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  1. need some network game help here me and my brother managed to start a network game last week but today when he tried to re-join the network game he encountered this issue: after he see my host name, he click on it and click join game. then this message 'joining game' appears. after awhile, the message goes away and he's still in the blood join game screen. and nothing happens. can anyone help? we've already managed to play together why suddenly we can't? we've also checked to make sure we're usiing the same game version.
  2. so the exploit is simply placing a good player with heading and set to aim near post???? isn't that what real life teams are doing?? specifically spurs crossing to near post for bale/vertonghen?
  3. excellent!! another spurs tactic in the making i tried making my own tactics with 4-5-1 but conceded too many goals with defoe/keane/pav unable to pick up the slack and score some goals in response would give this a try once its up!! COYS!
  4. wow really interesting insight from kimz so essentially u look for openings in the ai.... let me try it out then
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