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  1. I've just finished a season in the premier league with Blyth we were lucky on the fixture list really as we got a lot of the bottom team together so could sustain a little bit of morale as we went the season was massively profitable as the big income was 9mil per month on TV rights and only 1mil a month on wages... so we're up to a 12k seater stadium with another upgrade as soon as the season finished... plus loads of training upgrades and youth coaching stuff etc (I've also been asking at every turn) i asked for an affiliate as I'm going to try and start working on the youth but I only got UK&I options (went for bohemians) got 50mil in the transfer kitty so brought in a plethora of player and I'm just waiting to see if there are any decent free transfers this year if I can get a steady top half finish this year I'll be pleased
  2. I've got as far as December in the premier league and I don't think I've been in the relegation zone yet. Saying that, apart from the first 2 games I don't think I've been in the top half so there is a long way to go. My team struggles but seems to grind out results, it's just a shame that I have no budget left to get someone extra in the transfer window. we are playing at St James' Park (Blyth) whilst our stadium is expanded by practically double. The coaches think my youngest player is also my best player, so if I can build the squad around him that would be good, although hopefully no one comes in for him...
  3. I scored a goal whilst playing in goal a couple of weeks ago at six a side... Count me for 1
  4. I've made it to the Premier league with 2 games to spare! I'll post a full update later but the highlights are: Increased the stadium to 7000ish Chairman retired, didn't get a sugar daddy though 21mil budget for next year Managed to hold on to most of my squad Improved youth recruitment but didn't get any good regens this year Starting to buy in a few good youth players though - including a 5'7" centre half who is getting 7.5 avg rating in the bundesliga, hopefully enough to get him a work permit when he comes back as I will try him in the prem, not sure how that height will go though...
  5. Blyth Spartans - 2023/2024 - Championship Final Position - 12th We had a surprisingly good start to the season, once the inital few games were out of the way we managed to hover in the playoff places throughout most of the season, there was notably a lot of draws, which was reminiscent of my first season in League 2 - in similar fashion to that season, once security was acheived the team just went on a losing streak and we dropped to 12th. I am pleased I didnt go up as my squad were barely ready for the Championship, never mind a promotion - at the end of the season we were W17 D 15 L 14 Cups nothing of note Transfers Finally got to spend some money! Manasse Mampala - Striker, target man style, decent but hampered by injuries - £30k Ian Pino - decent centre half I found from league 2 - £80k Lloyd Carter - another lower league centre half but cost £400k Rhys Healey - a poacher I've used before, £400k Aris Golemis - Free left back from Australia Centre of Excellence - I dont have Oz in my scouting range but I sussed these players are usually good in L1/Champ, so you can offer them trials and see (regen) Jamie Sterry - £230k to bolster the right back position Brandon Barker - solid winger, free Yan Dhanda - AMC who was free but quite injury prone Matthew Williamson - tried to use some of the remaining funds in january to help the squad with a regen DMC, £500k Sam Hart - needed another left back after 20 clubs met Aris Golemis' release clause of £900k- bought him in for £120k so that was good. Other news: I'm now a club legend and the board are improving the youth facilities. I lost a few staff this year to other clubs offers so I'm going to fill my vacancies over the summer and hopefully I'll get some better regens this year as I've mainly had poop. Finances On the final day of the season I have £12k in the bank so this should look healthy when all the prize / TV money comes in .
  6. I started dabbling at my save again and started to get some good results in the first couple of months of championship life. I think I was just disheartened when I signed someone and thought he will be a class winger, then Everton signed Iwobi or something and my guy was just rubbish in comparison. I'm pretty sure Everton made a net profit of £40mil during the transfer window and I was getting excited about spending £300k on a player
  7. Blyth Spartans - 2022/2023 - League 1 Final Position - Champions We came off the starting blocks on fire, undefeated until late November and then gradually went downhill from there. Throughout the new year I was drawing more than anything, then towards the end of the season the losses started piling in. Even so, I'd managed to stay on top for most of the season. Cups We got to the FA cup 3rd round where we got knocked out by Barnsley 3rd round again in the League cup beating Southampton (reserves) before getting knocked out by Everton But the best result was winning the Checkatrade trophy in front of a disappointing 8k strong crowd against Arsenal Reserves - luckily we avoided most of the premier reserve teams, then when we played Arsenal they had a man sent off so that helped. I seem to do well at penalty shoot outs which helped. Transfers All free transfers again, but selected particular qualities this year which was good and it seemed to pay off. Connor Dimaio - A defensive midfielder, who I had hoped might get booked less than Kane Ferdinand. That quickly went out the window. I think they both got their 2 match ban for 10 yellows at the same time! Matthew Gillam, still not the level of striker i would like but did ok. Dominic Poleon - took a chunk out the wage budget but was a reasonable left winger Dillon Phillips - gk that sat on the bench a lot Noah Chesmain - panic left back, had another player out of contract but no one came in for him so probably didnt need him, only made 2 appearances. Aiden O'Neill - deep lying play maker, signing of the season but I didn't think he played well when paired with Joe Williams, he needed a proper ball winner by his side to be at his best Finances A good season so this was the first time I saw the bank account go over £1mil! I got this far last year so now I'm in explored territory and can't sign a load of players i already knew of... scouting becomes tougher although i can now reach europe
  8. Interesting to see all those transfers listed - I am managing blyth in League 1 and see a lot of players I've approached but only a couple I've managed to sign myself (Cameron Evans + Tolaji Bola) So far I've just got into December and only lost 2 league games, so despite the media prediction of 24th and 1000-1 for promotion, assuming no major issues, we should go up.
