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  1. In the file guide it says there is an file for the club world cup. Where is it? EDIT: See it. Sorry haha
  2. Possible to delete financial fair play for champions/europa league and out of everything?
  3. So, when I do a fun save and create a team with good players with the editor I get the problem that I dont follow the financial fair play rules for the champions league. I would love an option to disable financial fair play, so that I don’t get banned with my new team from europa. Maybe an editor feature? Greetings, Nigel
  4. Hello, I have created my own World League. What is working for years. But now I get a error around 7th of July. Save game is called 'World Game.fm' Hope someone can see the problem. Greatings! WORLD.fmf FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.12.02 14.38.11).dmp
  5. Can someone make a World League with the best clubs in one competition. Or convert an old one. Thanks
  6. Would love to see a recreated Champions League/Europa League without the financial fair play.
  7. What did you mean with right to go. Is their a version I can use right now? Cant wait to start a game
  8. I like to simulate with friends. But with normal fm 18 i get alot of problems with fair play. Is fair play in touch?
  9. Hello, Is their a way to remove the FFP rules for the Champions League and Europa League. So I don't have to worry for qualifying for this leagues?
  10. I got this error. Tried: - Verify steam files and delete cache/preferences - Reinstall - Delete custom logos/facepacks Get the error multiple times when i start the game. So even before i load the save game
  11. A world league? With best clubs and multiple divisions
  12. Also no in game editor for pc touch version? Like the full FM So i can just transfer some players around
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