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  1. Cheers again furiousuk, I think over the course of the season I will try find a 'star hero' for each atribute, budget permitting! It's funny you talk about davids, on an earlier game I gave ole solsjkaer a coaching roll when he retired, his coaching stats were terrine but he was a legend so couldn't bare letting him go
  2. Ok cool I'll have to have a look for that, still finding my way round, theres so many different menus and sub menus its very easy to get lost in!! Haha. Cheers
  3. Cheers furiousuk, I'll have a proper look when I'm at the pc, also.... Should I leave my assistant (tony coton) to cover all aspects of training, or set him to his highest attribute of goalkeeper duties?
  4. Hi guys, I hope I'm in the right place! Im lookin for a little advice, iv just started my first save with huddersfield and terminated all my staff. I planned on getting in coaches and then setting them attribute specific in the training section, I.e my best tactical coach purely focussing on the tactics and so on, so I would employ around 7 coaches, is this right or wrong? Will I get the best from my staff and players doing this? I only ask as I looked at various teams of different leagues but non seem to have that many coaches, unless you take into account youth coaches aswell, thanks in advance
  5. back again

    Hi guys, well I was here afew months ago complaining I couldn't get the game to work, I'm happy to report I'm finally up and running! Altho I used to play championship manager some years back, first look at fm12 seems extremely different so I fear it will be slow progress, especially given I can only spare a couple of hours a night. Iv found I spend more time reading the forums rather than actually playing the game! Soooo, if anyone is still reading this, any tips for a first timer would be much appreciated. I plan to start out with huddersfield for abit of a challange, altho I tried with the editor to give myself a little boost by upping my transfer kitty (altho not by much!) And also increasing my stadium capacity, neither seem to have taken effect when I started my game lastnight, so I guess I'm on my own. Also, just humour me here, but when I installed and steam updated the game, its still starting from last year, I expected to be more up to date? Anyway now I'm rambling, so I hope to be posting later down the line about my achievements, or lack of! Haha. Cheers and bye for now
  6. one i dont wonna see back!!!! i recall a young Hungarian, winger i think he was, must have been 10 years ago now, i was Man Utd and i watched him for afew seasons playin in the Prem with Sheff Weds with overall ratings always in the low 8.0s, i had to go upto around £54mil to buy him, could i hell as get a decent game out of him in the first season!! one of the last times i played `champ man` i think. wish i could remember his name!!! Oh and Eugene, i remember saivet!! was he not with the same team as mammadou sakho in the early days?
  7. new era

    Thats brilliant thanks for the swift reply fraz, i hope its still as enjoyable and addictive as the early days!
  8. new era

    Hi guys (and girls) im hoping to find some help with football manager, i used to be a regular play in the early days of 'champ man' some 15 years ago, iv finally got myself a decent computer so wonna get back into football manager. my main problem being am an absolute computer novice and the most technically innept person you will ever meet! iv read a little about the steam thing, but i have no clue what it is. basically i have limited internet useage with a 3gb dongle, i only really want to play the game off line, with the editor option, and how do i set it all up? is this at all possible without constantly being online? Please save the sniggers for when i aint here.... haha thanks in advance