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  1. my carrier pigeon is grateful, thanks!
  2. Please see calendar in below screenshot - it is 2034 and this is the first time this has ever happened. The EFL 4th Round was scheduled during an international break, I had to play the game with a load of grey players. Let me know if you want the save game file please? I can upload it but I'd have to set it away over night as my internet connection works by carrier pigeon
  3. For the last few seasons every time we get a peno I just assume it won't go in
  4. BS - PSG X - O X - X O - X O - O O - X We are always poop at penos, I'm amazed we scored 3
  5. Friggin finally I'll still carry on. I want to try and flood the team with home grown players now and become a super academy
  6. Some highlights from this season
  7. Blyth Spartans are premier league champions 2031 (I think, ha) I'll post a full update over the course of the weekend. I have a superb young team so hopefully they will be dominant force over the next 5-10 years.
  8. A general update as I haven't posted for a while. I'm in 2030, which is my 5th season in the Premier League, I think I managed to get 17th, 7th, 5th & 5th again. Foolishly, I requested a new stadium as I was up to 26k and it said the maximum expansion was 30k - this was approved, we had to take a £13mil despite having £70mil in the bank and I think that is what caused the board not to give me a new transfer budget this season. Fortunately, I have a young squad and have been able to keep them together, so it's actually going really well this year and I'm likely to crack the top 4 if we see things through to the end (currently in early April) I've posted a few screenshots of my guys below. I've won the Europa League and the League Cup - still seem to have a lot of difficulty with the Manchester clubs and Arsenal but I can beat everyone else fairly routinely. West Ham seem to be loaded but can't get it to work, god knows why. I've just received my biggest ever transfer fee (£25mil) for a striker who went off to China, which despite having no budget was ok as I'd agreed a deal for a 15 year old a couple of years ago but he joined in January when he turned 18 and is looking very good! (Scored 15 goals in qual/group stages for Brugge in Europa League and I think got 4 in 4 for his first games at Blyth) Fingers crossed I can crack the top 4, hopefully with a few season in Europa my seeding will be better in the CL group stage - the one chance I got I drew PSG and Barca so I got trounced. Onwards and upwards!
  9. Kind of unexpected but I just kept getting good results
  10. I am in the Premier League with Blyth. (I think I'm over 10 years in now...) I've also just drawn Galatasaray in the first knockout round of the Europa League. The club earns over £2mil per month on average so I've been putting in board requests for upgraded facilities as often as possible - this is going quite well and I have a decent Head of Youth Dev so I am also hoping to start finding club grown players as that suddenly became an issue with squad reg rules this year but I am struggling. I've only got 1 player who will be club grown in a few years! The stadium is going to go to over 20k seats when the latest project finishes and I think we are paying for this in cash - although we are still paying off earlier loans off the top of my head. We are attracting ok players, but the better ones want to go play in the Champions League so worst case scenario is I get a big pay day I guess, although hopefully I can hang on. I have a handful of non-work permit youngsters loaned out but I am struggling to get them into the first team which is a shame, again, profitable at least though. Although I am in the Europa league I think it was one of the lowest points tally in terms of earning qualification and I had 2 '6 pointers' near the end of the season which helped me retain 7th in the league, although I am not sure if I will keep my place this year, I am certainly clear of being a relegation candidate now so that is good. My main objectives for now is to bring in players who are fairly loyal and try and keep the team improving - hopefully there wont be too much disruption caused by players wishing to leave but we shall see.
  11. I've just finished a season in the premier league with Blyth we were lucky on the fixture list really as we got a lot of the bottom team together so could sustain a little bit of morale as we went the season was massively profitable as the big income was 9mil per month on TV rights and only 1mil a month on wages... so we're up to a 12k seater stadium with another upgrade as soon as the season finished... plus loads of training upgrades and youth coaching stuff etc (I've also been asking at every turn) i asked for an affiliate as I'm going to try and start working on the youth but I only got UK&I options (went for bohemians) got 50mil in the transfer kitty so brought in a plethora of player and I'm just waiting to see if there are any decent free transfers this year if I can get a steady top half finish this year I'll be pleased
  12. I've got as far as December in the premier league and I don't think I've been in the relegation zone yet. Saying that, apart from the first 2 games I don't think I've been in the top half so there is a long way to go. My team struggles but seems to grind out results, it's just a shame that I have no budget left to get someone extra in the transfer window. we are playing at St James' Park (Blyth) whilst our stadium is expanded by practically double. The coaches think my youngest player is also my best player, so if I can build the squad around him that would be good, although hopefully no one comes in for him...
  13. I scored a goal whilst playing in goal a couple of weeks ago at six a side... Count me for 1
  14. I've made it to the Premier league with 2 games to spare! I'll post a full update later but the highlights are: Increased the stadium to 7000ish Chairman retired, didn't get a sugar daddy though 21mil budget for next year Managed to hold on to most of my squad Improved youth recruitment but didn't get any good regens this year Starting to buy in a few good youth players though - including a 5'7" centre half who is getting 7.5 avg rating in the bundesliga, hopefully enough to get him a work permit when he comes back as I will try him in the prem, not sure how that height will go though...