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  1. Hi, I have holiday'ed two different games now to see how it will enfold. And in both games, a couple of clubs have massively rebuilt their stadiums and capacity (and attendance) is way above what their max attendance is set to en the editor. I am using Norway as an example here. I understand that the game may take into account that population may change over time, at least that would be fun. But In the editor, max attendance is set for club, and also city has a setting for population. We start the game in 2019. I suspect: Max attendance don't matter at all - the game seems to not take this into account. City population don't matter at all - not as important if max attendance was working. First test: A city that has a population of 20.000 IRL and max attendance set to around 14.000, stadium capacity of 11.000 - rebuild their stadium to a capacity of above 20.000 already 7 to 9 years into the game. But it gets worse. It continues to upgrade their stadium and within the next twenty years the stadium has a capacity of above 50.000. Two other clubs in Norway also do the same. And we soon have three clubs with massive stadiums. But only one of them is totally implausible. The other two, at least comes from "bigger" cities. But these clubs also don't take their max attendance into account. Also, several other clubs have expanded their stadiums to about 15-20.000. Second test: This game was running a while longer, to 2077. Stadium sizes: 94.722 - max attendance set to 28.000, city population 100.000 - 250.000 in the editor. This club I noticed - has also built two stadiums, instead of just increasing capacity. A bit implausible... They own the first stadium at the start of the game. 83.474 - max attendance set to 10.000 57.730 - max attendance set to 26.000 Several more stadiums between 24.750 - 48.803 21.375 - max attendance 6000 and city population is 5.000-10.000 So 50 years into the future, I can accept that strange stuff happens, but a lot of the stadium buildings happens within the first 10-20 years. Stadium moves / synthetic turf: In both games Sandnes Ulf moves stadiums. In the first run they move their stadium to Haugesund, in the second run, they move their stadium to Grimstad. Very unrealistic that the club would move to another county and city, all across the country. And it's not just for a couple of years. They have in my second game stayed 20 years in Grimstad. Could perhaps happen in USA with franchise teams. But not in Norway. Almost no artificial turf stadiums left in the game. All that is built is grass. In Norway, at least for the moment, artificial turf is the "big thing" - and I do not know any new stadium that has been built with grass. As synthetic is cheaper. At least half of the newly built stadiums should have had synthetic turf in my opinion. Uploaded the save game to the cloud: Test.fm (size 99 556 KB)
  2. Anyone else experienced this, or if not, know how I can fix this? I wan't to manage a team with such a turf (Gravel) and cannot if I can't fix this. I mean it is really flickering, seizure-like flickering. Any settings I can do or something?
  3. Just experienced the strange stadium moves myself. Sandnes Ulf moves to Haugesund... This makes the game unplayable in my opinion. Also. A couple of other very bizarre things I have noticed, Molde has upgraded their stadium to a capacity of over 50.000 and sells out match after match. I ran the game on holiday for this. So it's a few years into the future, but the town sure has to have grown... It started in 2027 - then they had average attendances of 20.668 - in 2051 they have average attendances of 49.214. I mean, it "could happen" that Molde all of a sudden grows that much, but not as early as 2027. The total population of Molde is 26.900 today. This is strange and unlikely, but I can live with it and "roleplay" my way around it. However, if something like this happens, it would have been nice with some kind of news like the "City of Molde has experienced large population growth the last few years because of X and the board have decided to upgrade the stadium to X" or something like that. For all I know, this might also happen, I doubt it though, but have only simmed away on holiday. Rosenborg and Vålerenga also has stadiums of about 50.000 - but at least it is a bit more plausible.
  4. Sigames should make an (American) Football game too... If it is about licensing and stuff, just use "fake" nicknames and stuff and let users edit that out with an included editor. Would absolutely love it, as these are my two favorite sports. Would have to have College included too in my opinion. Great read!
  5. Sarpsborg 08 - just by accident I noticed they have a history going back to 1978 (!) in the game, despite the club being founded in 2007. I suppose it's either the history of Sparta or Sarpsborg FK being used. I had not bother checking what club the history is - both clubs that still exists though - but it certainly is not the history of Sarpsborg 08. It was at first a "collaboration-club" from several clubs in that area - and was using the position of the highest positioned club in that area at any given time - and that actually varied during the first years - hence the name changes they had initially. If one club got relegated and another promoted etc. But it was not a separate club just yet. In 2003 it was created as a new organization, but only in late 2007 they assumed control over the position of the "collaboration-club" (which I believe at that time was Sparta) position as they reached agreements with all collaboration clubs. The following year, 2008, should be their first in history of the game as a club. Even though the naming was not completed yet. The two biggest clubs of the collaboration still had some issues with the name of the new club. PS: I also think that all the feeders (initial collaboration-clubs) should not be made permanent affiliates - because, well. This is a fragile collaboration. If for instance S08 was to be relegated a couple of times, I am pretty sure the whole collaboration would fall to pieces. But I am also not sure what "permanent" actually means here. Nobody would be or should be surprised if one or two or more of the affiliates withdraw from the project, but I am not sure if it's possible with "permanent" deals. Actually, in my opinion, it's more than likely that it will happen down the road. But that really doesn't matter NOW. As S08 is a separate organization, not just a collaboration-club anymore.
  6. Sarcastic? I personally think I shouldn't have to use the advanced editor. If set to "View only" - it should also be visible in the normal rules.
