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  1. What is the problem with that??? Serbian surnames naturally end with "ić". Most of them. For example Halofon Zjebić-Debilić.
  2. I got enough... really, couple years ago, don't even remember which FM version, I noticed that turkish and russian clubs conduct few transfers from beyond its own leagues. Now this hasn't changed, and also greece league joined to those mentioned. Do you even take on mind bugs you repair in one version, when work on the next FM version?????? Even if I edit reputation, clubs board tendencies it's still broken. C'mon guys!!!
  3. I get this when I try to purchase the in-game editor. How to resolve that?
  4. armbi

    3D kits

    How can I get 3D kits worrking for the portugal clubs??? Every the same, all my kits works fine but portugese cannot.
  5. As for gameplay difficulty how do you imagine it would worki? Some hidden handicap to player's attributes? It would destroy the whole sens of fooball because no matter what abilitties your rival has you know he is given some bonus. Completely pointless.
  6. How can I change this awful purple background colour to green one?
  7. That's very good to hear, wow even crowd is more creative now! But what about dribbles??? I've asked about it MIles before FM 17, now we have FM 19 and I see more creative will be some casual Johns in the stadium crowd. Fantastic! A suggest to remove the dribble attribute until it has " faithfully representation during a match"
  8. So you really trying to say that additional tactics screens, modes, sliders are enough to feel football realism??? So you just get satisfaction from moving some sliders, no matter what you will see on the pitch??? Isn't it better then to go just with text match broadcasting?
  9. Guys! Guys! We don't need ME improves! All we need is a lot off useless tactic screens, sliders, new colours, that's enough to feel like Alex Ferguson!
  10. That's fundamental! But many tactics masters doesn't understand that, give them a bunch of sliders, screena and they rejoice like kiddos, no matter it doesn't have any representation on the pitch 😂😂😂 no! They are fookin Mourinho's and shut your mouth 🤣
  11. I meant without improving animations in 3D what is the difference if we got new tactics screen as we won't notice it on the pitch. Ok, you can draw, you can move sliders and that's it, you will never see the representation of this with old match engine.
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