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  1. Not enough space on C to install the entire game on it sadly...
  2. Ok, I tried, got another kind of crash: Error: Unable to find som essential data [...more...] File: 'c\j\workspace\fm19-build+exe-editor-windows-final-x64-(staging)\dev\project\games\fm\branches\fm2019\staging\silibs\sitoolkit\generic\logs\log_manager.cpp' Line: 199
  3. Well, I have two hard drives, C and D. Games (and tools) and Steam are installed on D, but the OS is installed on C.
  4. FM is updated? And everything is on auto-update. How can I update the editor? When I press the "About" I get this: Version: 19.3.2-1201728 The editor is on: "Always keep this tool up to date"
  5. Yes. Deleting the folder works. Until the next time I use the PC. I have to delete the folder every time now (it seems).
  6. Same things happen, updating to this drivers did not help, still crashes. Deleting cache will work (or have so far at least). But I have to do it every time I restart the PC.
  7. Here is the dxdiag file. I run it in windowed mode. Also latest crash file. DxDiag.txt Editor 2019 v19.3.2.1201728 (2019.03.15 08.31.48).dmp
  8. Ok. Now it's starting again. And all the other things I did before to fix this, don't work (uninstall, install, opt for public beta). Nothing works. Neither does setting -small_screen -windowed in launch options.
  9. For kits, I might be wrong, I think you will have to create a new blank one. For names (stadium and clubs) you can also use LNC files (how to do that is in the editor section of the forum). However, doing it so, will remove the nickname I think, not 100% sure about that though.
  10. I think I have found some sort of workaround and I think I have narrowed it down and found a solution. It's perhaps not ideal though. But it's seemed to happen when I changed the zoom (Settings - Size of text an images) and would not go away, after several uninstall/install tries. The crash happened every time I tried to start the editor. But if I changed the properties to allow for betas, restart and update the editor, the editor crashes again, OK, I thought, that did not work. However, opting OUT of the betas in the properties again, and again restarting/updating - will make the editor work again. So for me, it is working, I just have to stay away from changing the zoom (if that was in fact the reason)
  11. Same crash. I used windowed mode before hand too.
  12. Not sure what has happened. I have tried uninstalling and installing over again, tried verify integrity of tool files via Steam. I used to have a custom launch option - but tried to delete this also. Game itself works, but the editor crashes upon starting the program. Editor 2019 v19.3.0.1198898 (2019.03.05 22.41.33).dmp
  13. Correction! It now work, don't know why it did not earlier, but thank you!
  14. Just tested... Sadly, not working. It still opens the default folder for me.
  15. Hi, I managed to change this easily for the game itself, but not so for the editor and I have to move files manually if I wan't to use them in the game: --user_data_location="D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\userdata" Anyone knows if it have to be written otherwise for the editor?
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