tournaments instead of all that guff about how we were supposedly hyped. To be fair though, like you say, the media has pretty much been a bit of a cluster**** since we went out (even one H Redknapp managing to get his name involved. If fore some reason he gets appointed post WC, lets keep this open for 2 years so all the English can get on board), but it's pretty much died down now. There's not really much outrage over the manager now his future's been clarified, which is an achievement consid
  6. Would place money on no . Don't see why they can't just auto change formation via drag and drop like fpl, maybe that's just too easy.
  7. Changing formation ****s you up apparently. Removes the right hand side guy to your bench every time from the position/s where you're losing men from. Also had Neymar's points change, think it's just that they show the 'standard' score for your captain now. Seems to still count double though, based on my overall points.
  8. Think we definitely looked dangerous going forward in the 1st half, 2nd half not so much though imo. We saw the same in the Honduras game, that when the other teams sit further back then we can have all the possession in the world but nothing comes of it. One reason I put it down to was a lack of width, especially down our left. Leighton Baines in the 2nd half attacked like a centre back playing at full back. Couldn't count how many times he'd go so far forward, then basically put his foot on it, turn inside, and dump it off to Gerrard/Henderson or Cahill/Jagielka. It's fine if the wide men i
  9. That's like one of those adverts for a greatest hits album for a band that had like 2 somgs you've ever heard of. Featuring tracks such as Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, and MANY MANY MORE.
  10. I think the most amusing thing is dangling the same carrot out with big flashing signs around it a day after nobody bit the first time.
  11. But that doesn't give anyone anything to hide behind when hoping the team fails. "NO, THAT'S NOT AT ALL WE'RE DOING, THIS IS ABOUT POINTING OUT HOW SILLY YOUR PUNDITS AND SOME IDIOTS ON TWITTER ARE". If this was such TOP BANTER we'd have a big mediawatch style thread about all the stupid stuff they said on motd all season. If people want England to lose, that's fine, it's part of the fun of football. It's rivalry. Just do it honestly, rather than hiding behind possibly or possibly not wanting England to lose in a wishy washy way just because you don't want to 'look bad' or because the likes o
  12. Wim Jonk feigned injuries to get more money from us 16 years ago, therefore I will be actively rooting against the Dutch. Scum, subhuman scum.
  13. By and large, we do. If you want to cling to the stereotypes of England fans past, fair enough.
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