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    I have been playing champ and FM since 97/98 only one I have not had is 12 as I did not like the emotion way of telling players things. Thfc 4 life. Drfc for fun.

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    In your momma
  1. Players not eligible for second nation

    It does not say declared for nation
  2. I'm playing football manager 11 and I wanted new regen players to be eligible to play for Lichtenstein with local region merseyside Lancashire Yorkshire and London I've changed the actual region to religion lichtenstein I holidayed my game for five years overnight and checked there were lots of regens with second nationality of Lichtenstein which is great but it's says there only elidgeable to play for England. Does any one know how I can make it there elidgeable to play for both or how to make the game create a lot of regens for lichtenstein.
  3. I'm in the process of creating a USA league system not 100 as it is irl but I would like recreat the east and west conference but I can't get the teams from east to play west and visa versa can some one let me know if they know how
  4. Replace names in database

    i u restart a extince nation would you have to also redo all the contintal cups as well to include them
  5. Cool now I know where I been going wrong instead of editing the basic data base I have been re editing my already edited data base
  6. Replace names in database

    I did it with Andorra I removed every player & staff in there they had and replaced it with over 150 English names they were all there but when I got my yearly intake of new players most of the names were Spanish or Portuguese. Just posting this this as even if u get the names u want u may also get the something with yout players
  7. MLS wage cap can it be removed

    Oh dear I have no idea what it's like irl never mind how to recreat it, I take it the is not something in "Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/football manager 2012 editor/format/database" that can be removed or edited to make it go away
  8. I have read that u cant play with to national rules edit but is it possible to do it with national and continent.
  9. I have tried to search for this in the forum but to no avail does anyon know what how to remove it
  10. Andri Sigporrson

    Do u know what it's called
  11. I have champ 99 and would love to put the database from this game into fm 11 is this possible if any one has done this or ideas on how to do it please let me know
  12. Andri Sigporrson

    Thank you kind sir I'm having a nostalger hit big time a will be ordering it now
  13. Andri Sigporrson

    Surely there are a few old timers like me who can remember when sigi was at his peak
  14. Adam Gemili (Fastest person in UK)

    10.08 would the fastest time by a uk athlete this year... And at 18 should deffo be going Olympics has he given up football to concentrate on sprinting? But about the stats being wrong these are a year old and Is it unrealistic a 17 year old could improve from 16 to 20 in a year not at all. But also being fast on the track is not the same as being fast on the pitch on a track. U have a squat start while on pitch u have ball at ur feet and are not usually from a standing start