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  1. Does the TI "Close down more" pushes the defensive line up? If so, what's the difference between "close down more" and "push higher up"? Also, what would be a good standard player instruction set to transform a wide midfielder into a wide forward? (Kind of like Thomas Muller)
  2. But surely there are differences between the mentality structure in both systems right? What i mean is this: Mentality determinates how defensive or attacking the team i set out plays. So if i raise the width, passing, tempo, closing down, defensive line, creative freedom, etc. all by one stage through team instructions (in a team on standard mentality) they would be set to play just as if i was using a team on a "control" mentality? Even if the team on standard has a lower mentality structure than the team on "control"?
  3. What's the difference between using an attacking mentality (say, control for example) and using a less attacking mentality (Standard in this case) with team instrucions such as "play with a higher defensive line", "Higher Tempo", "More direct passing", "Close down much more"?
  4. Sounds good. I agree with the fullbacks, they have to be able to overlap and to be quick/fit enough to get in defensive position quickly so the system remains compact. Also, another question: You're playing with two MC's instead of DM's, do you not get too open in between your lines of defense and midfield?
  5. I found in FM14 that the hardest thing to do was making the strikers drop deep to mark the opposition's midfield without them man marking. How is that working for you?
  6. Same hybrid 4-3-3/4-4-2 system as last year, with Rodriguez instead of Di María (Who's probably on his way out). Kroos will rotate with Modric (huge last season problem was that there was no replacement for Modric) and Alonso while Isco will probably compete with Rodriguez in the ML/CM position Di María played last year. Khedira is there in case a more defensive option is needed while Illarramendi is Alonso's long-term replacement. Also, they can play a pretty standard 4-2-3-1. Doesn't seem that mad to me. Also, Rodriguez has probably been bought on the premise that Di Maria is the one that want's to leave. There has been rumours of his exit from January and he has never denied any of them.
  7. GK: Navas LB: Blind CB: Medel CB: Duarte RB: Aurier CM: Matuidi CM: James Rodriguez CM: Oscar ST: Robben ST: Neymar ST: Benzema
  8. Another option is to play with a Target Man or someone upfront that can win headers and hold the ball so you can play a more direct game and bypass your opponent's wave of pressing.
  9. I am playing both Koke and Turan as wide midfielders (Koke in support and Turan in Attacking) and gave them both the "Cut Inside" and "Roam from position" shouts. It does give me a movement that kinda resembles the way atletico plays. It is also important that both Filipe Luis and Juanfran occupy the wings and stretch the field (I have both of then as Complete Wingbacks). In general, we form a line of 4 but when we attack they get inside into half-pockets of space. They do not, however, get into a number 10 position at all, which is something i would like Turan to do so it is still a work in progress i guess. Im having trouble in the defending phase of the tactic. Can't get Costa and Villa to work in between the opposition's MC and CDM space and i also can't quite work out the Gabi and Thiago roles, i've instructed them to play as an Anchorman and the other as a BWM, both in defend, but Gabi (or whoever that is playing the BWM role) tends to press too highly, which in turn gives the opponent to much space in between the lines, i just don't know how to instruct my team to play with 2 rigid banks of four, that being said defense has never been something i excel so i'll keep working on it.
  10. Do you have this work on pdf format by any chance? Im very interested in printing it so i can read it on the bus on my way to work. Thanks in advance.
  11. This is a very interesting thread as i haven't been able to crack a tactic that includes intensive pressing and rapid counterattacks, so i'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Anyways, i don't have much time to make a constructive comment, so have this, it might be quite helpful. http://www.slideshare.net/petrchulkov/tactical-analysis-of-borussia-dortmund
  12. I personally try to not use a template for the players on the bench. I find it better to try to anticipate certain events that are likely to happen in the match. For example, if im going into an easy game, then i might fill my bench with more attacking players than usual, so i can rotate my tired players, or perhaps give some playing time to my younger attacking payers. If im going to play a tough game, then i will probably pick more defensive players, just in case i might have to give more support to my defence through the game. Also if i think i might have to change my formation through the match, then i would pick players for the bench that can make the formation switch more effective and natural.
  13. No reason to act so rude, perhaps more info can be useful, like for example the way you concede most of your goals?
  14. Having both MC's and defend would help, but i would actually move both of them deeper (As DMCs) playing them not just in the center of the pitch, but in front of your defense, acting as a shield. Moving your defensive deeper is a good shout, but you have to combine it with a more elaborate game plan, there are more variables in the way Real Madrid plays than just the formation they use, so a screenshot of their Lineup would be nice.
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