  9. Does anyone else find that the game rates your team really poorly? As per my post above, I just finished in the top half of League 1 - at this point I know where my weaknesses are so I've only brought in 5 first team players as that's all I really needed. I'm in December and I've only lost 2 league games so everything is really good. At the start of the season, I was 1000-1 for the title (ranked 24th of 24) and my scouts keep saying crappy conference players will fit in well. It just seems like the general rating is a bit skewed this year.
  10. Blyth Spartans - 2021/22 - League 1 Final Position 11th Season Overview A slowish start but we won a reasonable amount of games considering this was our first time in L1. We sort of maintained a mid table position for most of the season and nearly crept up to challenge for the play offs but it wasnt to be. Our top scorer was Stefan Payne with 22 league goals and our highest rated player was Joe Williams, both players in their 2nd season at the club so good to see them make the step up from L2 By the end of the season just due to fitness and stuff I was playing a 4-4-2 diamond (narrow) and I was smashing teams with it... I might try a 4-2-3-1 with 3x AMCs next season. FA Cup - we beat Bromley then Northampton before going out to PL Bournemouth in round 3- I did check finance before and after that game and netted approx £110k for that, so positive. EFL Cup - out to Sheffield Wednesday in the 1st Round Checkatrade cup - got through the groups but went out to Man City reserves in the knock out, first time we got past the groups, and I generally was playing fit players rather than good players so the extra prize money was welcome. Transfers All free's this year... Sam Howes - solid GK, didnt actually notice he played a season at Gateshead prior to being released from West Ham, but did really well and got signing of the season. Tolaji Bola - Centre half released from Crawley, good aerial player Harry Anderson - right winger, decent enough but only managed to make 22 appearances through injury. Joe Maguire - solid left back, did really well Charlie Kirk - another decent enough player but didnt set the world alight, realised i made a promise to play him as a right winger and i haven't been...oops George Green - great player who was able to play AML/C/R no problems Aaron McGowan - another solid full back Richard Brindley - primarily a full back but handy to play at MR/AMR when i wanted to be particularly defensive. Got some decent assists from there too Kel Akpobire - good but not great striker, I'd really like to sign a striker that challenges for golden goal but it's tough with such little cash Dion Conroy - a rotation CB who stepped up when required. I also found an unattached Spanish regen and an italian Regen, both had no club, able to be scouted with UK and Ireland range and we in their respective international u19s The spanish guy is a GK with prem potential, he isn't as good as Sam Howes but I've been giving him games, so hopefully someone will swoop for him. The italian doesn't join until the window opens but I dont think he will be as good. Other Stuff - Chairman retired and a director took over, has since offered me a new contract so guess I am safe for now. Finances are (180k) in the red but prize money hasn't been awarded, I'm sure I get at least £600k by the time we get going again. I'm studying for my continental A license so fingers crossed that comes through soon
  11. Blyth Spartans - Season 4 League 2 - 2020/2021 - Final Position 2nd. I think i mentioned earlier in the thread we were 1000-1 outsiders despite a respectable mid table finish last season and an improvement in the attack options over the summer. We climbed the table early in the season and led the division for much of the season, however I dont remember having a lead of 5 points or more for pretty much the whole time. In January we forgot how to win but didnt lose our position until the penultimate day where we dropped to 2nd on goal difference, unable to win our final game, we were unable to take top spot back but, now we are in the realms of 4 teams being promoted so that's absolutely ok! I had a lot of striking options and have a lot of players around the 10 goal mark, but no one really prolific. Transfers Incoming George Honeyman - AMC - Free - found him knocking around as a free agent before the players got released last season and snapped him up. Great player but his coach report says doesn't enjoy big games and it did show! Joe Williams - MC - had him in the challenge last year and missed the chance to sign him when he was initially released from Everton, however Dag&Red couldn't hang on to him so their loss was my gain. Brandon Barnes - one of my striking options but as I play 1 up top usually he mainly played, AML where he was ok Liam Mandeville - Poacher who I couldnt really get firing on all cylinders. Will look to sell Tom Hadler - needed a competant GK to replace the first major sale for the club! He did fine. Jordan Grant (Loan) - DC - quality centre back, did really well, looks like his contract is up at the end of this season so will try and get him again for L1 Reuben Noble-Lazarus - AML - I really struggled for wingers so signed Reuben to pitch in, did an unspectacular albeit consistent job I suppose. Reiss Anwuh - DL/R - full back is another area I struggled with so brought in a player who can cover either side. Juanma - DC - Chelmsford City (40k) - Incoming transfer record! With Liverpool and Barca heritage I was pleased to introduce Juanma to the squad Outgoing Joe Fryer GK QPR - £51k - I just wanted the money and figured I'd find a free keeper, worked out ok, especially as Fryer was getting injuries last year and Hadler didn't Kevin Dixon AMC Sheff Utd - £85k (rises to 150k if clauses activate) - didnt think he would make it and again took cash! Cups Check a trade Straight out the groups, not interested though, maybe as I build a competitive L1 team it might become of more interest to me. FA Cup A good run here actually, beating Peterborough, Kiddiminster Harriers, Flyde, then finally going out to Premier League Derby. 20k attendance in that fixture and also beat Flyde 6-1... Good for the finances Other Stuff Nothing too exciting this year, finances are at (60k) which is better than the (300k) last year (just waiting for prize money to come through etc) The only other thing I can think of is achieved my continental C license and studying for B currently.
