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  1. Yeah, when I was building the tactic in FM12 I did realise that it was going to be very attacking but it just seemed to work and didn't seem to concede a lot of goals which is not what you would expect by looking at it. I'll try out your suggestions to make it more defensive for FM14 but I feel that by the end if I do get it working that the only thing that will remain the same from FM12 is the formation.
  2. In FM12, I created a very successful tactic which led me to win the Premier League with Man United ten times in a row (after a very painful first five years in which Man City just pipped me to the title each time, once on goals scored). I also managed to win 6 Champions Leagues on top of that. It was a very high scoring tactic which set the Premier League record for goals scored in a season with 140 goals. This was mainly down to the Poacher position in the team getting an extraordinary amount of goals. Javier Hernandez scored 366 goals in 418 appearances then Rachid Jacobs has replaced him and scored 236 goals in 240 appearances. It was a very good tactic which consistently got over 100 points after I managed to regain the title from City. I had so much fun playing with this save that I gave FM13 a miss. I recently bought FM14 and foolishly expected more of the same. I've only played a couple of matches in my FM14 save but it is clear that my current attempt at my tactic is not going well, losing 4-2 to Tigres and then 6-0 to Pachuca. The stats in these games were fairly even but I was giving up to many CCCs to my opponents. I fear that due to the changes in the match engine in the two iterations of the game that it will be impossible to recreate my tactic in FM14. Below I've posted images of the tactic from FM12 and my interpretation of those instructions in FM14. If anyone would like more information feel free to ask and I will happily provide it
  3. Is there any way to remove the image that comes up when you score a goal, get booked, etc. because often it gets in the way to the ball when watching replays in FMC?
  4. I don't think fitness is the real problem though because I have a large squad and they are more than capable of throughout the season
  5. I used a 433 with 3 centre mids and 3 strikers in the first season(finishing 3pts behind City) but decided to switch to my current tactic because I had too much wingers to leave in the reserves. Since then I have used that tactic in every match and finished 1pt behind, 7pts behind and then losing on GD. P.S. The images are now up so if anyone has any advice it will be much appreciated.
  6. Well it might be handy if I had attached some images:p
  7. I'm at the start of my fifth season as manager of Manchester United and have had a good amount of success so far. I have won twelve cups including three Champions Leagues however I have been unable to win the league with City taking four consecutive titles(last year was the most heartbreaking, losing by one goal on goal difference despite the fact that I scored 120 goals). This has largely been down to my away form. Last season my record was W11 D4 L4 which compared to my home form of W18 D1 L0 was very poor including a difference in goal difference of 39 goals. I decided to make a separate tactic for away matches which I have only started using but hasn't really got off to the best of starts. When I used my home tactic away from home I had some horrific results including a 6-1 loss to Blackburn at Ewood Park. The thing that came up time and time again from my assistants feedback was that my short passes weren't finding their target and that my shots weren't going on target. This was really frustrating considering that I had a very good squad(I have too many players to be honest). This is why I decided to come on here to get some advice on how to improve my tactic and create an away tactic. I have only been playing Football Manager for a couple of years but this was the first year that I decided to make my own tactic instead of downloading one. My current tactic is a 4-2-4 with a lot of creative freedom, roaming and very attacking.
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