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  1. Well my Blyth save is going well. I will have to get some screenshots etc when I get home. I think I've just finished my 5th season and earned promotion to League 1. It was close as with 3 games left I needed 3 points to guarantee safety... Of course they wait until the final game to get that win but that's all behind us now! My 2nd Conference National season was a good one, as I won the FA trophy and got a good away tie at Sunderland which topped up the bank balance somewhat. No real cup success anywhere else so the bank balance was at about -£200k until I got a board cash injection and a good chunk of prize money. I think they put some extra seating into the stadium, which didn't actually increase the capacity, but they did use their right to defer the next expansion that is required to compete in L1. I just want the pitch relayed as every game I have to answer bloody press questions on the state of my pitch... although it is nice to have a less congested Xmas schedule as I have had quite a few postponed games All my signings so far have been free transfers and that trend looks set to continue into L1. I don't think I have had a 20 goal a season striker in any division yet. I think I had Ross Hannah who got 15 + 10 cup goals but he was already 33 or so by the time I got him so he retired the following year. I did get my scouting range expanded to Europe this year, and I've been able to find an Australian regen that I can scout that has mega potential so maybe I can develop him for a big cash boost to the club. I have one player who my coaches think is better than anyone else, who I think is alright, but they say he has reached his potential which is a shame as he isn't attracting any money. Hopefully I don't get mullered in League 1 and I can find some good youth prospects to develop. There was 1 point where someone failed to buy the club, which I was pleased to read as they wanted to put their own manager in, despite my success. I did see a news item regarding a fan takeover but hopefully as I'm favoured personnel I wouldn't be at risk.
  2. I've got Matthew Flynn & Faustin Makela in my Blyth save Flynn was great in the North league but not as good in the National, Makela was great in the National, he even got a DR Congo under 20 call, then when I played the play off final, the DR Congo manager was there to watch an opposition player, shame for Faustin because he dislocated his shoulder, I felt a bit sorry for him I was going to sign Conor Masterson too but I've been promoted in my game so need to see if he will cope with League 2 before I commit!
  3. I'll post a full update later on as I've progressed since my last post. I've just finished my 3rd season with Blyth and won promotion to League 2 via a playoff final victory over rivals Gateshead. (couldn't believe it when that fixture appeared!) I also won the FA Trophy this year through a stroke of luck. It was bitter sweet as I had a long term save with Gateshead on FM15 but there can't be any love lost now I guess. Really enjoying the challenge so far but I am concerned going from a lucky promotion as Semi-Pro outsiders to a professional league might be a bit of a jump. My biggest concern where I have failed in the challenge in past years is scouting but this year I have a new plan - I realised I can see the overall rating of players regardless of scouting so I like to look at good teams in the league who are at the end of the contract and direct my scouts in their direction and it seems to be working. That also means I am finding players who are willing to play part time etc. Either way I'm glad to be a full time outfit now as this should open up new recruitment opportunities which can only improve the squad.
  4. I'm currently working on a Blyth save and I've just been promoted from Vanarama North into the National league. I've noticed some of the top teams are full professional and some of the lower teams are not. Do I have to ask the board to go fully pro? Do I need to get my finances to a certain level? Do the board just give everyone a full time contract when they are ready. I think if I can get the club fully pro I will be able to attract better players which would be super!
  5. I need some advice on my lower league game, I am currently managing Blyth in the Vanarama North league so most of my players are pretty rubbish. I have major concerns. 1. I am susceptible to crosses. I changed my DR/DL to 'Limited Full Back' which seems to have reduced the amount of incoming crosses, however they still come in from fairly deep. So really there are 2 issues here, try as I might, I cant find a way to stop wingers/full backs whipping the ball in from 40 yards, and secondly, I am losing aerial challenges in the box frequently. 2. I don't seem to create a lot of chances and I don't know what to do with so many rubbish players. So some extra info for you - I've tried a number of formations, I personally like 4-2-3-1 but it just doesn't seem to work so I've moved to a 4-1-2-2-1 (i.e a defensive mid instead of an AMC) I also have been trying 4-4-1-1 which seems to be ok defensively but my creativity is just not there. I was trying to replicate the AIs success in crosses and headers but I don't think I have the right strikers at the moment so hence the formations above, I have a good centre mid who seems to get into the box As soon as I try a 2 striker formation then I find I get overrun in midfield but I think that does help with my lack of chances. I'm reluctant to try a 4-4-2 diamond, which on the positive side would provide number in midfield plus 2 strikers - I would potentially leave myself exposed out wide, especially with Limited full backs. Any suggestions as I am struggling a bit. Although I am 2nd in the league at Xmas so maybe I have high expectations.
