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  1. Wasn't really sure if there is a thread dedicated for this so I post here. The reaction to the racism, as in people don't want to support it and they want to support the players is probably the biggest I've ever seen. I'm sure some people think BLM is some political thing and taking the knee is pointless but the last couple of days are evidence to me that society is rejecting racism more and more so that is good to see
  2. I dont think it's realistic to expect a side to have a pile of statistically awesome penalty takers to choose from - you are going to have to pick some "unknowns" somewhere along the way. the bit I dont get is alllll the BBC pundits said pick your spot and dont change your mind but there were lots of silly run ups which indicates players who need to be reminded... pick you f'ing spot.
  3. All the pundits said when taking penos you dont change your mind the only reason you take a slow run up is to make your decision late easy with hindsight but how isnt that message being put over to the whole squad... pick your spot and ****ing blast it
  4. Gareth Southgates big brain play to setup a group final match with czech where a draw guarantees the easier knockout stage... However, they will lose to Czech and Scotland will be beating Croatia up until the last minute when they will concede an injury time equaliser that will knock them out and put england though it's coming home boys, ITS COMING HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  5. the reason is when the centre halves are in the right place, the through balls land pretty much where the keeper was you dont just stand on the line and when it looks like you need to do an interception try and sprint 40 yards to get there first. I'm not saying he is black and white absolutely absolved of any fault because he is relatively high but you can be partially forgiven for not anticipating the midfielder taking a stupid shot and the ball rebounding through the defensive line - both things being avoidable.
  6. There are a couple of other factors in the goal that aren't the keepers fault. The scottish player took a shot at a defender a yard in front of him which is dumb. He obviously wasnt aware of the acres of space behind him where the ball went which is unfortunate and for some reason he decided not to pass to the 2 players on his left, or the over lapping full back - really poor decision which starts the goal off. Then when that shot is taken, the 2 centre halves are actually positioned left of the centre circle and the ball goes to the right of it, so acres of room and a bad chance of them getting back to recover, whilst the 'right centre half' picks up the 'left forward' and nearly gets there, imo they were not positioned well - i think as a goalkeeper in that position I'd probably not want to be that far up the pitch or if i had been told to be a sweeper I'd be screaming at those centre halves to get shifting over to the middle of the pitch easy to say 'goalkeeper dumb' but it's a team game and there were a few errors there
  7. Grealish on for Sterling for me. Rashford for Kane too
  8. they seemed to cheer taking the knee... so we support anti racism but we just hate foreigners... right, just trying to get my 'how to be english' checklist updated.
  9. Booing the national anthem and then missing the cue for your own anthem can we ban fans from stadiums again
  10. i thought the pen was a pen, the player didnt foul at first, but his knee caught the boot so it's a foul. it's not one that any fan wants to see but that's how the rule works so... pen, not quite sure why we had a page of objection, unless it was just emotional
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