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  1. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Hi Chaps, I'm really stumped and in need of some assistance. My match engine freezes for around a minute when I try and make a sub or tactical change. It also does the same when returning to the match. I only want it on commentary so have tried disabling the 3D mode, I've played in windows mode and still get the same problem. I get no other slow down during the game, just this. I'm really at the end of my patience with it and know you guys are very busy, but I'd appreciate some advice. My system meets the spec requirements and last year's version ran without issues. Any help here would be gratefully received - cheers
  2. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Thanks mate, I will give that a try. The missus won't be pleased her arty photo of a boat is missing, but it isn't about her!
  3. Are you in the game?

    A mate of mine was on a previous edition playing for Walton & Hersham - his personal status said something along the lines of accepts that his chances of playing professionally are over
  4. Windowed Mode

    I've read that the windows mode helps speed up the match engine - is this the case? Mine freezes when I make subs/tactical changes. Apologies - I have posted this in the technical issues thread but it gets swamped amongst the activation issues
  5. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Any tips for the freezing? Any help would be gratefully received.
  6. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    I'm suffering from the freezing of the match engine. I have a good enough machine and have it on commentary only but it really lags when I want to make subs or tactical changes. It also lags coming back from those changes before the match gets up and running again. It is really hindering my enjoyment of what looks like a belter of a game. Any tips/ hints to help me along? Does the windows mode really work? Anyone had any joy?
  7. FM08 - Glasgow Rangers - Home Of The Gers

    I'm struggling to get Fergie to perform. I had a good pre-season and a good start domestically, but crashed out on away goals to Lentspils (sp?) in the 2nd qualifier in Europe. Ferguson went missing in both and has been poor in the league. Both the board and fans are concerned but I have been backing him and keeping him on - any tips? Incidentally, Kieran Lee from Man Utd is a superb left back - got him in on loan and he is keeping Papac on the Judy Dench