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  1. There are two things that I would love to see in future versions 1) the option to discuss a contract with a player before you agree a fee. This could work both ways, im sure it happens all the time in real life, it would signal to a club that you are willing to let a player go, you just arent happy with the fee and you want to negotiate properly 2) have an option to have a 1st team captain and a club captain. For example, i was manchester united. i wanted to keep Neville as 'captain' but as he wouldnt play much i put ferdinand as the captain, which angered most of the senior players. having this option would allow Nev to keep his position and still give me an option to choose my captain for my team
  2. Im not sure if this has already been mentioned, but i would love to see the option to let a player talk to another club before you have agreed a price for them. I often have the problem of big teams offering low amounts for my best players. That way you can let the disgruntled player get on with contract negotiations whilst you negotiate a price with the club. it happens all the time in real life so i dont understand why it isnt in the game
  3. When you talk about a bug when a player once touted to be the best player in the world ends up playing in the championship from a very happy and excited ipswich fan
  4. When you take your laptop into the loo when you go for a no.2 (done that before) When you sit in an exam after you finish early and plan your signings for the next 6 seasons (done that too)
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