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  1. Yeah didn't think about the reclassification each season for the north and south part. There are many more lower leagues available to us this time though, I've just started a save playing as Durham and doing rubbish.
  2. I think we should use two teams that are fairly local to each other if we could. The furthest south to still be called nothern and someone within close proximity for the softies. I can't help but think the southerners get some form of advantage.... The network game sounds really good, would be quality of you had one running alongside with some fairly strict playing times, as if one manager couldn't make it for the night another could just step in, if available. Probably work best if the number of managers on each side were restricted to 3/4. Still look forward to managing the monkey's.... we could go further down the leagues this year though......
  3. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Well done Bermy, great season. Good luck brettney.
  4. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Well done on the league, looked a stroll in the park! Any monkey news?
  5. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    How did I miss that? ha. Well done and good luck Conners.
  6. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Good going there Jimbo, any potential targets found for the January window?
  7. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Fantastic start there Jimbo, I bet you're flying through the games at the minute!
  8. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Hmmm progress will be tough I reckon, all managers will have to sell first to ensure we can continue to develop the club.
  9. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Great start Jimbo and a pretty strong squad for that level, keep up the good work mate. Not sure if I've missed it but what are Rugby's facilities like? and have they ever played at a higher level?
  10. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Good luck Jimbo, £1m quid down the drain... nice to know Rugby thought Wallace was worth it though. Any predictions for the coming season?
  11. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    I think Jimbo's suggestion would be fine, seem a=fairly comparable teams. The question is who is next for the softies? They may as well crack on with the new challange. Ssestig - when do you think you will be finished your premier league campaign?
  12. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Yeah I agree, lets shake a leg then! I think FM10 is out back end of October, so we could get some decent progress here.
  13. Wallace v Roberts 2009

    Sounds great, a couple of years of bottom rung obscurity will do the challenge a world of good.