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  1. For kits, I might be wrong, I think you will have to create a new blank one. For names (stadium and clubs) you can also use LNC files (how to do that is in the editor section of the forum). However, doing it so, will remove the nickname I think, not 100% sure about that though.
  2. Correction! It now work, don't know why it did not earlier, but thank you!
  3. Just tested... Sadly, not working. It still opens the default folder for me.
  4. Hi, I managed to change this easily for the game itself, but not so for the editor and I have to move files manually if I wan't to use them in the game: --user_data_location="D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\userdata" Anyone knows if it have to be written otherwise for the editor?
  5. Ok, so I just tested. I had, in my own database, added league history for 2018 on all teams. The data is the exact same and so is the year of course. In the game however, it is displayed twice. So, so far, it seems, this is the only thing I have to edit. I have to remove the self made league histories (for 2018 at least) - for some teams I went back further, for Rosenborg I went back to 1928.
  6. Ok, so any changes I make to the database will not affect the winter update. Good. One more questions: Should I load the new data, and choose merge (and select my own edited data) and then save? Then the data will have all the changes from the winter update AND my own data. And any changes I make to a rekord will always overwrite the data in the original (winter update) database?
  7. Perhaps creating a new (empty) editorfile (with the new data) and then merging it with your own editor file will help. But only changes hopefully. For instance I have done quite a few changes to correct founding dates, color changes etc. If those are not altered in the winter update, then it will use the editor data.
  8. I had plans on adding 2018 history for all the players too, but now that might be included, so a load of my shoulders there. When it comes to Norway (and leagues that is finished, or at least almost, when FM comes out) it would be nice if the such things where included in the first data update. It is just not that fun playing 2018 over again. And 2019 needs history (added to players and teams) before playing, and teams in correct divisions etc.
  9. As I understand it, it will also include the latest transfers etc. But what about if you already have an editor file, will this be compatible? Ie. what data will take precedence, the new data in an winter update, or the old (edited) data you have made yourself? For instance I have added history for clubs and competition in Norway for 2018, will it then have duplicate history if I use the editor file?
  10. Hi, I wonder how to make the logos bigger on some screens, because I found them so tiny it was hard to see them. I have edited two panels so far and it is working. "team container information overview panel.xml" and "club overview panel.xml". panels/team/team container information overview panel club.xml (bigger club logo) - the panel used in Club/General Question: However, I would like to have the logo overlap the above element (where it says "Club details") so it it is vertically aligned within the container itself. Is it possible and how? In "competition news si
  11. Sigames should make an (American) Football game too... If it is about licensing and stuff, just use "fake" nicknames and stuff and let users edit that out with an included editor. Would absolutely love it, as these are my two favorite sports. Would have to have College included too in my opinion. Great read!
  12. Sarcastic? I personally think I shouldn't have to use the advanced editor. If set to "View only" - it should also be visible in the normal rules.
  13. Here is a couple of suggestions, most for the editor, but some for the game itself: Ability to add more (no limit perhaps) Reserve/U-teams for a club. For instance trying to recreate a lower division in Norway, some teams have way more than one reserve team, and will still have U19 team at the same time. I work around that by creating a seperate team though and using the affiliate solution. But would be great if it was possible to add more in the same club. Ability to in the editor, add U16 teams and create a league for that - no need to be included by default though. But would be
  14. Wozzie came up with another solution and it may be easier, I haven't tested as I already worked it out, what I did was: 1. I created a simpler shield - ie. I took one of the original and simplified it to look like a "default shield" for everyone. I don't then mistake it for a crest. When I did so, I also copied it so that 1-13 (different logos) where the same. 2. For the logos on the the kit, I did struggle a bit more, but I found on of the files (see folder above) and just deleted the content so it was blank. And then I did the same, I deleted the others and copied it to 0.png → 13.png
  15. Does anyone know if permanent, actually means permanent? Will an affiliate team that gets promoted to the same division as the parent, still stay a "feeder team" or similar then?
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