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  1. If you have a striker who's got really good bravery and agression, decent technique, composure and finishing, is it wise to teach him to do overhead kicks ppm? If not, what are other possible ppms to get the best of such a striker?
  2. Yes, the half-back seems to be the problem. I decided not to use a halfback in 3 man defense. It allowed players to get back to their defensive position. And I also realized it's all about tactical familiarity + players' knowledge about their own possitions. After some time, my defenders got used to the idea of 3-at-back system. Still haven't won the trophy, but that's another issue. so thanks for the replies.
  3. Hello, it's me again, you don't know me. Perhaps the ones who read the thread about "the level of aggression" would recognize me. I came back with questions. First of all, I need to tell you about my team so you get something because it's all regens. (it's 2024 in the game) We are FC Metz. We have been the champions of Ligue 1 for four years in a row. We know almost everything about French football, so it's relatively easy to get another domestic trophy. Actually, we could have finished last season unbeaten if we hadn't lost vs Monaco 3-0. Ehm, memories... Anyway. You may ask what is wrong with me; coming here, asking help if I am doing really good. Yes, I need help, because there was almost no time when we did a good job in the Champions League. English teams, Italian teams, German teams, even Turkish teams always get the result they wanted, whenever we drew against them. Quarter final is the furthest spot we have ever reached. I will finish my save when we get that trophy, and it's been so long, so I think I need help. Until this season, 2024-2025, we have played counter-attacking 4-4-2. We had a solid back four, like really solid full-backs who are defensively good, but not-so-good attackers. We had pacy wingers and forward who can get the ball to the third zone. We were good. But I needed to change my tactic because I sensed opposition sort of memorized my gameplan. We did not have a back up plan. So I came up with this tactic, which you'll see below, and I believe I can succeed with it in the long term. Yet, there are clear flaws with the tactic, so clear flaws that even I can see. Although I don't know how to eliminate them, without changing my formation which is something I do not want. Ok. Here's the tactic: And this is the TIs. I don't normally tick the "Work Ball into Box", in order not to overkill, but most of the time my Shots on Target ratio is low, so I do that. When we face against oppositions who use the flanks, I set my two side DCs to go Stopper, and one in the middle to Cover. When we face oppositions who use "Through Balls" I just set my DM to go more defensive, and sometimes Halfback. This is my results so far: Dortmund result should not confuse you, we played with my good-old counter tactic. The only thing that is important here is the match against Man United. We played at home, which was the first champions league match in our brand-new 45,000 stadium and it was a disaster. Again, individual performances are good. But the fact that we almost dominated the possession should be the reason why they have good average ratings I presume. The formations were like this: After it's become 0-3, I substituted my middle CD with a Poacher, and dropped my F9 as an Enganche. It helped, but it was too late. Here are some Prozone stats. I don't know how to add .pkm so I think they should help. That number 11, Adnan Januzaj played as a Wide Playmaker and he absolutely destroyed us. You can see how his average positioning was. He is so close to his teammates in the middle. I knew what he was doing, but I simply couldn't come back with a solution. These are the goal actions. Sorry for the bad quality. [video=youtube;5gGwc43ScXY] So the most important problem is that I am too vulnerable at through ball towards the flanks. Setting my CDs to Stopper did not helped. Also, my wingers had tight marking PIs. But I don't know it is something to do with it. The problem occurs in the middle. How can I decrease the number of such through balls without changing my formation? You may say, it's just one game. But it's not. Almost every goal we conceded was through ball down the flanks. Even in the frendly games. So I think it is a clear fault, but I don't know how to stop it. Maybe you know. Thank you.
  4. You are right and I have to admit that my first team squad is way too young. Which is a good thing for squad building but especially for the midfield, there are some issues. I can wait or individually train them as BWM but it would be best if I buy two or three agressive players for one or two positions. This would allow me to put the hardwork onto them and also let my creative players do what they do.
  5. The problem is that I don't have any old players to tutor, and the rare older ones already have got low level of agression. Yes, I can buy aggressive old players but these lads already established themselves as first team players so they cannot be tutored. Yes, I'm winning the league but I got totally squeezed whenever I play with English teams. It's not doing me any good in champions league considering that I always draw Chelsea or Arsenal.
