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  1. I am afraid I must insist on this issue. This may be a critical bug for leagues that are going to develop and increase in reputation in the long games (20+ seasons) I have done some research on the web and I found that many people have the same problem as me only that for them it's the league from Scotland. No solution though. It's not an editing issue because I haven't touched the stats of the league or the country. Basically in my experiment I started as a team from the 2nd League, got them to the 1st league, made them a superpower, changed team to another one from my league, made them also a superpower. Years pass, the league improves just a bit. I decide to coach more teams at the same time. More years pass, good results come and the league improves more. And then we have a transfer value mega drop for the whole country.
  2. 18.3.4 is the version Yes, I used FMRTE for removing injuries and for checking CA/PA I don't know if I did something that may have affected the transfer values. I checked the other teams from the league, and all of them are affected.
  3. I am managing 4 teams in Romania in the first league. The Romanian League is currently the 3rd in Europe. Romania is no. 1 in the World. Player values dropped from 70 Mil to 11-12 Mil (3 teams from my league were in the semi finals of Champions League, and another one from my league won the Europa League) - so it's not performance drop, and I am ruling out contract duration. I wanna know why would a player value drop from 70 mil to 11 mil. Please help. This is game breaking. Other clubs are raiding us and want to transfer the players for peanuts. Can't hold them for ever and I don't want to sell them for 10-20 mil.
  4. Can anyone post the best young (<=25 years old) players from Steaua Bucharest (FCSB)
  5. If it crashes the Copa Libertadores, or the Uruguayan Football League, or puts me to play matches when my players are out on international duty without any option of postponing the match or some other game breaking bugs, I will NOT buy it
  6. started something like this, I had some great careers last 2 years, started from 2nd division South Africa and only managed to do 3 continents, but my challenges were, all the major trophies (national teams included) in a continent and be a legend at your club, and also top the hall of fame on that continent I suggest starting in South Africa and then moving to Asia (K League has the better players, China has the money) and then to North America (Mexico has better talent than MLS and easier transfer rules :D) I took a job at Zhicheng, boy do Quanjian have money
  7. now, you are getting to the point, check this out, added new manager of that national squad, make him take over the U23 squad, I don't have arrange friendly button but managed to set up a friendly from my normal user nation with this U23 maybe I can select the team before the match, though I have no remove player option there can be 2 possibilities, wait 4 years, or the players stop their preference and can be called for both teams, then I have to move them up to the senior and then remove them
  8. tried that, they are rejecting the call-up to their senior squad because they want to play for me
  9. My nation has the highest reputation right now in my save and it's the 1st in the rankings I have 2 players eligible for my nation from another country, however they are blocked in that nation's U23 squad tried adding a new manager to that country both senior and U23 and I cannot remove them from the squad note: this happens when U23 don't have any matches, several months after Olympics how can I get those players?
  10. it's really hard to score from a penalty with a keeper with a stat of 2 I am happy that he scored even from a penalty
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