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  1. now, you are getting to the point, check this out, added new manager of that national squad, make him take over the U23 squad, I don't have arrange friendly button but managed to set up a friendly from my normal user nation with this U23 maybe I can select the team before the match, though I have no remove player option there can be 2 possibilities, wait 4 years, or the players stop their preference and can be called for both teams, then I have to move them up to the senior and then remove them
  2. tried that, they are rejecting the call-up to their senior squad because they want to play for me
  3. wow, 90 views, 0 replies
  4. My nation has the highest reputation right now in my save and it's the 1st in the rankings I have 2 players eligible for my nation from another country, however they are blocked in that nation's U23 squad tried adding a new manager to that country both senior and U23 and I cannot remove them from the squad note: this happens when U23 don't have any matches, several months after Olympics how can I get those players?
  5. it's really hard to score from a penalty with a keeper with a stat of 2 I am happy that he scored even from a penalty
  6. Real all the way
  7. Casillas at 38 hasn't let me down yet, but in your case I would put the younger goalkeeper to the challenge, I have ter Stegen as a backup for Casillas and I think I destroyed that boy's career
  8. we could see bolt in action versus Real's Legends
  9. I don't have a screenshot (FM05) Steaua Bucharest - Roma 2-1 the goals were scored by Anatoliy Tymoschuk 90+3 and 90+4 it was a team that was containing Tymoschuk, Hubschmann, Evandro Roncatto, Nico Kranjcar, Razvan Rat
  10. I had Hummels at Real Madrid and I didn't had any problem with him, he partnered with Pepe and he played really good (had him on Defend)
  11. I don't trust this addition example: I have a transfer listed player at Real (listed for transfer,loan, not needed), he was loaned in the previous season, but now he doesn't want to go anywhere to play as a valuable first team player, If I as a manager cannot loan him with 100% wages payed by me to a team where he can play first team football, how can a director of football can help me? presumably he will have a CA and PA and some transfer judging skills and management but when the AI managers cannot help themselves and their teams I am very skeptical...