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  1. Aha, yes, it was intended Here i took it out https://www.mediafire.com/file/opdhq9vgt6aacqx/America_no_max_age.fmf/file
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/file/l8soz1or6cry2gb/Germany.fmf/file Intro In this update the German football pyramid is restructured and looks similar to the English football league system. There are 5 national levels and 3 regional levels. It consists of the following leagues: On national level Die Bundesliga (now 20 teams) DFL-Meisterschaft 1. DFL-Liga 2. DFL-Liga Nationalliga (all 24 teams) On regional level 2. Nationalliga (2 divisions) Regionalliga (4 divisions) Oberliga (8 divisions) Other Next to the cup and the supercup I added DFL-Ligapokal as a lucrative winter cup and the Nationalpokal for teams from 5th level. TV-money is more spread in the top divisions so that it's easier to compete standard champion Bayern Munich. TV- and prize money wont be on Premier League level, but better than it was, so some more competition is possible. B teams that compete in the league are managable, any club without B team has a reserve squad competing in regional reserve leagues. HAVE FUN https://www.mediafire.com/file/l8soz1or6cry2gb/Germany.fmf/file If you have any questions, let me know Germany.fmf Germany.fmf
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/cmi8y7b9q18y6d4/America.fmf/file @jcp1417 I adjusted a few changes, as you noted here, like prize money, VAR, subs etc. Regional divisions i did not make yet, but probably later I'll work on it.
  4. My apologies for the late respond. I am a little busy at the moment, but I am planning to make an update, also considering the changes in the winter update
  5. Thanks for your comment! The VAR being turned on in every league is something I did not notice myself,so thank you for reporting. I didn't add prize money in the lower leagues, because I added relatively high equal television money and a higher prize money for the end-of-season Cups, but maybe it is something I should change. Regionalised lower leagues would indeed fit better, so it will be something I will think about. Thank you after all for the ideas! I don't have a graphics pack for these leagues
  6. Yes, just like in Europe. But instead of March they'll come in June, because that is something hard coded I think.
  7. I tested several times by going on vacation for about 5 to 10 years to check if everything worked fine and to refine little things. I also played some seasons as a manager to check if everything worked well
  8. United States Competitions and cups This database contains 7 playable divisions, like the English structure. American Premier League USA League Championship USA League One USA League Two US National Premier US National First US National Second All clubs are sorted on reputation in Football Manager. The competitions start in August and end in April, there are no playoffs. All competitions have prize and tv money compared to the European top competition, so the American clubs will be competitive in the future to European clubs. I have added 6 different cups. The US Cup is the general cup and the winner will participate in the Concacaf Champions League. The finals of the APL Cup will be held after the American Premier League season. All clubs participate in 4 groups of 5 during the season. This cup has a high reputation and high prize money. There will be a super cup and the other leagues have there own cups at the end of the season. In the autumn there will be a lucrative cup between the 2 top teams from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. Clubs and academies Clubs are sorted on reputation in FM. All the academies and affiliations of MLS teams are now B- and C-teams. All academy teams, both the MLS academies and independent academies have a maximum age of 23 years old Future and former clubs In the 8th unplayable division I placed some former and future MLS and USL clubs that will climb up the league ladder. I hope you like this database! America.fmf
  9. Hi RocheBag, can you send me the tactic. I would like to try it !!
  10. @yuri solomatin; This is a great database and I believe there was a lot of work in it! But I have a question. I have made also a Soviet database (link), before I saw this one. I also tried to give each country European tickets. Your way of making that possible works for me only in the highest division. From the second division, not the best team of a country goes into the CL, but just a random team from the lowest division. Do you know how I can remedy that? THE PROBLEM IS ALREADY SOLVED!!
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