  6. I've finished my first season as manager of Blyth Spartans Overall we were predicted 14th and the board set us a target of Mid Table. Overall we finished 6th which was good, frustratingly 1 point away from the play off spot (we would have got a spot by way of goal difference as well) The season was quite tricky at first, getting familiar with a new squad of mainly rubbish players. I don't think we were playing anything that resembled football until nearly Christmas time, where we amassed a lot of draws which was probably our playoff downfall. Interestingly I couldn't name a player of the season, perhaps Stephen Turnbull who was often missed when he wasn't in the team. Our top scorer was Callum Bullock who got 10 from the wings. I struggled with a consistent striker as I suffered a lot of injuries. In terms of transfers I bought in a lot of players on a non-contract basis but a lot of them became filler, notable signings included: Aaron Ramsdale (GK) Callum Bullock (AMLR) Matthew Flynn (DC) Michael Ledger (DR) Matt Godden (ST) (Feb) Denver Hume (DL) (Feb) We didn't really amount to much in the cups either but I'm more interested in getting out of the bottom tier of the game!! Time for scouting now
  7. I created a Dafuge challenge save last night, as I live in the North East I thought I'd aim for Blyth and luckily they came through first time. I have no scouts so can't sign anyone yet I'm kind of lining it up for the 48 hours of flying I have lined up in October but I might start earlier.
  8. Will we get tapatalk integration?
  9. I was going to post this guy... I have too many regen wing here now so Madrid are sniffing around for him He is rated at 30 mil and I am going to see if I can get more than that although they aren't biting so far
  10. I got £33 mil plus add ons up to 50mil for Joe Gomez last night. I thought it was silly money
  11. Tonight will be fun for me. Did great in Season 3, I think I got PL, CL and League cup. But now is the time to move on some of the older players... here is my squad GK Jack Butland Regen Regen 1 Regen is getting some games against bad teams but the other one isn't ready yet - hope he develops in the U21's because he is one of our own! DR Flanno Clyne DC Alexadar Dragovic Sakho Matip Skrtel (for sale) Gomez (will become club grown and isn't complaining about not playing!) DL Moreno Ruben Duarte MC Hendo Saul Lucas Romero Regen Lucas (for sale) AML Ibe Hirving Lozano - signed on a free and I think he might have been near enough my top scorer. AMC Coutinho Firminho (for sale) Lallana (for sale) AMR Julian Brandt Kostas Foutinas [sp!] ST Studge Barbosa Regen Regen Regen It's only season 3 so not many of my regens are 'ready' yet. One of the strikers is close, one of the other strikers is a Andy Carroll type who has rubbish finishing but might be useful to hang onto as a plan B My plan for the transfer window is to get rid of those listed for sale, review my loanees and see if any of the regens are worth promoting to be the backup options for the above - I know I've got a handy left winger who might be ready. Then I'm going to bring in a world class AMC to sit alongside Coutinho and on top of that I am just going to hoover up youth as much as possible. The only bad thing is I have 5 strikers and 1 position and I'm trying to progress all those regens! I got rid of Mingolet for Jack Butland mainly for home grown purposes but he isn't amazing so I am hoping those youth guys catch up quick! I do need to trim the squad a bit because I keep leaving players out for CL!
  12. Can is has no idea what to do with the ball today
  13. Gotze is available on Bosman but he wants about £175k p/w - I dont like paying over £100k p/w and I dont know what I'd do with Coutinho v2 - I'm having enough fun trying to keep my existing squad happy with their playing time
  14. When the game went along a bit my transfer budget went to £138 million. Got Matip coming in already, brought in Butland, Saul and Gabriel Barbosa. Can't remember my outgoings, think I've got rid of Markovic, Balotelli, Ings and Origi though. I'm going to try another season with Benteke/Studge but hopefully Barbosa will come good and I can ditch Benteke fairly quickly. I'd like to shift Milner, Lallana and Studge (hate injury prone players) but I'd knacker my home grown quota.
  15. First season done, won the Europa against Schalke 2-1. 4th in League lost FA cup final and Milk Cup semi final to Spurs 60mil to spend and no idea who to buy considering Kante from Leicester but dont really like players that have to go to AcoN so might blow my money on Ruben Neves concerned for the Home Grown quota though because that would probably mean the end of Milner.