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  1. Yeah it's not a mystery. Everything is very good about this game - promoting, announcing small improvements as big features, everything but match 3D overall. Ok - graphics is acceptable. But when you see your side defenders score more goals than the others, despite your tactics playing in 80% is about passing from wing to wing, it's really dissapointing. Every match looks the same, no matter you play Barca, Juve or Everton. And all of this just from watching beta streams on Youtube... It's high time to say - I give a break - hopefully to FM 2021, but as far as I can see from evolution of the game maybe longer. I just admire those who find this game playable...
  2. To be more precise: Give us 50% of the above dribbling animations and it will be huge progress!
  3. "You’ll notice various new motion-captured animations as well, particularly when players are controlling the ball and dribbling." Hope to finally see that, especially dribbling animations!
  4. No only through balls, but when we finally see such a role like classic "10"??? I mean of course in match, not a simple tactics option.
  5. I don't want to spam, but these are my suggestions for #d matches look
  6. As soon as I get to my PC I will upload it. Of course colour saturation can be decreased to more neutral, but this preset suited me best for all times of a day and weather conditions.
  7. There is no such thing like one colour and tone of pitch grass. It depends on weather, sun light, geographic location and many others. But it is definitely too dark in FM20. Hope that there will be editable files with pitch textures.
  8. I always edit pitch grass files to gain the look as much close as its possible to real pitches.
  9. I don't know if it will fit you, everyone has his own monitor's sets but when I get to my PC I can put my file to internet I think some small tweaks you will do to adjust it for your preferences. Honestly, I wouldn't play FM in "vanilla" mode if it hasn't pregame editor and if ReShade didin't work for FM Editor gives me oportunities to prepare game as realistic as I see football in real world. And I don't mean I give my team 1 bilion euros
  10. Told you 😜 That's why I didin't use to complain about 3D match graphics, only as for animations on the other hand I wouldn't mind if SI constantly work also on graphics. I don't really know if there are some preset for FM, doubt it. I always work on my own preset which give me the best look. One like more vibrant colours, other prefers high contrast, everyone can make it suitable to his own preferations. ReShade gives so many options to vastly enhance graphics, lighting, colours, contrast. Great tool!
  11. Actually from FM18 I use ReShade program, that gives me far better 3D match graphics than default. After couple hours of testing with contrast, vibrance, gamma and others I had more natural, more sharp look. I didin't notice any crashes sometimes couple FPS drop. I just can't play without this graphics tweaks.
  12. Great point! Also think that pitch is too dark and the colour is too much unsaturated! Actually for me that is minor problem since I use sweetfx to enhance FM graphics. But it is very dissapointing that we got 2020year and group of profesionalist cannot restore pitch grass graphics 🤨
  13. I'd like to do that, but belive me playing manager since CM03/04 is some kind of serious addiction, maybe not deadful one 😆, but it's about that good vibes when you link many autum evenings with your beloved game.
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