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  1. Sankalan, play the way you want to my friend. After all it's just a game and we've all paid money to play how we like. Your updates however are killing my motivation to play my save haha. Not sure if I'll ever have the successes you've done
  2. I'm switching over to Linux steam so I may just restart the challenge. Haven't made much progress anyway
  3. Ryan Gordon Sevilla Season 2025/2026 Review Hello gents, time for a small Gordon update. I'm planning a large one for 2026/2027, stay tuned. Sporting 2025 was a small disaster. I kept floating in and around 17th place. My tactics were changing, players angry, and was almost ready to just resign and move on. Spanish coaches were moving quite a bit this year with Barcelona, Athletico, and Villareal all opening and closing at some point. All the movement was giving me hope to stick it out and try to land a better job in Spain. Sevilla opened in February and I quickly applied. A news story pop
  4. Ryan Gordon Real Sporting Season 2024/2025 Review At work right now but this season was so boring and uneventful I can just do a quick recap. We made it to Europa League but were quickly sent home by Viktoria Pizen in the playoff round. Copa del Rey was ended when we drew against Real Madrid in the quarter finals. And we were really bad in La Liga, in 17th at the halfway point - my team were upset with my management, so we had a meeting about changing tactics. Switched from a 442 to a really boring 451 and starting getting some results. By the end of the season we occupied 14th in the table
  5. Ryan Gordon Real Sporting Season 2023/2024 Review I spent two years looking for my next club job after Ajax CT. In the mean time I went through three international jobs. First up, Ghana. Qualified for the African Cup of Nations with Ghana but saw that the Egypt post was open. Jumped ship to Egypt where I had the most disappointing campaign and was quickly outed from the group stage of the ACON. Ghana made it to the semifinals no surprise there. Moved myself to Uruguay since there was nothing to look forward to in the immediate schedule with Egypt. Uruguay was already qualified for the Copa
  6. After an unsuccessful ACON campaign with Egypt and a semifinal Copa America run with Uruguay, Ryan Gordon finds himself in Spain with Sporting de Gijon for the 23/24 season. They were just promoted back into Liga BBVA. Had two failed interviews with Lorient and Getafe, but Sporting seems the best choice anyway.
  7. Thanks vike. I thought I'd be able to find a job in a european league, but that's not the case so far. Teams still laughing at my interest.
  8. Ryan Gordon Ajax CT Season 2020/2021 Review Another weekend session underway. Really getting into the save now, don't think I'll go anywhere until this is done. The league season started with FS Stars winning 4 in a row to launch themselves into first. Like KC last season they kept their spot in first for 90% of the season. Ajax CT were right behind in 2nd usually around 3-6 points back with a game or two played in hand. So we're right there. Chiefs, Supersport, and the Pirates are kind of knocking themselves around staying below me in the table. With 7 games to go, we play FS Stars and
  9. German clubs are all over my guys in the summer. This is gonna be hard to keep going. well done Bartcrm!
  10. Ryan Gordon Ajax CT Season 2019/2020 Review Quick phone update while it's fresh in my mind I'll post screenshots later. Made about 8 friendly matches to get the team to adapt to my new direct 442. Won them all very convincingly. Signed a new right back, center back, def mid, center mid, and a striker. All the best I could find from Africa. I found out I'm limited to only five non South African players which was a bummer to my scouting efforts. League play went great and we improved a lot from last season. We were sitting in first place after five games but Kaiser Chiefs had only played on
  11. Ryan Gordon Port Vale Season 2018/2019 Review After securing promotion I was asked to steer clear of relegation on League 1. I thought it would be relatively easy but it was a bad experience all around. Brought in 8 new players - none of them good enough. As mentioned before it was a lack of scouting that did me in. I think I had a chief and 2 scouts. I think around October my board wanted to schedule an emergency meeting, which this time I humbly obliged. Sadly it was not enough to secure any more time and they let me go. In comes Ajax CT. I joined January with around 5 days left of the tr
  12. I think I've been lazy with adding talents to my team and that's where my sackings are coming from. I'll spend more time on that with Ajax CT. Any tips for finding players? Most everyones attributes range 6-7 points and thorough scouting takes a while which is hard at the beginning of a club
  13. Well I'm sacked from Port Vale. Any trophies for most sackings?? Anyway my question is has anyone played with Ajax CT? Have an offer from them in my inbox.
  14. Thanks for the encouragement! Wembley was quite a shock completely forgot those finals games are played there. Good luck to you.
  15. Ryan Gordon Season Update Landed on my feet with Port Vale in League 2. One spot above Southend so I figured I would be ok to continue here. Won my first couple of games after installing a 3-5-2 system. Had trouble with a 3 striker Cambridge team - thought it was going to be a struggle against the rest of the league. But something wild happened and my team began to score goals. Climbed the table to 11th, then 9th, jumped to 7th. Finished the season in 5th place with a semifinals game against Scunthorpe. Lost 3-2 away in the first match but won 3-1 at the return home. Wembley. Huh? I am ma
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