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  1. Do you go into the team menu yourself, or let the game do it? The game will automatically bring up the menu to have you swap a player. If you are doing it yourself you could be causing a race condition.
  2. I had a similar problem. I was able to "cancel changes" and the game continued on. I just had to go back into the sub menu afterwards. Also a couple times this happened and it was just toasted. FM does crash a lot. Does it happen everytime for you, or just occasionally? Do you ever click on players from the game screen to go to their player card? I found this caused problems in my game.
  3. No. Nothing shows up in the scouts assignments. See my other post: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/381947-Scouting-assignments-not-showing
  4. I am getting status about the players getting injured in games and stuff like that. The scout will not return reports for anyone he scouts. Even if he scouts players in the top leagues. That is definitely not the issue.
  5. I managed to get it to show up for a couple of seconds. I downloaded a new skin, and loaded my latest save (with my head scout fired) and was able to see assignments after I switched skins. I switched back to the original skin and could still see assignments. Then I was curious, so I loaded a save before I fired my head scout. The assignments area disappeared again. Then I tried to switch to the new skin. Still no assignments. Then I loaded the first save (with my head scout fired), but now the assignments don't show up with either skin... So apparently my broken head scout is poison enough to permenantly break skins
  6. My team (Truro) went pro when I has around £0. I was playing in the Blue Square Premier. The team was recently acquired, so maybe the new guy was just over ambitious.
  7. I had the same problem. Only solution is to fire your scout. Get a new scout and he should work ok for a while. Just don't get attached to your scouts.
  8. I have the same problem. The only thing you can do is fire your scouts. Once you fire the scout who was supposed to be scouting the player, the "scouting in progress" will go away and you can scout him with a new scout. Unfortunately this seems to be one of those game breaking bugs that never got fixed in FM 2013.
  9. Playing FM2013 for a long time. I ran across this screen http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/866092117794174813/748A23F3026B6EF14B77F05DD9DC5C558886FEE1/ in another post. None of my scouts have any assignment info shown on thier pages (despite having assignments). For all of my scouts, only the top section (scouting knowledge) is shown. The rest of the page is blank. Is there a special skin I need to install to see this info? TIA
  10. Sorry for any confusion. This is for FM 2013. Surely others have run into this bug? No fix or work around?
  11. Kojak: no he is not scouting matches. There are no players in my team scouting pool, and there are no assignments shown on any of my scouts' individual assignment tabs. These were mostly 16 year olds in england. I'm playing in England, but the youth teams might not be "loaded".
  12. My head scout has become "stuck". He no longer returns any scouting reports. There are a number of players who he is currently scouting. All of those players as marked "scouting in progress", so I can't scout them with anyone else. If I go to my head scout's personal "assignments" tab it is empty. I have noticed that if I fire him, the "scouting in progress" will be removed from the players he is scouting. My head scout has been "stuck" for a couple months now. Is there anyway he will recover on his own? Any idea how/why he got stuck? Is my only option to fire him? TIA
  13. This doesn't work for me. I have dozens of players who are "In progress", but when I look at each scouts assignments list they are all empty (I cancelled all my other assignments too). None of my scouts are able to return any reports to me... So basically my scouting is entirely broken at this point. I assume my game is just over after 6 seasons
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