  6. Hello. I have a question regarding my team's mental attributes. As you can see from the screenshots, my players have the lowest level of aggression, ranked 20th in the leauge whilist we are the champions three years in a row. They have good decisions and flair, of course, but this level of agression does not allow me to build a higher defensive line and pressing team. They are bunch of good players who have great potential, most of them are wonderkids, so I cannot simply sell them and buy new aggressive players. Is there any way to higher their level of aggression via training or with the help of backroom staff? If so, how can I determine coaches' level of aggression? Ps.: Most of them joined my team at the age of 18. Some of them came from youth intake.
  7. Posting here because it is about tactical advice. I'm really wondering a staff's advice towards an upcoming match is related to his personality/tactical mentality. Because I see lots of times they advicing me things that are crucial to my way of playing, such as "change your instructions to "remove retain possession", "change your width to wide", "remove work ball into box" and so on. I am managing FC Metz and it is my second season which we fight for Europa League Qual spot. I kind of implemented Cleon's "Possesion Thread" to some sort of 4-4-2 and it works like magic. (Poss.: around 60%, CCC: 4-5 for each match) However, my staff keep telling me I will be doing it wrong if I use this tacting for the upcoming match. I am thinking it may be due to their personality/tactical mentality because some of my "highly advising" coaches have "Wide Playing" and "Direct Passing" preferences on their page. If so, how can I get them used to my way of playing? I cannot simply hire coaches who prefer my way of playing due to financial reasons. While I am writing this I came up with another question. I would be happy if you answer this too: If you change your staff during season, will it affect your players' development? I mean if you fire half of your coaches during mid-season and hire new ones, will your players' attribute development go stall? (Even though you will have better coaches, obviously)
  8. In my 2018 Galatasaray save, Manchester City find a Japan kid, not from affiliated club, by scouting. Loaned him for one year, at the age of 21, he was a global superstar; won the Golden Ball award in 2018 Russia. After that Pellegrini retired, Mancini assigned, who completely screwed the team, 5 consecutive Premier League winner just finished 9. During this year, Liverpool spended 70 m£ without selling any of their global superstars, Suarez, Sterling, etc. Now Arsenal spends a considerable amount of money to build up their squad. I'll see what happens. So what I'm saying is that it must be depend on the AI manager's spesific attributes. Some men just don't wanna spend, while others make flop signings. You can use a real-time editor to see those attributes.
  9. Years of experience I've always wanted this: Adding personality to referees. You see, sometimes refs are more patient, allows you to play hard, while others are short-tempered, they don't let you to gain control over the refs. I know that some refs are soft/hard and you can predict them from the number of cards they give, what I'm asking is basially to make referees more human-like. You may get in the scout reports how they are like as an addition. Of course this would take a new team instruction which allows you to gain control over the refs. It'll still be in your lots, the refs won't allow you to take control and you would end up being 10 men behind, etc. Also it'll increase your chance of winning at home if your stadium is big enough, or your fans are crazy, booing the ref all the time, destroy his confidence. (Then you could say in the press confidence, "OMG, Fans were crazy today, we couldn't have done it without them ) I know that it may be difficult to make this change but it happens all the time in real life, why not in FM?
  10. I remember when I play FM 11, I was playing Arsenal and I had to get an away win against Zenit, in order to get qualified. (Last game of the group stage) Zenit started the match very good, we conceded in 15th minute. Because I had to win, I send my all strikers in. it was like 3-4-3 or something. Robin van Persie scored in 65. minute and it was 1-1 now. But then, in 74. min, my GK Almunia conceded a very very silly goal. I got outrageous and substituted Almunia with another striker, (letting Bacary Sagna on the goal). 5 minutes later, van Persie got equalized again. 2-2. In 89. minute, Rosicky scored a crazy goal and match finished 2-3. Sagna saved opponent's couple of chances after that. In that year, I won the Champions Cup with crazy come-backs ever.
  11. it would be awesome if there was a "I've got nothing to say right now" match talk with "frustrated body language". I know there is but what I mean is after the important matches, sometimes "not pleased" with assertive or aggressive tone does not reflect my emotions. It would be great if players react very well when you stay silent, after trying so hard to win.
  12. I usually hire scouts from Brazil; they are easier to sign with paying less money. I hire a chief scout from my division and let him take the scouting assingments. In six months, broad knowledge becomes worldwide. It may be lazy but if your chif scout is good, they even know the squad restrictions. For example in Italy, they look more Central Europe, instead of South America.
  13. It doesn't matter when chairman has already accepted the offer, though. In order to avoid such offers you are right, but if you don't want him to leave, post #9 could be a good trick.
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