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  1. Thank you very much for the answer. So it behaves how it should in real life and is both an indication of the ability to shield the ball and an attribute underling almost all actions on the ball (like technique). That's interesting. Thanks again for your exhaustive replay. Rocco
  2. Hi fellow managers I can't figure out the effect that a good balance rating has on the ME. For example I can understand the effect of a good (or bad) agility rating: in the ME the player can change direction while running in a faster or slower way. I ask this question to better understand what a player is capable of doing on the pitch and to better understand the requirements of the different roles. Thank you very much, Rocco
  3. Thank you very much Cleon. As suggested by wwfan (and you and many other here on the forum) trying to play the game "naturally" is really entertaining and gives you a sense of achievement.
  4. Thank you very much Cleon. Any comment on the tactic I posted above? What I observed watching the game(s) against Doncaster is that with 2 DLP there are a lot of interactions (triangles) between the DLPs and the FBs....and that is good. Any suggestion how to preserve a lead (defend against bettere formations)? I wuold like to preserve the squad setup, so any suggestion on roles/duties changes? What I tried to mantain a lead was to put 1 DLP in the DM position with a defensie duty and the other DLP I put in the center as a CM(s).
  5. I would like to thank you all for your advices. I gave a good look around the forum and learned quite a bit of things. First, I decided to temporary drop the 4-4-2 and use a 4-5-1 with a DM and 2 wingers. Thats the formation with default team instructions and the DLF(s) as a target man to the head. This because, analysing my squad, I saw that we were quite fast, with good defensive tackling and jumping and with a good anticipation, jumping and finishing in the forward department. Secondly I created this shout. And last but not least I followed an indication given by wwfan in which he sad that, to understand (back on FM05) how the tactis worked, he played a matche maybe 50 times. I did the same (albeit only 5 times) against Doncaster (4th in League one), away from home (we were 14th). Although I thought I couldn't win that match (and in fact 2 draws and 3 losses) I could learn a lot from it. The reasoning behind the 2 DLP (s) in the middle is to create a cushion in front of my defence. I tried with 2 CM (s), because I saw that after some cross and the following rebounce, none of my midfielder was in a position to catch the ball and shot on target. No real significant improvement and no significant loss with this change. I need to do more testing. I'm also thinking about a DLP(s) with a CM(a) to protect the middle (I still have a DM after all) and increase the chances from crossing ending on the edge of the box. One thing I learned (but I just still starting to dig in it) is the importance of roles and tactis in creating a useful system. Before I wouldn't have considered possible to create an attacking system that was still good defensively. Now I know that it's possible. What I have now to create is a combination of formation, roles and shouts to defend a lead or to go away with a draw against stronger team. Thank you and if you have any comment or suggestion to give me about my formation, shouts and so on, please feel free to post them! I would really appreciate!
  6. To Prozone: Thank you very muche for youur suggestion, I will put them to use. To sleepy01 ad all the other: Thank you for your insights. As sleepy01 said, one of the main problem is that is easy to concede with a 4-4-2. Now I understand that this is a problem related to the BWM going out of position and creating an hole that can be exploited. A CM (d) should be less aggressive and then more positionally savy. On the other hand it seems to me that the 4-4-2 formation shouldn't be employed against formation using a lone striker due to the disadvantge in the central midfield. Is that right? If so it's really saddening to me: a lot of oppositions relay on lone striker formations. Apart from using the "Exploit the Flanks" shout, is there any suggestion to increase the amount of play (successful play) along the sides? I didn't showed my players because the Sheff Utd game is on another computer and I cannot access it right now. And with the Ascoli squad I have moved to 4-1-3-2 (1 DM(s) and 3 CM (1s,1d and 1a).
  7. Dear all my name is Rocco and I need some advice on how to properly set up a 4-4-2. I tried with Ascoli team (Italian Serie B) but the tactic didn't seem to work. I thought that the problem was with the quality of the player (I didn't have good wingers) so I decided to put on a 4-1-3-2 with a Defensive Midfielder. This formation was bettere considering the players I had available and we won promotion to Serie A. Considering that with Ascoli I didn't had money to buy good wingers I tried a test game with Sheff Utd, in League One. The squad is solid, with good players for the league and I did have money to buy a couple of good wingers. I tried with a Rigid, flat 4-4-2, with a Defensive BWM and a Supporting DLP in the middle and an Offensive Winger and a Supporting WM on the wings. The 2 upfront were a Supporting TM and an Offensive AF. Now I have played some 10 competitive matches and the results are awful. My main issues are: 1) Not that many interceptions in the middle of the park. The AI is able to consistently bypass my midfield. 2) Not that much play on the wings. I have a strong TM, I would like to use it. 3) Defensive fragility. The AI is scoring using cross or cuts inside from the wings. As a side note i tried with a 4-3-3 (1 DM, two W in AM position and a lone, AF uprfront) and squad looked more tidy. This is the result, I think, of using the DM. But I would like to play with a flat 4-4-2. What am I doing wrong? I would like to thank you in advance for your help and if you need any clarification please let me know. English is not my native language (I'm from Italy). Rocco
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