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  1. 16 is surely the best FM engine so far produced. Probably sadly it won't ever be beaten.
  2. I agree with you but actually looking back at the games the ME has been getting progressively worse since 2015. Lack of competition maybe but SI will either adapt or kill this great series. There has been a lot of criticism of this version and the last one over the internet. The real problem is the ME fails to spot a short killer central pass, always goes wide in 20, every time, previous 2 versions most of the time.
  3. Is 17 better than 18. 20 is unacceptable, so far managed to backdate most 20 data but can't get Euro Cup changes to work for 18. If 17 is better might go to that one
  4. Just looked back at 18, no comparison it was way better. Excuses don't excuse your game is going backwards.
  5. Hope so it has come back in a bad state from last week. Pass Wide, High Cross, Far post header, repeat, repeat repeat. Can't remember it ever this unplayable on any version tbh. Shame because the game looks really good otherwise.
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