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  1. Post match press conferences... Just playing a bit of FM and had a thought, I dont think I've ever seen a real life post match press conference - We've probably all seen post match interviews on the pitch, so surely the presentation along the lines of the tunnel interview makes more sense than the press conference setting Just a thought?
  2. I've just started a save in Iceland's first division so read through and subscribed to the thread. Was a bit worried about some of the youth intake posts in the Iceland feedback thread but it's manageable.
  3. excellent. Thanks for your advice. I wanted the smaller device anyway so I'm pleased it is perhaps slightly more powerful :D
  4. I think these laptops are similar but if there is something I've missed please point it out... https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops-notebooks-and-2-in-1-laptops/new-inspiron-14-5000/spd/inspiron-14-5490-laptop/cn54904#techspecs_section https://www.very.co.uk/hp-laptop-15s-fq1010na-intel-core-i7-1065g7-16gb-ram-512gb-ssd-156-inch-full-hd-laptop-with-optional-microsoft-365-personal-1-yearnbsp--silver/1600450268.prd I am not as au fait with processors as I used to be, using the link in the OP, the HP seems to be the winner, but the stats seem to indicate the dell i
  5. My surface pro has finally given up - the screen is starting to pop out the chassis which apparently indicates battery expansion Whilst I might take it apart and try and rebuild/upgrade it I am probably going to buy a laptop... I'm perfectly happy picking one, but just wondering on the best place to look... seems like the most common like is box?
  6. April 2031 Bit of a death month and we lost all the big games... Including a FA Cup Semi with City on pens Somehow, City have a game in hand so the title is in their hands at the moment, but our victory against West Ham means we are likely in the CL next year Last game of the season is at City, so it could be close!!
  7. We built Harry McNally Park in 2026 and expanded it over the years up to 27k. It's all ours - we did do a season in Wigan whilst we were constructing though, odd!
  8. February and March 2031 Been busy again so lost track of monthly updates We did well in the league in Feb, but a couple of iffy draws in March - we only just caught up with good subs against Villa, then how we lost our lead to Newcastle, who are in the relegation zone, god only knows A couple of good FA Cup results sets up a semi against City, which will be the final as the other side is much easier tbh. We did get knocked out by Munich which was pretty much expected after the loss at home in the 1st leg. We retain our top spot, but some tricky fixtures to go...
  9. Dec 30 to Jan 31 In the league we have ground out a lot of solid results, a couple of draws, but that's ok. We only needed a draw to keep our spot in the CL so that was also fine! 2nd in the league is great, haven't really had too many big fixtures so that'll probably change but still good, also, got a draw against Bayern Munich - tough! In transfer news Agustin De Luca sadly signed a pre-contract deal with Valencia, but I did notice our long term target, Alban Lluca is available for the steal price of £13m - English and 5 star PA, been watching him for a co
  10. November 2030 Some tricky fixtures this month, but we picked up points all the way through. The West Ham game was a struggle and we only just managed to win, only leading after the last goal for the last minute! That puts us top of the prem and in the driving seat for our CL group!
  11. July - October 2030 As I mentioned, I have been playing a fair bit offline so a big update at once... Firstly, let's look at those cups... Community Shield. We did our best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in this game - we had a 2 goal lead and threw it away then lost on penalties. Shame but good sign that we can keep up with City I guess. Next up was the Euro Super Cup, interesting that Inter won the Champions League but that just means I fancied my chances! I was right to as we made a flying start, although Inter pegged one back, we were
  12. Transfers 2030 Played quite a bit offline (travelling) so I'll fly through this bit Outs We sold Eusebio Valero for £10mil without any appearances for the club - he couldnt get a permit so he went out on loan last year, the Leverkeusen manager didnt play him as planned so £9.5mil profit for me - still not sure how i got him for £400k but the risk was clearly worthwhile taking and paid off... Zach Dronfield went for £1.2m - after 142 league appearances he was just no longer getting any games so despite being captain, the only sensible option was to ship him out. We also
  13. Not sure - they were 3rd last season and looking at their transfer history they dont seem to have any expensive leavers so doesn't seem to be that I have noticed this season that I've got some players who are foreign but not internationals so they are coming to me and asking for transfers because of the WP rules so maybe their key players are among the 1000 players arsenal loaned out last year No idea!
  14. He's going to be my striker for the next 10 years... How he wasnt making a dent in the championship I dont know but a £36mil release clause meant I snapped Swanseas hands off... 37 in 37 in total! Monster!
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