  7. Here is a couple of suggestions, most for the editor, but some for the game itself: Ability to add more (no limit perhaps) Reserve/U-teams for a club. For instance trying to recreate a lower division in Norway, some teams have way more than one reserve team, and will still have U19 team at the same time. I work around that by creating a seperate team though and using the affiliate solution. But would be great if it was possible to add more in the same club. Ability to in the editor, add U16 teams and create a league for that - no need to be included by default though. But would be nice to have the opportunity. Nevertheless - U17 championships (UEFA/FIFA) could still be included in the game. Could fill up some nations with grey players, but playable nations will have enough players to fill squads here anyway. Stadiums: More options. Many teams in the lower leagues don't have stands for instance. Some don't even have lights. (Depending on how low). Perhaps a few options on what the surrounding area should then look like: urban, rural etc. Perhaps even visible (generated) in the editor. Some have stands on just one side, perhaps only a small stand that don't fill the entire side. An option to generate "regen" faces for "blank" ones (ie. those that don't have images) - doesn't matter if they don't resemble the real person, would just be fun having the option. In the match view - the logos should be bigger, especially at the end of the match review for instance. Or during the game. Also, where is attendance? This should be clearly visible. An option to disable fake crests. I worked it out, but this should be easier and should be as easy as doing it with settings. The game was just unplayable for me before doing so. In the editor when creating a club, being (easier) able to create an "immigrant" club or similar. Perhaps not only limited to one nation, but being able to select several. In the editor: Being able to edit the name pool - I remember (perhaps way back in the days) it was possible before. 97/98 or something. But it was possible. In the editor: Add regions - can't understand why it is not there. I can understand that you cannot create nations, but regions should be possible to create. Regions, Cities, Nations: Being able to set what type of regens (dual nationalities, language) will be created. I would for instance love to see "sami language" included. And then sami surnames would be better generated for clubs in that region. In the editor: Being able to select more colums, like club long name, club short name, club nickname etc. I was able to do this with the use of an XML in an earlier version. But haven't figured out how to do it now. If it at all is possible. In the editor: Being easier to create dynamic relegations for regional leagues. In the editor: This might be a big one... But being able to import csv to the data. Could and should perhaps be a template for each different type of item: Clubs, Awards, Cities, Competitions, People etc. And when importing, having the option to overwrite something that is identical, create new for new items etc.
  8. Wozzie came up with another solution and it may be easier, I haven't tested as I already worked it out, what I did was: 1. I created a simpler shield - ie. I took one of the original and simplified it to look like a "default shield" for everyone. I don't then mistake it for a crest. When I did so, I also copied it so that 1-13 (different logos) where the same. 2. For the logos on the the kit, I did struggle a bit more, but I found on of the files (see folder above) and just deleted the content so it was blank. And then I did the same, I deleted the others and copied it to 0.png → 13.png.
  9. I just noticed this is a game. And tested it out even further with changing the type of pitch. On some types of pitch, the line marks is flickering/blinking. This happens on: - Synthetic (old type - hard) - Gravel/Clay/Sand - Gravel - Clay - Sand This don't happen on: - Grass - Synthetic (new type - soft) - Grass/Synthetic Mix The last three types of pitches (most common) is perfectly good, but not the other five types. Anyone else experiencing this? I tried to update drivers, but where already using the latest ones.
  10. Does anyone know if permanent, actually means permanent? Will an affiliate team that gets promoted to the same division as the parent, still stay a "feeder team" or similar then?
  11. Brilliant. Perfect for some clubs that don't have youth teams, Universities and such.
  12. 1. Great. That is what I was thinking, I was more wondering what it actual does in game. Does it generate better quality than normal etc. Or does it for instance generate players from all over the country rather than mostly from same area. 2. Sure about that? Is not 0 random, I remember in an earlier version of the game I could use -1 to NOT generate regens for a specific club. But it's been some years since I last played FM. 4. I know it has that effect But I would like to simplify it even further so that for instance one region - all cities have the same longitude/latitude - so to make regional pickings even "easier" for the game. But am worried about sideeffects like regens for instance. If all cities in a region have the same long/lat - will regens at one of these clubs then came from all over the place and not just primarily the city it should. 5. That is what I was thinking too, so it's just cosmetic names, but the effects are the same. Does not matter if you use "II", "2" or "B" - another follow-up, if creating a "C" club then - would the game then rate this one below a "2" club if you create that in the first time "Reserve Teams" menu. Ie. You can (as far as I know) only create two teams here, so a solution is to create a "C" team affiliate. Just wonder if the game (AI) would treat such a club as a "lower" reserve team than the one created in the "Reserve Teams" menu.
  13. Have not heard of the Claassen update, will take a look! Fredrik: It is not inactive. Actually it is was greyed out in the editor, just as with the other divisions (premier, first, second), but the only one I can make changes to when adding lower leagues, is the fourth division in the General menu. I can then select league and set minimum and maximum teams etc. For the third divisions though, this is not the case. If I recreate the entire system it would perhaps work. It was not set to inactive. But I figured it out. I had to turn on the "advanced version" of the editor and the division is set to "View only" - so the only solution is to use the advanced rules I suppose.
  14. I have tried searching. I remember before you could add your own views/columns that could be added into the editor. For instance: Club Long Name, Club short name, Club nickname etc. I remember doing this is an older version, but can't figure out how or find any information about it. A few other questions: What does "Is institute" actually do? A -1 on "Youth Recruitment" will make that club not generate regens? On "Reserve teams" you can choose "not used" or "never used" - for instance for a U19 team and I bet the club will then not regenerate a U19 club. But what is the difference between these two? What does it do in game. Does Longitute/Latitude have any effect on the game at all? I am thinking about simplifying it very much for my own game so that every club in same region has the exact same etc. So regional selecting will be better. What is the difference when creating a affiliated club: II Club, B Club, 2 Club - is it just a name for the same thing?
  15. I did not change anything on the third divisions, it was in the game already, and I could not make it inactive/active or whatever. It's greyed out. But the fourth division was pickable.
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