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  1. In game editor like FM 2017
  2. If you hear something i will see
  3. Any news yet?
  4. Or create a own version of a World League? It will be fantastic!
  5. Is good. Any response yet?
  6. I'm leaving for work soon. Can you say it when you know more about the database? That will be fine.
  7. Thanks! I will hear from you! Maybe there's a competition that makes its now working or its too big, I will see!
  8. Hello, I made a FIFA World League, but when i want to start a new game i get a crash dump, but the rules are working in the editor. The database: FIFA World League V1.0_D8C9FA8D-363C-42EA-9D7D-BB285ABDC527.fmf The crash dump: FM 2015 v15.1.1.571183 (2014.11.07 15.53.50).dmp When i want to read the crash dump with notepad i only see weird things. Can anybody help me? So i can repair it. Greetz, Nijode999
  9. Hello, I saw this version is really cool. All the teams are playing in a World Premier League and under the divisions you have a development division where one club from all countries can development. Is their a way to make it FM 15 compitable? Steam Workshop :: FIFA World League Mitch Version 1.3 If you can help me i would love it! Greetz, Nijode999
  10. I can not play FM until I come home from school, but I have a question: I was not able to rent a players in my league (the Dutch league) in FMC, because the option was not there. But I could hire players from all the other leagues. So is that also fixed? Because i cant see it on the list.
  11. Is there a database for FM12! where you don't have the champions league/ europa league. Because if i delete them in the editor 2012 i get a crash dump in the game at 5 of august 2011.
  12. Is there a database or something you don't have the champions league / europa league, because if i deleted it in the editor i get a crash dump in the game.
  13. And works it for you? On fm-base it works.
  14. 1 - You load the first full game with the editor data. 2 -When you see the countries go back to the menu with the back button 3 - Now Start a game with FM Classic. 4 - If all is well you can now select the country and work the attached leagues and editor data. It works for me.
  15. Hello, Can someone make a world/super League with the best teams in the world? With more divisions and a cup. Thankyou, nijode999