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  1. If you have a striker who's got really good bravery and agression, decent technique, composure and finishing, is it wise to teach him to do overhead kicks ppm? If not, what are other possible ppms to get the best of such a striker?
  2. I remember when I play FM 11, I was playing Arsenal and I had to get an away win against Zenit, in order to get qualified. (Last game of the group stage) Zenit started the match very good, we conceded in 15th minute. Because I had to win, I send my all strikers in. it was like 3-4-3 or something. Robin van Persie scored in 65. minute and it was 1-1 now. But then, in 74. min, my GK Almunia conceded a very very silly goal. I got outrageous and substituted Almunia with another striker, (letting Bacary Sagna on the goal). 5 minutes later, van Persie got equalized again. 2-2. In 89. minute, Rosic
  3. I've got Hassan Fernandez de la Iglesia in my Numancia u19 squad. He doesn't have good enough for Numancia, says my Ass. Manager, but I keep him just because of his name.
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