  12. I sold my only decent regen last night... He came through in my first season during the Vanarama north season so I gave him a few games as I was comfortably at the top of the league. I've not had another half decent one in the following 2 years, despite telling the board to invest their director of football money in improved youth recruitment instead!! He then became a bit sub standard during our National campaign so I farmed him out to Lincoln (I think) back down in the north league... he seemed to be getting games and developed a bit so I was going to rotate him into my League 1 squad but I got a deadline day offer from L1 Sheffield Utd which I negotiated up to £80k. I figured if he was only going to rotate in and probably struggle at the higher level, I'd probably knacker his value - also with it being a deadline day sale, there may well be no interest next time. So that's the 3rd time in my tenure I've broken the clubs transfer sale record
  13. Blyth Spartans - Season 3, League 2 - Final position 15th Performance Well with all this time off work it's easy to speed through a season, however this one was very much a different kettle of fish. I just could not recruit/find the quality of player I wanted so I knew this would not be a title challenging season. We did get off to a good start, I think I had about 20 points in October which was ahead of schedule, looking at previous seasons, it looked like 40 should keep me up. I got into a bit of a rut during November/December but turned it around during the festive period and got a few wins there. I think I only got 4 more wins after new year, apart from the final 3 games of the season which i managed to win (final day of the season was a 3-2 win away to Port Vale, I guess they were already in party mode...!) Those last few wins put me on 57 points which sent me up the table a bit and I think 15th was respectable overall. Cups FA Cup - we went straight out to AFC Wimbeldon League Cup - Went as far as the 3rd round, beating Fleetwood and Bolton, but knocked out by Crystal Palace Check a Trade - Lost all my games, earning 2 points via penalties. I wasn't that bothered by the cups, all I wanted this season was to remain in L2 so didn't really try! Squad/Transfers So here is who i brought in Olly Lee - Although a lack of pace, a decent enough deep lying playmaker. Will keep his place next season Paul McCallum - reasonable Target man for this level Stefan Payne - a slightly better target man, usually wouldnt have 2 in the squad but just wanted some decent players and actually ended up playing a lot of 4-4-2 to utilise him Andrai Jones - bit of a utility defender, although naturally a right back, can certainly cover LB and could probably play centre half if I was desperate, however, got a lot of stick from fans. Kane Ferdinand - great ball winning midfielder Jennison Myrie-Williams - Left winger, bit of a last minute panic buy who should only have been a backup player but ended up playing 42 games! Daniel Cleary - decent centre half, I had identified him whilst his contract was expiring at Stalybridge, but he wanted more money than I could afford. He actually joined in October for considerably less money which was good Jack Powell - bit of a panic buy towards the end of the window as I found myself with a lack of centre midfield depth. Ross Turnbull - I actually signed him in February when my main keeper broke his hand, when my keeper came back to training, he then strained his groin, so I was pleased to have Ross handy! I sent one of my regens on load this season and noticed a lot of green arrows so I will be giving him a rotation role, perhaps cup games next year, although he doesn't look amazing (6'4" AMC!) he might do ok. Other Stuff Our financials got as low as -£300k ish at one point, until we were awarded £500+k at the end of the season as a solidarity payment. We are at £100k and it's june so might need to try and get a cup run this year to help there. I got my national A license and I am going to hire 2 more coaches as the board just told me they agree with my reasoning but need me at training right now (all the players are on holiday... bug!) Stadium expansion was completed, we now have 2063 seats and a capacity of 5935, although our biggest crowd was 2.5k this year. edit : Brexit Just happened - no changes to current system for me, phew
  14. what date does it kick in ?