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  1. Hey! I would love to see a option in the squad that you also can hide players you placed on the transfer list. Like I am with Liverpool now. I want to sell Shaqiri, I dont want to see him on the list of my squad. Moving him to u23 or u18 works for one season, because after that he will be automatically placed back again in first team. How to fix this and if it is not fixable, make this a new feauture!
  2. Hey! I am creating a Super League between multiple diviison. So after the year ends. I want to get the team from the number 1 spot from Division 1, the first 8 teams from Division 7 (Based on the league ranking of last year) etc. So I want the best teams of each division. How do you do this? Thanks! Nigel
  3. In the file guide it says there is an file for the club world cup. Where is it? EDIT: See it. Sorry haha
  4. Possible to delete financial fair play for champions/europa league and out of everything?
  5. So, when I do a fun save and create a team with good players with the editor I get the problem that I dont follow the financial fair play rules for the champions league. I would love an option to disable financial fair play, so that I don’t get banned with my new team from europa. Maybe an editor feature? Greetings, Nigel
  6. Can someone make a World League with the best clubs in one competition. Or convert an old one. Thanks
  7. Would love to see a recreated Champions League/Europa League without the financial fair play.
  8. What did you mean with right to go. Is their a version I can use right now? Cant wait to start a game
  9. I like to simulate with friends. But with normal fm 18 i get alot of problems with fair play. Is fair play in touch?
  10. Hello, Is their a way to remove the FFP rules for the Champions League and Europa League. So I don't have to worry for qualifying for this leagues?
  11. A world league? With best clubs and multiple divisions
  12. Is there a database for FM12! where you don't have the champions league/ europa league. Because if i delete them in the editor 2012 i get a crash dump in the game at 5 of august 2011.
  13. Is there a good tactic for top team vs top team?
  14. Is there a good tactic for top team vs top team?
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