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  1. I have the same experience. I also feel like Board decisions including a part of wage budget are based on club reputation and not on the league you're in. I also remember reading that for cups, you had no rep modification UNLESS you reached the final. I had a team that i managed to have back to back to back championships from French N3 (5th lvl) to L2(2nd lvl) . Board was reluctant to reach Pro status in L2 (it is a Pro only division irl) and rep after winning L2 (so after reaching first division) was still around low-level National rep. And low rep make it very hard to get good players... Imo rep system work kinda right for top flight team in good leagues, but for lower league teams, it can be very bad and not dynamic enough at all...
  2. That isn't exactly the case : rep is modified by results in competition. Reward are given based on the competition rep. If i reach the quarter of a cup, i have the same rep increase wether i beat Arsenal and chelsea or 2 L2 side...but that isn't totally realistic. Winning against Arsenal should have a much bigger impact on rep in that case. For exemple, despite not being spanish, i know of Alcorcon because in 2009, while in third tier, they beat Real 4-0 in a copa del rey game...if they had let's say a random third tier team instead, i would never have known them. In the same way, i'm pretty sure you have the same rep increase if you're a lower side reaching the final of the cup or say Arsenal and the rep increase for a cup final is generally very weak compared to any championship (and you would agree that a lower league team reaching a cup final would be a huge event and a huge rep increase) Also rep rewards are heavily weighed toward winning titles, and for exemple, from a rep standpoint finishing 5th or 17th make no difference. If i recall right, though, there is now a correction so that your rep converge to the mean rep of the teams in your division (if you don't win or lose anything significant).
  3. Imo, the main problem i have seen with rep is about low level league rep gain vs starting rep differencies : clubs in the same league can have huge ( more than 1000rep) rep difference. That's no big deal for premier league side, but when winning a low league net you around 300rep that's a problem. An exemple i have experiencied in 2018 (i use Claasen Pack) is having my bhutanese team becoming top rep in the country only after winning the top league 5times in a row and reaching confederation cup final (and it only has only a rep a fraction better than the former best rated team) i had lower rep as a 3 times champion than newly promoted teams...When i reached the final of the french cup as a French N2 side, i checked the increase in rep. It was something like 150, when the difference between some N2 sides was more than 1000... Sure a 150 rep increase is significant for mid-table French League rep (that's the difference between a team battling relegation and a middle of the pack team), and represent the right amount, but if a french N2 team reached the final, the amount of rep increase (irl) would be far bigger than that...
  4. If you have Claesen Megapack, Bhutan U19s (which is a first division team) mandate you to buy only players under 20...I think there is other "academy" team such as these...
  5. so totally not like Greece then would have been great to see you compete in the confederation cup as Bhutan!!!
  6. would have been fun to see you win the afc asian cup (on penalty). That's crazy you reached the final though!!(with 3 successives penalty win)
  7. Varane as a left fullback...Did the people who voted watch that wc? Only belgian debruyne, and no hazard
  8. you have people voting NO and saying it is a handball in their post (like GunmaN for exemple), just to say. If you had an option : "yes, but he didn't do it on purpose" results would probably different. Also if i recall right, aren't VAR video shown at real speed (no slow mo)?
  9. Jumping with your arm spread is a deliberate act. to top it of, his palm is open and arm move in the direction of the ball. The handball is far clearer imo than that of the Colombian defender against Japan to me for exemple (Colombian jump to try an header and it hit is upper arm) though i do agree that Perisic was in a much less dangerous situation...nobody would argue that wasn't a pen for Japan. yes but to judge if the handball is clear ref has to see it, and VAR room thought it was an handball (i think they are right given the criteria for handball) so they told him to review.
  10. not seeing the hand touching the ball IS a clear error so VAR has to be used. Pitana then had the opportunity to judge whether or not it was an handball or not. Also deliberate isn't a criteria really taken into account for judging handball( it isn't for most fault anyway, and the intentionality of the fault is generally only an aggravating circonstancy, and if going this way the Colombian handball against Japan isn't deliberate )
  11. did umtiti win something by doing his blatant handball against australia? or Piqué against Russia? Edit : to clarify i didn't vote because while i think it's an handball, i don't think it's deliberate (in the sense of him doing it on purpose). I also do think that Croatia falling behind 2-1 at this point was massively unlucky and "unfair" (in a moral) as they were totally outplaying a very poor french team.
  12. the question of the movement being natural is irelevant..but if your "natural" movement result in your hand moving to touch the ball, then it can be a handball, especially if you made no VISIBLE effort to try to avoid the situation Keane comment is stupid ad hominem...and really if you think top level referees don't know or never played football...
  13. i guess when a whole team show that they think it's a penalty and there was an handball, then people in the VAR room look at what happened? and then when they see clearly the hand of a player going toward the ball, they say to the ref what they saw and ask him to go look at it... Let's recap : Pitana clearly didn't see the action well initially not seeing Perisic touching the ball (proven by him not even giving a corner) French protests as they saw he CLEARLY made an error (didn't see the action) and didn't see the hand touching the ball VAR room confirm that Perisic touch ball with hand and signal it to Pitana (so he can JUDGE if there is an handball or not) Pitana look at video, and appropriately take his time to judge (you don't want to rush your judgement if you can avoid it and want to look at every angle in this kind of situation) judge (rightfully) its an handball It's clearly how VAR is supposed to be used Now you can argue that it shouldn't be judged an handball, but you see clearly the palm opening and the arm going to the ball (much more clearly for exemple than on japanese pen goal against Senegal, were the contact and intentionality aren't much more important) Nobody is saying Perisic had time to think "let's hit the ball with my hand" but as the ball was going in his arm direction, he had the reflex to touch it. Is it an harsh penalty : yes. Is there clearly an handball (according to current rules ) : yes (it would be an handball 100% of the time if seen outside the area) Do these kind of fault should give a penalty/goal? i don't think so and i don't think it's fair that these fault have the same consequence than let's say the Danish fault on Rebic in the round of 16, but hey that's how the rules are given that a fault in the area = penalty no matter the nature of the fault
  14. Awarding a goalkick was a clear error... And you're confusing clear error and the fact it take time to look at it... if the police get the wrong murderer, it's a clear error, and the fact that it take 5 years to find disculping elements doesn't make that less clear that if it takes only one...
  15. My answer is : yes, he had a pretty bad reflex and his hand went to the ball... don't think he did on purpose (consciously), but it's not like he couldn't have prevented it or it isn't his responsability, and it's still a penalty (i'm probably not objective though, being French...) Edit : i still think that it's a shame that these kind of action have the same effect that clear intentional foul like the tackle that gave a penalty to Croatia against Danemark...
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